The things I do that not even I can logically explain. #4

The Galactic Center is the core of our Solar System and is represented by an astrology sign which is Sagittarius.

In my previous thread (#3) I had explained that B+L+A+C+K + H+O+L+E = 69, and 6 x 9 = 54, which is L+O+V+E.

In my first thread (#1) I had explained that 51° is the natural degree that serves as a supernatural medium for feminine energy to pass through.

This picture explains that when a quartz crystal is cut at 51° it is at the best degree for energy to go inward and 60° is at the best degree for energy to go outward.

This picture explains that when the pyramid is facing up, that is the masculine law (phallus); when the pyramid is facing down, that is the feminine law (womb).

The circle is split into 4 Elements each equal to 90° (90+90+90+90 = 360°); the masculine energy on the right and the feminine energy on the left.
(Notice how even the masculine energy and feminine energy continue to further demonstrate that the Universe is following a fan-shaped expansion shown in (#3) and (#2).)

The very expansion you see that structures time and space is forming a 2-Way Cross between the 4 Elements; Water + Fire = Horizontal, and Air + Earth = Vertical.

2 Elements are Female and 2 Elements are Male. The Female represents the Heart (22) and the Male represents the Flood (77).

Fire = 7
Air = 7
Earth = 2
Water = 2

Oddly enough, 2016 + 756 = 2772.

The two 2’s make a Heart:

The two 7’s make a Flood (Womb):

756 is 360° + 360° + 36°. The 360 + 360 are representing the two circles of the Vesica Piscis (Goddess’ Womb):

Keep in mind that S+U+N (Masculine) + M+O+O+N (Feminine) = 111 and 51° (Feminine) + 60° (Masculine) = 111°.

The 36° represents the 12° + 12° + 12° Equilateral Pyramid that was embedded into the Vesica Piscis supernaturally:

The “Great Fish”:

This all leads back to my statements about the Vatican and how all roads lead back to Rome (#3) and (#2):

So why is 2016, this year interconnected with the Heart and the Flood? It is because 2016 is the Year that ends the Year Of Light.
(The Vesica Piscis gives birth to Christ (meaning Light). The Equilateral Triangle is the prism that interacts with light. The “Temple Of Light”, if you will.)

The 2772 is 27°facing the center and 27° facing the other side of the center; 27 + 27 = 54, which is L+O+V+E and goes back to everything I said in thread (#3).
(Furthermore, the galactic center is 27° away from Sagittarius. What are the odds?)

If 54 is L+O+V+E and 51° is the natural degree for Feminine Energy to pass through, then 54 x 51 = 2754, which is 272727; they say “27° Is A Feminine Angle”. Very fascinating.