The universe is not low enough to have a meaning or a god.

Anthropocentric rape of the univers’s name:

Such a vast and grand thing, not even comprehended, and then many persons say that it exists for a petty, insolant “reason”. Such a thing is beyond opinion, as a whole.

I made a mistake when I asked what God wanted.
It was a reaction of mine to culture;
Just a little reflection.

I don’t believe that our star burns, our planet spins and we live-and-die for the sake of God’s petty amusement.

The idea that we have something to prove – is a question of ego due to impressions caused by outward displays.

The universe can’t be so petty and untrue. The law of noncontradiction is greater than the guess that behind all reality there is a petty human meaning or game.

“When science finally locates the center of the universe, some stupid people will be surprised to learn they’re not it.” -Anonymous

Edit: An insignificant speck in space and time tries to put itself in the centre of everything. Human, all too human

That insignificance is a form of danger to the existence of self.

“Stupid people” can’t cope with reality very well. They are vulnerable, and they try to defeat the problem through indrect means or mass denile. Vulnerability is everywhere. They have no salvation, and that’s why they want a salvation. Religions have a way of spelling out to me the sorry shape which humanity is in, and ofcourse the religion will not cure the problem, either.

There are deeper and wider human behaviors, world views and emotional patterns behind this one vast phenomenon.

The outer exists because of the inner. The large exists because of the small. The desirable exists because of the desire. The light exists because of the eyes.
The outer exists for the inner. The large exists for the small. The desirable exists for the desire. The light exists for the eyes.
“Every womans body exists to please you, to arouse you, and to give you as deep a pleasure as you imagine; this is why they exist.”
^ - This is an example of egocentrism, applied to the concept of what is real and what is not, becoming a very appealing format of insanity, manifesting itself also within any anthropocentric or speceist viewpoint. If you hadn’t noticed, a lion, for example, feels that it has a greater right to exist then you.

Egocentric instincts which control or overpower human perception of all truth and all reality – exist as a survival mechanism and a form of self-reservation, compensating for the dangers of global aggression and global disunity towards the individual.

World peace and global unity would be the antonym of egocentrism, but it would come at a price. Within a state of unity each would have to come into a united state of agreement and action. This would not fit well with the earthly definition of imperfection, freedom and self-determination.

The Universe & Reality:
Firstly, “meaning” is relative to ego, roll-playing and instinct. The universe has nothing to prove, nothing to hide and no mind-games to play with you. It is pure and honest, solid, inanimate, opinionless truth. Expecting the universe to have a human “meaning” would be a degrading insult towards its vast multitude of variety. Within a meaningless universe, you are free to choose any meaning you wish, as long as you have the power in you to maintain that ideology. If the universe did have only one meaning, then all things existent would most likely be enslaved to that one universal code.

If all possible outcomes of time made up a mass of other realities, universes and time-lines, one leading to the other, how and why could you tell that your current timeline and universe was the “real” one? [If you dare label such.] Firstly, anything which exists in any way is real; secondly, a core reality and core timeline existing at the center of all realities somewhere would not dictate it being the best reality. First is not always best; infact, first is often worst, fallowed by much more trial and error, eventually becoming success.

According to my beliefs, I’ve estimated that the universe reproduced, because all possible outcomes of its time became potentiality realms which actually existed somewhere else. A few of these universes were able to reproduce again. I would call it dimensional evolution and dimensional reproduction, and as these are always changing, which ever plane of existence was “ultimate” yesterday, may not be such today.

Evolution is self-determination, variety and change through imperfection, cause, effect, trian and error. I have ample reason to believe that all things changing and reproducing are evolving, and realities are included within this classification. Evolution is freedom. Freedom has no single meaning. Freedom must be imperfect.


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