The wide awake club.. or, why are you still up?

A late night coffe with supper did it… now my brain won’t shut down, but I’ve spent the hours productively… which includes online endeavours, contemplating new things, and entertaining new thoughts.

Part of me is quite glad that I got to spend all those hours doing, instead of sleeping… having done nothing but sleep the past two years.

But what about the flipside, insomnia, where some of us wouldn rather trade those constructive awoke times for a few precious hours of deep slumber?

The insomniac in a fugitive attempt to find limits, in desperation will search out the number of days of sleeplessness that cam be tolerated by the human body.

Many people in desperation will try pills, booze, hypnosis in desperation.

The answer is 10 days. The 11 th day absolutely guarantees all bodily functions to cease operation and death ensues.

Michael Jackson is the latest publicized example. There are scores of others, never becoming news.

I do give You credit , Magsj, for your positive achievement , however.

Long time ago, when my own father was approaching old age, he began to rely on pills, because he developed fear of going to sleep, covering a basic anxiety over not waking up. An other person , also advanced in years, deliberately stayed awake, because he realized the diminishing time left to him in consciousness.

But again, lets concentrate on the benefits of just the right amount , for more sleep hides the wasted time , when so much constructive effort could have accomplished so much .

I have a forty eight hour body clock which means I can stay awake for twice as long as any one else
I do not gain any time though because I also sleep for twice as long so it all balances out in the end

Finally feel like I’m drifting off, since waking up from the sofa after 3am and heading to bed.

Both scared to sleep, but for differing reasons… I experience both, but the latter being newer and most-welcome… unlike the former, which happens often.

…it could have yes, but when sleep must, then do.

Sleeping half the days away:

Do you find/have things to do/occupy yourself, with your doubley-awake time? and do you sleep through your doubley-asleep moments?

Do you refer to a sleep app? I’ve gotten a better quality of sleep since getting mine, but it doesn’t make me sleep any less. Best to enjoy our waking moments and our sleeping ones equally.


Catching up on Catchup TV and emails… having to function at this leisurely pace is boring me now.

Amusing my funky fresh self with silliness, as still awake. #-o

Sunrise soon…

I do have a loose routine which provides some structure to my doubley awake time
And I am generally a sound sleeper who never actually remembers falling asleep
But occasionally I have to get up because my body still thinks I should be awake

I have no sleep app and I would not want one I just get up when it is time to
Although I do not get up as soon as I am awake but instead linger for a while

The app is great for tracking activity, and it also had the sleep feature, and I found that both features work well together for me.

Sleep is for babies and elderly people.

I am a big baby, and proud… right now I’m going through the terrible twos all over again, but I don’t remember them the first time round, so my experience won’t be marred by the trauma the original terrible twos brings with it.

Perhaps this is what is keeping me in the WAC these last few nights…

excuse you?

I guess so, thats very interesting, and…

I’m wide awake, because I woke up hungry and thirsty, but I can only quench my thirst not my hunger because I’m going for a blood test today, so no food until after…


No idea why I’ve been up since 4, but I’ve used the time since to make my disarrayed lounge, arrayed… the floor can wait till later. :-"

Seems, that on alternating nights, I sleep for 10-12 hours/4-5 hours. :-k

Listening to an audio book on Sound Cloud, as I’m wide awake still at 2am.

…a late-night coffee… keeping me still awake at after 6am. :neutral_face:

Should I even bother go sleep… for the emerging dawn heralds the start of breakfast time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love those days where you just skip sleeping and power though with a shit load of coffee. I feel like it slows my brain down the the speed of the rest of the world and I just flow right through. Then when you do finally sleep, it’s good sleep.

Tea, tea did it… so music and more tea it is… and dancing in my chair.

Beats sleeping my days away, but when the self dictated, I listened, and recovered fast and fully… Case in point: one of my niece-in-law’s uncles was in a semi-coma state for over six months and therefore bed-ridden… I recently asked her how he was doing, and she proclaimed that one day he got up, got dressed, discharged himself and walked out of the hospital and went for a full English. and now he’s good and well and back at home.


Fight it, fight it, they said… fight it fuck! to end up in a degenerated physical and mental state that would take years, if not decades, to reverse… just avoid going back there. :wink: The planet you inhabit harms, so find what helps/what heals, but can’t necessarily cure… cures are over-rated anyway.