The Umbilical Cord of World Religions

The inspiration for this OP stems largely from Jacob’s videos on the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

Despite enormous efforts … over a yuge period of time and space … to sever the invisible umbilical cord that connects all religions … the invisible umbilical cord remains intact.

Religion being defined as a ‘body politic’ … each with it’s own body of dogma, doctrine, rituals and so on. With this definition ‘culture’ as well as ‘atheism’ is a religion.

Perhaps the most popular attempt in Western history is the story of Saul of Tarsus … who attempted to sever the umbilical cord with the Judaic religion to create his own religion known as Pauline Christianity.

The expression “Abrahamic Religions” speaks to this notion of “umbilical cord”. A current manifestation of this ‘umbilical cord’ is Trump’s first foray beyond the borders of the USA as President of America. Where will he visit? The global headquarters of the Abrahamic Religions … Rome, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Daoism as expressed in the Dao de Jing has exciting parallels with Christianity and Judaism.