The true facts of society.

When approached with topics dealing with Aryans, the modern mind tenses up and fears. Even the intellectual does this. It must become relaxed, as Aryans are the nicest people you will ever meet. You have been made to think badly of that which is good.

Fellow soul and fellow traveller, I am glad that you have finally made it here. You have taken the first step to realize the truth of your own existence. Simply by visiting this forum, you signify that you have the strength and open mindedness that you may be willing to accept the truth. You have the strength to ignore all of the falsities of the degenerates all around you.

The brainwashing.
In a cult(ure) of 99% mediocrity, it is sometimes needed a spanking to save the sick and give them hope. I am thankful of the brain-washing you have given me, I have been made clean, awoken to my true Aryan self, and saved from mediocrity. Some specimens, simply are incapable of being made clean.
In order to save the Aryan from mediocrity, punishment, then love should be given to the Aryan. Punishment alone will not save a true Aryan. And the Aryan must be awoke to the true beauty of the Aryans…

Why Aryans are superior to all other cultures.
In my adolescence, I had a taste for meat as I was growing and becoming strong. But I have long outgrown it, and have matured, the unrefinement and horror of it disgusts me. Aryans are a peaceloving race, but love to battle. Our sentimentality is one of our powers, and the secret to why our art is superior. You see, an Aryan does not care if their art is belittled, Aryans are very self-critical and easily wounded by insults. Over time, this becomes a striving to improve their art to it’s maximum potential. Therefore, when their art is belittled, they use it to their advantage. This is distinctly different from the no-ego of Buddhism, which accepts all art presented to it.

Thus, Aryan art typically presents itself with high level of detail and work put into it, while Buddhistic art tends toward loosely made paintings of nature. Buddhistic art is distinctly different from Hinduistic art, which is a form of Aryan art. Much of Asia is Buddhist, however the pagoda is only semi-minimal. The pagoda seems to be a procedurally generated motif. The West, has it’s own form of Buddhism, non-religous nihilistic secularism, that seems to be influencing it.

The Negro.
The White should embody Love, as it is a virtue. The Negroes role is to be a pet, not a slave. The White should Love the Negro in the same manner a civilized man of virtue loves his dog. Love a Negro, and it will love you back, usually.

The Threat of the Catholics.
Catholics are the threat of society. Catholics (Gentiles) have invaded and tainted the Whites and Aryans with a toxic poison. We can tell that their archecture is more ornate than the negro, beaver, or tribal man’s, but we must not mistake their intellect for beauty. Catholic archetecture has an evil power, and the Catholics themselves have an evil power to destroy mankind. Integrate the Negro as you would a dog, giving love to the ones who deserve it, and keeping a close eye on the rabid ones, but beware the Catholic, for he will be the Aryan’s undoing.

Even Nazi archetecture is less evil than the Catholic’s. The Catholics are the disease itself. The threat of the Catholics is although their archetecture is white, there is something evil in it. A black basketball court is scary, but it is not a poision, it is not Catholic. The voodooist is obvious about his poision, whereas the Catholic tries to hide it.

The inferiority of Egyptian Aryans and superiority of White Aryans.
Similar to Catholics, Egyptian Aryans are not a poision, but a curse. They are more evil and less virtuous than the Catholics. Simply watch Hollywood films. The Mummy, is a scary film without virtue. You would be comfortable spending many years in a German town, but uncomfortable spending even a day in an Egyptian pyramid. You could watch films about White Aryans everyday, but only build up a tolerance to watch The Mummy every once and awhile. Still, there is a strange sexual attraction towards both egyptian males and females. They have great sexual power, as they are Aryans and thus genetically compatible with all Aryans. Muslim Aryans are not like Egyptian Aryans, they are more like Italian Aryans, but with more zealotry, insanity and susceptibility to obedience.

Roman Aryans are also inferior. They are fascist, and have a certain zestiness to their archetecture which is overbearing. Greek Aryans, are the middle grounds, their archetecture is tolerable, more like Italian dressing and mathematics. Hindu Aryans are unfair, and have a certain rigidness about them which is overbearing. Japanese Aryans and White Aryans are the most superior Aryans.

Degeneration increases as a function of …?
99 percent of the world is degenerate, our leaders are degenerate, it is a community of filthy degenerates too ugly to look upon. My Little Pony is one of the only non-degenerate Aryan things that the population has accepted into it’s consciousness in a while. Donald Trump is a degenerate, spiritually I am the real Queen of Britain, as the current modern Queen is corrupted as is rest of the herd. Trump is an acceptable nuisance for the while, we must look at him from a distance, and hope that he actually cleans up politics as he said he would. And this brings me to my next point.

The Aristocracy is the highest form of aesthetics, the role and function of society starts with the King and Queen. The Joker is the third most important entity, and has a duty to inform the King or Queen where they may be delusional, and also entertain. Both the King, Queen, and Joker must embody the highest beauty and aesthetics of society or the kingdom begins to become degenerate and corrupt. The Jack, or Prince, is the Prince in waiting, and doesn’t really have a function to the kingdom. Usually he lords over knights or other bodies. The Princess, is the complainer, and the voice of reason, this role has become replaced by degenerate liberals, who do not have the intelligence to function as a wise princess. The Knight, is the second tier of aesthetics, usually wearing ornate armor. If his aesthetics begin to fall so does societies, as for an artist, war art is a guilty pleasure. The artist, is mainly the key to all this. If the artists in command, ordained by the King and Queen, have poor taste, then society will imediately begin to become degenerate and corrupt. Attractive and beautiful people will have less chance to breed, and be replaced by people with no taste. It is this modern trend of minimal fashion and minimal archetecture which has been ordained by degenerate authority, which in turn, fueled by degenerate artists, feeding on each other and further solidifying the lack of taste. And now you see the poison of Catholics.

The King, Queen, and Joker were the original set of checks and balances, copied by the American government 300 years ago and replaced with Congress, Supreme Court, and the President. The Americans were too bookish and boobish to actually realize what they were doing, they thought they had invented something original. They had their heads too deep in books to notice what they were copying. Ancient medieval people from 500 years ago did not know about this either, they were simply following tradition. The actual first ordained kingdom was created by the first Aryans thousands of years ago. The first Aryans were sent by aliens thousands of years ago to save humanity. Mathematically, kingdoms were the most optimal way to civilize a savage primate race.

Of what you read, it is theoretical science, of which it is most probably true.

If you can stomach the religiousness of What follows next, it’s a good read.
What follows next
Once you embrace that you are Aryan, you will be astounded with marvellous, overwhelming beauty. And all of a sudden, truths will come pouring in. And you will take what I am about to say very seriously.

The Aryans, were a genetic mutation, a certain gene created by the Angels (The aliens I mentioned earlier.) Intermixing was originally promoted by the Aryans as it helped spread their genome. The Aryans spread to all parts of the land, but as they spread themselves thin, so did their character. When their genes became less concentrated, the mongrels became less Aryan and more dominated by their inferior genetic instincts. Since the Aryan gene is in all humans, we all have the potential to reunite with the First Aryans. This, in your religion, is known as Heaven, or the place where the Angels go. And yes, they are mostly hermaphroditic lesbians, I’m not just saying that to be funny. There are some males in the homeland, but they all look like Anime characters, and do not have the disgusting facial features of brutes or gentiles.
Now, there are two places actually. There is Heaven and Hell. The Aryans noticed a tendency for humans to grow bored with their feminity. They constructed a Hell, also known to you as Valhalla, but it has several forms, as it was created to defend against boredom. For example, Quake 3 Arena depicts one form of this place. Halo, depicts Valhalla, another region of Hell. These games feel good, and are popular, because they are based on true things. You see, humans, even Aryan humans, do not have the capacity to create things other than copies of other things. And once you understand what Aryanism is, what I am saying will become clear. You see, Aryanism is the drive for goodness, art, culture and the drive to build itself. That is what it is. WIthout the Aryan gene, we would not appreciate art, culture, or building. We would be the same as a dumb animal, such as a cat not appreciating creating buildings. Now you can understand, why games like Quake 3 and Halo are loved, because they are inherently depicting buildings inherently instinctual to our Aryan gene, and our Aryan gene is the only reason we appreciate buildings at all. By buildings, I mean creations, not boring Box minimalist skyscrapers made by moderns. Skyscrapers are an inside joke, they represent the graph charts of the population’s money. Most people, flatlines, while the corporations are stacked like skyscrapers…Don’t think it is simply coincidence.

Anyway, the Bible was written by Jews, so it is meant to decieve. I will tell you that Jesus was an Aryan and thus became King of the Jews by undoing all of their lies and rewriting the Bible. The Jews killed him because they were well aware of what he was doing. Notice how he was not actually killed by the Roman Aryans, who were reluctant to kill another Aryan. There is a kind of inherent tendency in the human to want to be Aryan, it was built that way. There is an inherent desire to want to be cultured. The Earth, is mainly a training course, to prepare the soul to enter the Aryan realms upon death. It is to teach people manners and politeness to prepare for the true Aryan realms. Bad people go to hell, and the pure in spirit go to Heaven. But of course, the Jews try and twist this around to make it seem like something it is not. Hell is actually Valhalla, so people who lie, cheat, and steal, are not actually being tortured for 1000 years. This solves the paradox of a God who would create people for no reason and send them to hell instead of just creating them in heaven. You see, the Aryans did not actually create humans. They could just mutate them. They never had the heart to wipe out the entire planet, and could not simply kill off humankind. So they mutated them in the hopes that they could send them to the Aryan homeworld after the (humans) died. Even the Aryans still do not know why a soul enters a body in the first place, they just know that once it is there, it cannot be simply deleted, it will reincarnate into some other place.

Whether or not you believe the Aryan religion is irrelevant, since you will either go to Hell or Heaven when you die. However, humans who do not embrace Aryanism, such as idiots, buffoons, and simpletons, will continue to reincarnate unto new Earth humans until they do. There is an inherent subconscious realization of the Aryans and the Disney Princess tendency. Jews inherently villianous, and jealous of the Aryan beauty. Jews differ from the buffoon in that the villainous Jew (there are 2 kinds of Jews, decent Jews and villians) hates beauty, thus will continue to reincarnate unto new Earth humans until he learns the beauty of the Aryans. The Aryans are the most powerful race in the galaxy, the Greys are not, the kinder Jews ally themselves with the Greys, the violent Jews ally themselves with the Reptilians but this is a futile battle. Aryans inherently are addicted to battle whilst Jews evolved from only Earth primates. We see this theme and motif repeated over and over, subconsciously all humans are aware of the futile Jew who is always overpowered by the Aryan. This motif is also repeated in the Bible, saying to store up treasures in Heaven not Earth, and it is implied that God is all powerful so the earthling’s war against him are irrelevant. The ancient Jews who wrote the Bible, meant Heaven as litteral outerspace, ancient primitives do not speak very often in the abstract. This is represented as the Satan metaphor, a Satan who is always outpowered by a God. But as I said earlier, the Bible is meant to decieve, Satan is actually a good Angel who values strength and beauty above all else, and is an abusive bully to people to strengthen their spirit. He is depicted as a villianous Jew in the Bible, who also fights God, because the Jews who wrote it wanted to slander him. In actually he doesn’t even fight God but is in Hell (Valhalla.)

You can believe the Aryan religion or not, but I want you to know that its a fact 99% of the population is degenerate. You say I’m delusional for saying the Queen of England is degenerate, and delusional to think Aryan’s deserve a rightful place. You think I am delusinal to think that I can bring culture and civilization back to society? You think it’s delusional to want a DNA machine to save people from ugliness? It is not delusional, but desperate. I am begging, the DNA machine must be made before it is too late and we are overrun by degeneracy. We can even have a Barbarian Gentile and Negro option on it, just please let it be made. A population of 90% Aryans with 10% degenerates would be preferable to the hopeless lost cause we have today, which is 99% degenerates and no hope of salvation. It will be very hard to escape the reincarnation cycles if the Aryan gene becomes so dormant that it can never be brought back to the Light. I think the majority of the population will be cool with it and want to be anime characters and Disney princesses, if they can temporarily escape their Gentile programming and dogmas.

I place this thread in the Dungeon, as this is sacred knowledge, that only the worthy should have access to (Guests cannot view the Dungeon.)

posting of the ignorant, for the ignorant, by the ignorant…


Yes. That would be a Peter Kropotkin post, of which you made a good demon-stration.

Remember Kids, this is ignorant. =

This is Enlightenement. =

Peter Kropotkin: posting of the ignorant, for the ignorant, by the ignorant…

UP: Yes. That would be a Peter Kropotkin post, of which you made a good demon-stration.
K: I post what I think the poster can understand. with you, I keep it very, very
simple, so you can understand…

so let us begin, who exactly is Aryan? name names, am I Aryan? are you?
is Ucci? Is Turd? who, by name, is Aryan?


Judging from your posts, you are probably not Aryan.

I already gave you enough information for someone with an IQ above 90 to deduce. Aryans have a tendency to want to help and handhold, but I have to fight it and let you find out on your own.

I will give you a hint though. There is a book, called Merriam Webster’s Dictionary…

K: so you don’t know and that is fine but at least have the courage to admit you have no idea
who is Aryan…


upon thinking about it… give me a name living today who is Aryan!
that will give you 7 billion possibilities, hell’s bells, give me a name
in human history, past, present or even if you wish future, that is Aryan!
that will give you billions upon billions of people to name just one person,
who is Aryan!

come on, naming one person in the midst of billions should be easy…


spot the contradiction here. the second and contradicting sentiment, shows us exactly why the first notion is based in fallacy and one-upmanship. :-"

So different cultures have different artistic styles. What is it about Aryan art that is specifically superior? Bear in mind that complexity and simplicity are simply two different artistic slants, for one to be less than another there needs to be something that actually makes it so. Even then wouldn’t we just call it naive art?

Btw ‘Hinduistic’; isn’t the term Vedic usually used or preferable to making up new terms? And ‘Buddhist art’ preferable to ‘Buddhistic art’ - given that we are talking in specific terms. Buddhistic if the term existed, would imply something which is in the vein of Buddhist art, whereas I think you are not meaning that, but are referring to Buddhist art specifically and not something a bit like that or roughly in that group. I noticed you didn’t say Aryanistic! Could that be that your mind was considering the Aryan variant as distinct, pure even, and then all others would naturally be cast against that in the negative, less distinct. So basically you didn’t spell things properly because you weren’t thinking clearly.


so it seems ultimate ran away when confronted…
I was so looking forward to joining the “religion of Aryan”
because it seemed like a nice religion to belong to…
why is it a religion? because it has no basis in facts, it relies on
belief to make it work and it adherents are incapable of
presenting its arguments…

it is a religion… all any religion needs to mindless adherents who
cannot supports it’s basic tenants and are incapable of real thought…




Unfortunately, this OP comes across as a plethora of sophomoric tripe–biased opinion with little or no references to support it. The statements about “the Negro” are enough to make any intelligent person gag. I feel defiled having read it twice!

Trixie may mean what she says however no one else has to take it seriously
I love her unconditionally so whatever she says makes no difference to me

This, is your conscious mind finally rearing itself from it’s babystate. Racist statements inherently make you gag, as you begin to wake up to the truth of it all, as your Eye begins to be opened and free from your delusions of comfort. Am I some dumb, stupid, bumbling redneck, who hates all black people, as a function of their degenerate redneck minds, or do I admit that some Blacks are Aryan?

Was Jesus’s teaching of Love and Truth, readily accepted by the community, or was he called vicious names, accusations, and spat out?

Which is a Barbarian? Which is a Jew? Which is an Aryan? Hmm, I don’t know. Can’t say. We’re all equals, of one big (miserable) Earth family.

Hint. Pic 1 is barbarian, Pic 2 is Jew, and Pic 3 is Aryan.

A ‘religionism’ one could say. so no basis and then they keep talking about it as if they haven’t noticed, what you’ve said. I think that side-lining of alternatives is the general thing occurring here. why are right-wingers so patently retarded, and yet still have some manner of intelligence?

Saying it has no basis in fact, when I have already posted and posted fact upon fact, is the “religious” thing to do. I don’t even know why I waste my time with you peasant fools.

If you are having a bad day/week/time… at the moment, may I suggest you take time out from the forum rather than abuse other members.

K: I haven’t seen anything resembling a fact… I saw some pictures
that don’t tell me a freaking thing… use your words… tell me
by name who is an Aryan and why?


Bad day? Now why would you say that?

I don’t hate Jews, but Jews hate me.
I don’t hate Gentiles, but Gentiles wish to be cattle to fuel the Jews.

If I post a post on the Internet boards about love and strength, I get assaulted by Jews Barbarians Negroes and Gentiles all assaulting my consciousness with words. And these creatures assault my consciousness with all manner of ugliness. And these creatures, rudely try to outbreed my race and try to make my race reach extinction? And you wonder why I have bad days?

A Jew, Barbarian, or Gentile can never stop eating meat, for it is part of its genetic tendency to, it cannot be reasoned to appreciate love or beauty, neither can a barbarian genuinely want to marry an Aryan ever, only Aryans love Jews, only Aryans love barbarians, you are a barbarian and don’t love me and never will.