The Weaker Sex

It’s my contention women are the physically, mentally and emotionally weaker sex.
While some women are stronger than some men, and most women are stronger than most men in some physical, mental and emotional regards, such as women generally being better at some aspects of language comprehension and expression than men, overall, as a whole, women are the weaker sex.
This doesn’t make them inferior thou.
Women’s real advantage over men is in their capacity to give birth.
This approximately compensates for their physical, mental and emotional deficiencies.

Most relationships take women’s weakness into account, consciously or unconsciously.
Men are more likely to be attracted to and select a woman equally strong or weaker than them, conversely women are more likely to be attracted to and select a man equally strong or stronger than them.
A woman who’s as mentally and emotionally strong as a man, has more value than him, especially if she’s young, fertile and attractive, for she can give birth in addition to her strength, where as he can’t.
Women are generally needier than men, physically, mentally and emotionally, in relationships.
This doesn’t mean men don’t have as many physical, mental and emotional needs, in fact if anything they probably have more (just as more sentient mammals like primates are both stronger physically, mentally and emotionally, and needier than less sentient mammals like rodents), it’s just that because men are stronger, they’re expected to fulfill most or all of their needs themselves, where as women expect men to fulfill most or in extreme cases, all of their needs for them.

In the present incarnation of western civilization, women are supposed to be equally capable as men, yet they’re behind, economically at least, not necessarily in all other ways but in many, and in our economically oriented society, men are perceived as having major advantages over women.
In order to maintain the facade of economic parity, feminism blames patriarchal institutions for unjustly discriminating against women, presumably once these institutions have been purged of their patriarchal vestiges, women will rise to their rightful position alongside or surpassing men in terms of wealth, power, rank, status and prestige.

However this is likely just a pipe dream, women will probably always be economically disadvantaged, because they don’t work as hard in some cases, or they’re not as capable in others, averagely.
Women are given a leg up by the system to compensate them for the supposed injustices of a deeply entrenched, but nonetheless covert patriarchy, when the reality is: there is little-no covert patriarchy, and where it exists, it’s often justified, as women have earned their reputation for being weaker.
What we have today is institutionally and legally sanctioned matriarchy, where as before women were more dependent on the men in their lives for help.

So if women are weaker than men in most, but not all ways, averagely, than what ought their proper role to be in society?
Should they be treated like children like is custom in Islamic society?
Or are things fine the way they are now?
Perhaps their nature lies somewhere in between children and adults, albeit a lot closer to adults, and they should be afforded the same rights, freedoms, and responsibilities they had in say antiquity or early modern Europe and North America.

Myself I’m not exactly sure, but I will say this, I detest double standards.
If women are given as many rights and freedoms as men, they should have as many responsibilities, they shouldn’t be bailed out by the state anymore than anyone else is.
All their financial and whatever other inadequacies shouldn’t just be assumed to be men’s responsibility or wrongdoing.
Whenever they have a shortcoming, at the very least the possibility should be strongly considered that women are biologically different than men, that this mightn’t be and probably isn’t all men’s fault.
And if they aren’t given as many rights and freedoms as men, than they shouldn’t be held as responsible, either, men ought to be held more responsible for themselves and women, as they were in the past, and face stiffer penalties when they fuck up, or when things go awry.
Both men and women shouldn’t be able to have it both ways.

Can’t believe this garbage is allowed here. You belong in a cave somewhere. Hell, maybe ISIS is hiring, you should look into it. You’d fit right in.

Yes we all despise radical third wave feminists, but get over yourself already. I’m betting you’re a MGTOW type, eh? Frustrated beta male?

I would never want to see western women under the same conditions middle eastern women are under.
However, the amount of rights and freedoms they’re granted should be proportional to the amount of responsibilities they have, not only politically and economically, but in relationships.
If they can’t provide for themselves, not only financially, but mentally and emotionally, as much as men can provide for themselves, and it looks as thou quite a few of them can’t, than they ought to accept a more subordinate position publicly, and privately.

Women’s advantage over men is that they’re the sexier sex.

Voix_X_Zero, odd that you’d complain about Gloominary’s post which is rather mellow, but you didn’t complain about my WHITE SHARIAH. I’m almost insulted.

Nevermind *laughs.

I’m gonna backpedal a bit, women are nearly just as strong as men, on average, and should be given the same rights, of if they’re given less rights in some ways, they should be given more rights in others, to reflect their unique strengths, weaknesses and needs.

I’m just sick of some women and minorities blaming white men and ‘patriarchy’ for their perceived shortcomings.

Anyway, antagonism between the sexes/races is nowhere near my main concern.

Whoever hasn’t been exposed to chaos (which is to say degeneration) for a long time becomes too rigid once exposed to it.
A trait that has never been significantly stressed becomes too strong.
In other words, the trait starts degenerating very very slowly in comparison to those of other people and even in comparison to other traits of the same organism (which are more flexible and thus quicker to degenerate.)

And women have been protected/sheltered from chaos for who knows how long.
So once exposed to chaos, they become extremely stubborn/rigid/unchanging.
In other words, they learn very slowly from their mistakes.

And how do you deal with people who are rigid?
Who are too instinctive?
How if not by physical force or some other form of limiting action?

And who would side with women if not other equally rigid, i.e. feminine, organisms?
Such as feminized males?

Nope, Gloominary is female.

I’m male.

Both, men and women who oppose the traditional patriarchy of their respective ethnic-cultures do so because they are either not fit for said patriarchy or because they have been instigated by those who are not fit for it.
Bottomline is that they don’t want the responsibilities associated with those two roles, yet at the same time they grab all the rights and boons they can get in their personal interactions. At the same time they exploit the traditional expectations still held by many people in society.

Women and effeminate men are softer, and while I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, rigid, soft environments call for rigid, soft people, the problem is when such conditions women and many men are adapting to are exceedingly conditional, delicate, can change on a dime, a moments notice, they’ll be caught with their pants down unprepared, like if a series of natural or man made calamities were to suddenly befall and overturn our world order, which may very well occur this century, time will tell.
This can happen personally too, like if a man were to suddenly lose his health, home, job and the cushy lifestyle his family got used to, they may lose their minds too, and turn to drugs, crime, alcohol, suicide.
In a sense, being overproductive in the present makes people weak in the future, decadent, and so we’d’ve been better off being moderately-minimally productive, relying more on our wits and resourcefulness instead of riches and material things that mayn’t be sustainable.