This is not a 'Battalle' (edited)

EDIT: The eternal order of God’s Providence that rules Heaven is being restored in the temporal, which shall lead mankind to a truly great age bearing the greatest kingdom of God on Earth. This can require ‘Battales’ to achieve and apparently this time there was one in at least one theatre.

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By what measure?

Also, being “restored”? You’re implying, then, that the “eternal order of God’s Providence” was once present in the temporal, but was lost? If so, what “order”, do you propose, took the place of “God’s Providence”? And is this not an assertion that something was capable of overpowering God’s “eternal order”, and is still capable of opposing it?

Yes, it’s properly graced the Earth twice before- at the time of Jesus’s coming and also during the Renaissance.

The heresy of the Germans spelled the end of the last great age, that of the Renaissance.

PS I just donated $100 to UNIcef and I swear I’ll never again admonish a German. :icon-wink:

The renaissance was the last age of God’s Providence?
That seems an extremely limited reign then.
I mean…that’s not that many cultures on the Earth.

And the time of Jesus…that’s even more limited in authority.

Is this god only the god of Middle Eastern Abrahamic Culture and Western Culture or something?

god hates blacks and yellow people. DUH.

I’ve got to agree with Stumps–

By your measure, Dominic, God’s providence seems pretty narrow, weak, and short lived. Even compared to some human monarchs.

Just another self-appointed prophet wishing to elevate his importance by claiming to be the recipient of inside divine wisdom or insight. And what is a ‘Battalle’ anyway?

To TheStumps and statiktech: There are various orders of God’s Providence to grace the temporal, but only one of them also eternally rules Heaven.

I believe it is colloquially known as ‘rock and roll’?

Alright, well…that’s an article of faith, so I won’t go there.
I was only commenting on what you wrote before; the boundaries you placed on your god seemed tiny.

More accurate would be to say that the eternal order of God, as you see it, is being restored, as far as you can tell. This statement requires either the upmost ignorance or the most heroic faith…who is to dicern the two apart? As for me, I can agree that we live in a very moral age. Once more humanity has become self assure and absolutist about it’s particular beliefs. Once again the chance exist for holy wars. Once again temporal compromises have become signs of weakness and godlessness, and of course, frowned upon.
To the naked eye this may reveal an age that is bruttish, hellish, the foretelling of new holocausts, but to the eye of the Spirit, it is a restoration of the absolute within the temporal and the sign of the “greatest kingdom”, the Kingdom of God.


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So, “This can require 'Rock & Roll” to achieve and apparently this time there was one in at least one theatre."

And, "This is not a ‘Rock and Roll’.