Theories of reality

i would like to discuss theorys of reality…anyone out there interested!!!

what are the theorys of reality?

eeek. Try these:

Internal realism (metaphysics)
External realism (metaphysics)

thank you that helps

You’re welcome.

witch do you think is the easiest to discuss and to find strengths and weaknesses for??

witch do you think is the easiest to discuss and to find strengths and weaknesses for??

A rule of thumb (I learned from prof):

Anything reductive is more difficult. Hence, idealism is harder to provide justification for, and harder to grasp, than, say dualism. Internal realism rather difficult than external realism.

i think they are all going to be rather hard to prove. For some reason i don’t remember going over them at all.

Ah, okay.

“Harder to justify” in the sense that a philosopher who must get rid of this “bridge” or link from the actual, outside world, and argue from the standpoint of the mind, and try convince you and me that “reality” is in the mind, is faced with a difficult question of “how in the world then can you actually report to me that this is how reality is when I must rely on your information, and my perception of your information, when you are saying otherwise?” I am standing here, existing, apart from the philosopher’s mind (to emphasize the point).

Of course, there is no shallow water in philosophy—so, on this topic everything is relatively difficult to grasp/prove, like you say. (But here now, I am equivocating on the word “difficult”).

is there any way you could explain one of the theorys to me??


Some of the members have already provided explanations to some on the list. If you do search for topic, you’ll find there have plenty of arguments on Idealism, dualism, and both the internal and external (though these last two, you may not find here the actual wording, etc.)