There is no such thing as "trans gender"

How insanely stupid do you have to be to think that a man who cuts off his penis and wears a dress is actually a woman? I mean, seriously?

Trans gender is the single greatest lie of our times. And like all huge lies it is believed by almost everyone.

You can change your gender expression and your gender norms, but you cannot change your actual fucking gender. A male in a dress is still a male in a dress. XX or XY.

God fucking dammit, you people are so stupid it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Looks like someone’s gonna need some sensitivity training.

Why do you care what other people do with their dicks? You just have your own dick to worry about. Unless you like thinking about other people’s dicks. Then that’s on you.

There are two viable sexes (Do hermaphrodites identify with their viable sex? They confuse me.) which do not change. You are born as a sex and will die as that same sex.

There is no trans gender, I agree. It’s a political, post modern, Marxist agenda, this gender fluidity…total wishful thinking bullshit.

You obviously don’t have children. If an adult promoted to your, hypothetical son, that it is “perfectly okay” or even “morally righteous” to chop your dick off, then how would you respond? What would you tell your (hypothetical) son? Would you agree with the mentally ill eunuch?

No, like a typical liberal, you praise trans culture in public and say things like “who cares what people do in the privacy of their own home”, but then you go home and tell your (hypothetical) son that “don’t listen to these crazy liberal fucks, they’re insane”.

So essentially you’re a hypocrite, and feeding into the mass delusion.

Void_X_Zero is right.

This “Trans” movement is nothing more than modern-day Eunuchry, chopping your penis off, a modern manifestation of blood-sacrifice spiritual traditions. Furthermore it is symbolic of castration, emasculation, and completely humiliation-obedience to social order (Social Justice Warriors).

Today’s liberal-leftist SJW is the fanatical Catholic of 1000AD. The times change, but people? Not so much. Instead we just change the words, the terms.

All of this has happened before, for centuries, for thousands of years. And the reason that people don’t know, or don’t care, is mostly because the language changes around each century, and so it’s like re-discovering what was deemed “ancient”.

No, it’s just modern day eunuchry and blood sacrifice. In some ancient traditions, people would cut off a finger, hand, limb, foot, gouge out an eye, etc. to demonstrate or make spiritual appeasements. The overall point is, this is not “new” by any means. These social disorders and illnesses, are very old. And they’ll probably always be around, in one form or another, regardless of whether they hide or change names, call everything by a different word, “trans-friendly”.

I never said I care what they do with their own dicks. If you want to chop it off, assuming you’re an adult and thus able to consent to such a thing, go for it. In all honesty if you are someone who would actually do that then I don’t want you reproducing anyway.

You have the freedom to self-mutilate, but that’s on you. Don’t demand everyone else praise you for it, don’t impose censorship around any critique and any rational argument against your decision, and certainly don’t elevate your decision into an ideology.

But the worst part is this stuff is being taught as ideology to children, and our sick society is allowing children to “transition” despite that over 90% of children who express “gender dysphoric” feelings grow out of it in puberty and adulthood.

Any parent who allows or encourages their child to “transition” should be… well I won’t even say it. And the same goes for any doctor who would perform this surgery on or inject hormones into children. The worst evil I can think of is pedophilia, but teaching and giving “trans gender” to children is perhaps even worse.

Again, as I said and as you didn’t even refute (and I know you can’t, your silence is telling) it is a fact that you are either XX or XY. Taking hormones and chopping off your dick doesn’t change your chromosomes. It is impossible to change what gender you are, and there are two genders. Period. It’s utterly unbelievable that I even have to say this.

Here you can see how small children are already pushed in that direction. This is really crazy, and saddening too.


The depth of my sadness for these children who are subjected to this is only matched by the depth of my hatred for anyone who would allow it to happen.

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” G. Orwell

Teaching “gender transition” to children is sick, cruel, and evil, indeed you are right again Void.

However child-sacrifice, the ancient tradition, is alive and well. The concept of child sacrifice or “sacrificing your firstborn” was developed long ago. Today this child-sacrifice, by SJWs and the liberal-left, is justified by the exact same irrationality as long ago.

These children are being sacrificed “for justice” for “liberty”. That’s what the liberal-left claims. They will hold their children in front of them, as shields, use their corpses as shields to protect themselves.

People need to wake up to the nature of the beast the modern world faces. It is an ancient beast. Child-sacrifice never went away. Slavery did not go away. They merely changed names.

Utter nonsense.

In any case, being male sucks, so trans will always exists, women are beautiful and men are ugly.
The last time men were beautiful was in the 50’s but then elvis died.

In the hood, men treat women like crap so you see all the women wearing boys clothes. Since males are treated like crap and are ugly, the math is obvious.

Men are ugly? Not me, I’m fucking awesome looking! :dance: ^^^

Your math is incomplete. :sunglasses:

Didn’t say all men are ugly, just in general.
When women see the Rock, they think of someone who is cool, funny.
When men see a stripper, they think of sexual fantasies.

Men have to court women, because women have to “get in the mood” for a man. Men aren’t inherently arousing to women. That is why you don’t see women going around town asking guys for their number. And many men, believe it or not, get tired of being viewed as a “rock” who has to go through hoops to get someone to love them.

When a man posts a pic on facebook, he’s lucky to get any attention at all.
When a woman posts a pic on facebook, they get told they are cute, beautiful, sexy.

And you wonder why there’s so many trans out there.

Oh yeah, so apparently transgender exists because of men who don’t want to bother courting a woman, therefore they take hormones, chop off their dick and put on a dress. That’s your argument?


It just occurred to me-- where are the philosophers?

Can you imagine if someone raised this “trans gender” idea back in Plato’s day? The utter mockery that would have ensued; and not only that, but the idea would be ruthlessly critiqued and examined from all angles, honestly, subjected to Socratic method.

The old philosophers knew that philosophy means to think beyond the status quo, to critique every idea without regard to its “given” status and regardless of whatever the powers that be say on the matter.

So by that measure, there are no longer any philosophers left in existence. Except myself and a couple others I know, anyway.

Most greeks would have been tranny chasers anyway, do you even research Greek history?

Transgenderism is a decidedly Neitzchean philosophy.

That’s a an oversimplification and a very simplified watered down version of what I said. Misses all the important stuff, you know any bits that damage your argument. Transgenders don’t even chop off their dick anyway, you are making yourself sound foolish.

Greeks weren’t cutting off their genitals out of belief they were the other sex, you idiot.

Christ you’re stupid. And I already made the point about transism being Nietzschean, more specifically I said it was Marxist-Nietzschean. Thanks for stealing my insight though, lol. Imitation is high flattery I suppose.

Actually no it is exactly what you said. And yes surgery is part of transitioning for many people.

If I’m stupid what is your IQ.

If you were so smart then why do you think transwomen cut off their dicks when they do not.

Zeus was into femboys, so was basically most greeks anyway, greek was the most homo society ever made. If shemale porn existed back then they’d fap everyday. You don’t know anything about what it means to be greek.

I have no idea what Marx has to do with transwomen whatsoever. Probably apocalpytic hyperbole dramatic doomsaying like saying transsexualism is a form of child-sacrifice conspiracy, as if most parents are cool with their trans kids…which they ain’t, which is why most transwomen abandon their families.

Hint surgery is inverting their penis not chopping it off.

Haha. What a sick freak you are. To confuse homosexuality with transgender is a new low. Just stop, you’re only embarrassing yourself.

Modernity didn’t exist in Ancient Greece, much less postmodernity. Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. Cheers.