the value of truth

If it is a matter of your life or death,
who cares if the solution is true or false.
Life comes before truth.
Truth seekers are merely treating data with respect.
But many things are more important than data.

Truth that exists is humanized truth.
It has to do with human priorities,
which came from natural selection.

Are you saying that living is more important (similar to at any cost) than your spiritual health where your truth resides?

Does natural selection produce human priorities of evil or is there a teleology of evolution that works toward priorities for good?

Evil : Rape, Murder, and abuse.

In nature, these things are common place.
Randomly distributed amoung genetic lineage.

In Nature there are also peace and cures. The peace is a felt tranquility in Natures beauty and bounty–a spiritual peace available to anyone. The Natural cures or relief from pain are many–aspirin, for example. In any event the human race has not evolved into a predominance of the dark side of human nature–the rape, murder, abuse, etc. History does show a progress of ethical behavior and a human propensity toward moral behavior.

That is true.
But why must they be together?
The good and the bad, in the same sandwich.

Two things we will never know–the first beginning and the final end. Isn’t it enough to realize that human morality, as we are aware of it in our middle state, is evolving beyond the dark side of human nature? There is more good in our world today than evil. Why do the two, good and evil, run together? You are probably right; they are all too human.

Giving truth a value, based on value creation, which is benevolence,
can mean that fact is beautiful, desirable, honorable, and generally good.
Using some brain, it is possible to create and give value generously.

And our instincts and intuitions, which they say took millions of years of evolution to finetune themselves, play a crucial role in our ascertaining of truth.
They’re not antagonistic to, but complimentary with our reason.

This is, of course, true. Almost everything we have inside is useful. But sometimes things fail and go screwy.

You are wrong, truth becomes for life.
But God forgives you!

I’ll speculate…

If Life comes before ‘truth’ then, the ‘truth’ in question cannot be of much value.

If the ‘truth’ you have to choose leads to dying. and the falsity leads to Living.

Then maybe that truth’ wasnt a truth after all. but a fugazi. a ‘[illusory]-truth’. as opposed to [genuine-certified-100%]-truth.

and the falsity ’ was really a truth’ in disguise. a false-falsity. an [appears to be false but is actually a]-truth.

or maybe truth’. is just imaginary word pointing to some ephemeral and intangible amorphous thing-idea. to quote some ancient roman guy “what is truth?”

YEah…what exactly IS it? (puts on thinking cap) (strikes thinking pose. ya know , hand under head,fist resting on mouth) mmmmhhhhnnnnnnnnn…

Human truth?.. as opposed to ‘in-human, un-human’ truth. isn’t ALL truth… 'human…?" as opposed to elephant truth, crustacean truth, savage carnivorous Dinosaur truth…!

Darwins truth?..natural selection…law of the jungle…? mmmmhhhhnnnnnnnnn… :-k

The law of the jungle, the animals who prey upon another, the dog eat dog, cutthroat level of existence. that LIFE that FORCES you into the dilemma in the first place, the ultimatum;, Survive or die. kill or be killed. choose A or B. That uncertain chaotic thing called LIFE. is that level of existence, or LIFE, in opposition to ‘truth’ or is it in fact, LIFE, that is the manifestation of all ‘truth’ .

It seems ‘truth’ is cognitive concept we hold in our minds a symbolic word-idea. it has no physical presence except maybe as a electrical signal… so uhh…yes LIFE comes before truth, comes after truth, comes between truth, above truth, beneath truth, embodies truth, generates truth, and annihilates truth.

Life is more important than truth, greater than truth it seems. more essential. so you are probably right to choose the choice that leads to life over an any other alternative, and value it top priority. as most people do. most sane people that is. yo know, people who dont go around KILLING Life (living entities) in the name of preserving their own particular 'truths". their mental thought-concepts they call, hold, and believe to be ‘truths’.

Yes, I say LIFE is more valuable than truth. Say If LIFE possessing entities such as ourselves, chose to believe in a " Truth ™ " (e.g. the M.A.D cold war ww3 battle,plan ) and that choice of following a perceived Truth ™ " (e.g. to engage in widescale nuclear military conflict for a ‘greater good’), consequently caused every Living-thing, all LIFE, on this planet to die. Then what is that Truth ™ " good for…absolutely nothing.