This is why I hate liberals


Make no mistake, I hate conservatists too, but the bitch in the video just pisses me off.

Ok, Gib. But the hidden message is that liberals don’t really know what is good (1st.Amendment) for them, and easy to influence-long term, after a few years or generations, they still may retain some semblance of the meaning of rights, they may not be able to argue for the ways or means to actually persist to sustain them.

The crux of the issue, for me, isn’t what each party is saying but how they’re saying it. The girl in the video uses every trick under the sun except reason. She uses ad homs, sophistry, straw men, and every other form of manipulation that counts as anything but civilized reason.

This is typical of liberals. And there’s a good reason why. Liberalism is rooted in Marxism. Marxism is the philosophy of class struggle; it’s the idea that if there are inequalities, or imbalances, between the haves and the have nots, it’s because the haves are oppressing the have nots, and the only way out from under their thumb is by bloody revolt. That means reason flies out the window. The liberal steps into debates with conservatives declaring war as a first measure. To them, the time for reason ends before the debate even begins. This is why you can count on them to use every dirty trick of sophistry in the book. To them, the point in a debate is to attack, to slander the other person’s reputation and make them look like a fool, not to come to an consensus.

The conservative, on the other hand, is a capitalist. He believes in business. Business approaches the problem of inequalities and imbalances by sitting down at the table and negotiating mutually beneficial terms. What is the optimal arrangement by which you and I can both benefit the most? This banks on reason and cooperation. War is what they want to avoid. An amicable, mutually satisfactory arrangement is what they want to attain. They step into debates hoping to avoid war and putting their faith in reason.

LIberalism came quite a bit earlier than Marxism. Now you may mean that today’s liberalism is influenced by Marxism, but then so many liberals are also capitalists, for example.

Capitalists not only do not avoid literal war, they have often set wars in motion, since there is money to be made from them. Which is, unfortunately, rational, if one’s goals are such that it is an effective route to achieving them. If they won’t avoid literal war, I can’t see why they would avoid ‘warlike’ debate. And I don’t see this either.

I like neither Cs or Ls but I don’t recognize them in your categorizations here.

There is a lot of PC idiocy.
But then there’s a lot on both sides, each with their own PC.

Who is laughing all the way to the bank while they ‘debate’?

God dammit! This is why I don’t post in society, government, and economics.

Apologies for whatever I did wrong. Perhaps it could have been in Rant.

Why the hell, er, how the hell do you watch crap like that? I endured half before realizing your beef is with bitches and not political parties. It’s a woman thing to outlaw freedoms beacause women value security more than freedom because they have no balls. Banning speech is not a left/right thing, but a man/pussy thing.

Soapbox time :angry-soapbox:

I’ve never been silenced by a liberal (that I know of), but routinely by conservatives (because they own all the: motorcycle, survival, garden, brewery, anything-fun forums). Conservatives are just as nutless and authoritarian as liberals; the only difference is the conservatives are dumber and unanimously so, as I’ve never seen caveat to provide exception. Speaking as a former conservative myself (due to parental indoctrination and before the days of easy access to information/anti-stupiding stuff via the net), I can be authoritative on that decree.

Heck, just look at Rush: ad hom extraordinaire. I can’t even listen to that fat phallus sucking dispenser of ad homs on the basis of “keeping enemies closer” without getting sick to my stomach. The only thing worse than Rush is Hannity, who is like a dumbass jock football player with a head injury struggling to imitate Socrates. I remember the days of Hannity and Colmes which was like another rendition of Revenge of the Nerds where Colmes mopped the floor with Hannity’s obviously handicapped acumen on a daily basis, yet with Dunning-Kruger-like stamina, Hannity kept returning for more pommeling while congratulating himself for winning. Savage and Alex Jones = same thing. The only popular conservative I can think of with a modicum of objectivity is David Knight with infowars: just the news, but peppered with opinion here and there, which is at least tolerable.

Conservatism is essentially this: the deification of idiocracy. According to conservatives, fed heads are idiots. They have 160 iqs and accreditations a mile long from ivy league institutions, but they’re idiots according to the perspicacious and innately omniscient conservatives. Paul Krugman is regarded as an idiot and he’s about the most authoritative and accomplished economist on earth, with degrees from MIT and Yale, author of 27 books (including textbooks), over 200 scholarly articles published, and several hundred columns on economic and political issues for The New York Times, yet find me just ONE conservative who doesn’t think that man is a f**king idiot (their words; not mine). Thinking Krugman is stupid is conditional for being conservative! Warren Buffet, 150 iq billionaire often the richest man on earth, is a libtard too, according to them. Bernie Sanders, oh boy, now there is an idiot! He’s the most loved politician in congress with the highest approval rating of any senator of any state, but not just any state, but Vermont, one of the smartest states, so obviously he’s an idiot if smart people like him.

Conservatives idolize this mysterious attribute called “common sense” that invariably dissipates with education, which seems to me is code for “dumbassery” since it’s promulgated by people void of any education, but for some reason (arrogance) they think they’re privy to information that Harvard Phds somehow overlooked which grants them authority to proclaim themselves economic sages: they can’t tell the difference in your and you’re, but by god they sure know how to run a country! Why? Because it’s common sense, like heart surgery! “OH lordy, get that indoctrinated libtard out of the operating room and send in Bubba because he has common sense enough to fix my heart!” If only conservatives were consistent in their philosophy :evilfun:

What do people like about Trump? “He’s not a politishun an’ he’s just like me” [imagine the deepest southern drawl you can] Or FWD to 5:22 here

Luckily those sorts are dying off and I say good riddance! Every beer I drink is a toast to the dumb bible-thumping conservatives who are no longer alive to cast their ballot for the prohibition of drinking.

We just need a few more to kick the bucket and we’re in there … 52/2_8.png

This is a good one too … 48/2_6.png

I’ll drink to that :obscene-drinkingcheers:

Mark my words: the day will come when generations will look upon the conservatives of today, the oppressors of the poor, with the same disdain that we currently hold for past slave owners (oppressors of the poor).

The nyt actually printed this ultra racist and treasonous rant. … %2Fopinion

Not me, that is for sure.


“I don’t feel like a part of this country”.

Great, than you won’t mind being deported.

GTFO, go back to the Caribbean or wherever the fuck you came from.

That’s exactly what the woman in the video was bitching about: hate speech telling people to go back where they came from even though they were born in the US. How 'bout you go back to Ireland if there are too many brown folks here for your liking. And take that pompous prick who just got his ass kicked (mcgregor) with you.

[i]“I want to say sorry to the Nevada State Athletic Commission," stated Khabib. “This is not my best side. I’m a human being… he talked about my religion, he talked about my country, he talked about my father. He came to Brooklyn, and he broke bus and almost killed a couple people… Why do people still talk about me jumping over the cage?" According to TMZ, the disparaging remarks from McGregor’s camp are what prompted Khabib to hop over the cage in the first place.

The media-site interviewed a fan that was sitting near the outer-ring brawl, and they’re reporting that Dillon Danis was hurling insults at Khabib throughout the fight. Allegedly, Danis called Khabib a “fucking Muslim rat,” which caused Khabib to throw his mouthpiece and run for McGregor’s teammate. The Muslim insult was the straw that broke the camel’s back apparently, as Danis was reported to be mouthing off for the entire match. [/i] … 61667.html

Best part: “Now, a bunch of rich, powerful white men want to return us to this sensibility, wrapped in a populist “follow the Constitution” rallying cry and disguised as the ultimate form of patriotism.”

There’s no more efficient method to cause people to wipe their ass with that antiquated rag than to deify the graven image as a neo-biblical religion whose worship is mandatory in lieu of hanging for treason. And the mindless machines chant “God, family and country!” It is not heresy; I shall not recant.

This is a majority white country, it belongs first and foremost to whites.
Of course white people tend to put theirs first, just as brown people tend to put theirs first.
You’re a guest in our homeland, if you protest this natural state of affairs, you should be deported.
Publicly declaring you’ve been mistreated by whites collectively, or what ‘progressives’ like to call ‘systemic discrimination’ (and not just one or two whites individually, which’s acceptable), is itself hate speech, racism, intolerable, and ought to be grounds for considering your deportation.


“I don’t feel like a part of this country”.

Again, that is what she and the people she speaks on behalf of are saying.
I call bullshit, if she really felt that way, she’d have no qualms about being deported, which of course she would.
They’re exaggerating their ‘plight’ for attention, sympathy, donations and ‘reparations’ they don’t deserve.

She and her ilk love western civilization, and how could they not?
Where else can minorities and women vote, go to college, attain a prestigious career, and enjoy such a high standard of living?

Jews, many Asian population groups and even some African pop groups such as Nigerians fare better than the host population by many metrics: economically, educationally and so on.
In what other place and time in the history of civilization did many minorities fare better than the host population, yet have the audacity to label this oppression?
None that I’m aware of, that’s how far out in the left field progressives have taken us.

There is no such thing as systemic discrimination against women and minorities in western civilization, what there is are occasional-rare instances of discrimination, which’re often corrected by government, and then some.
Instead what we have today is systemic discrimination against men and the majority.

You can police hate-speech, and we do police hate-speech, here. Not sure if it comes under the public nuisance act or not, but it is an arrestable offence to verbally attack a person in public simply because you feel to.

The problem the West has, is with the sheer numbers of immigrants flooding into the West, which has now caused the huge spike in nationalism and put pressure on services/deliverables and any other outward facing organisations, but the West is not allowed to have that courtesy… from problems past. The historical past currently dictating the present, and what of the future.


Today, it is permissible to criticize whites, but not non-whites.
For me, and increasingly for more whites, that’s intolerable, either it should be permissible to criticize every race, no race, or if anything, non-whites should be forbidden from criticizing whites, while whites can criticize non-whites.
If progressives can pull up facts to criticize whites in some instances, like how we occasionally (un)fairly discriminate against minorities (every race tends to prefer its own, by far and away whites are the least racist race), and make shit up in others, conservatives should be able to pull up facts to criticize non-whites, like how some non-whites are more prone to ignorance, poverty and violence on the one hand, while other non-whites political and economic influence hurts us on the other, as well as make policy in light of these facts.

There’s far too many immigrants, and way too much development.

Western civilizations ‘vices’ have been greatly exaggerated in some instances, and lied about in others, while its virtues have been downplayed and denied, in order to shame us into allowing ourselves to be annihilated, and increasingly whites are waking up to it, resulting in a surging backlash.
The election of Donald Trump in the US, Giuseppe Conte in Italy and Brexit could be just the very beginning of this backlash.

Oi! [-(

A couple of other points:

She said criticism of races can lead to violence against races.
But criticism of any demographic, or individual for that matter can lead to violence: criticism of gender, class, creed, culture…subcultures…corporations, political parties, sport teams…
Should we therefore ban criticism altogether, because a few morons take things too far?
Of course not.

And of course they have no reservations criticizing white men, because according to them, white men are uniquely malevolent, or else uniquely lucky, have unearned privileges, which is still a criticism, racist and sexist.
According to them, only white men as a demographic can objectively be proven to have ‘flaws’ (a highly subjective word) or unearned privileges (a highly subjective term), no other demographic can objectively be proven to have flaws or unearned privileges, and so only criticism of white men is valid and permissible.
This is not an objective narrative, this is not a level playing field, it’s a monstrously biased, duplicitous narrative used to bamboozle white men into being subjugated by non-whites and women.
What we have here is a restricted racism and sexism, it’s okay to criticize, and bash white men, because they deserve it, no other demographic ever does.

And Of course this is total bullshit.
Of course other races and women have flaws and unearned privileges, and we can objectively demonstrate them roughly as easily as they can demonstrate ours.
We can argue over which race and sex is more flawed or privileged, but to say only one demographic has flaws or privileges is on its face retarded, self-evidently, but that is just the kind of swill white men are being sold and swallowing en masse by our treacherous, treasonous governments for the last several decades, governments who’ve been hijacked by corporations and bureaucrats who don’t give a fuck about white men, or anyone for that matter but the bottom line, and progressive, or anti-white male ideologues, who seek to prop themselves up at our expense.
If we do not turn the tables on them sooner than later, white men will end up slaves on what used to be their soil.

She insulted my race by saying we failed to live up to her expectations.
Her comments are hurtful, hateful and racist.
She has no business being in our country.

Dudes of course the white western man has no guilt all the conquistadores and pirates were dead over some centuries ago.
Its completely unfair and biased to judge white kids with this. they’re just in debt and slaves like the rest. I can’t even believe how racist it is hahaha. It makes me feel so superior.
Im not going to blame some Asian dude for what Ghenhis Kahn did, am I?




gotta laugh at them…

It may be majority white, but that doesn’t mean it belongs to them. If population meant anything, then the first whites would have recognized and respected that the country belonged to the redskins before turning their boats around and heading back to Europe.

If you’re illegal, then you should be deported, but brown people who are born here shouldn’t be treated as if they are illegals nor told to go home when they are home; that’s an egregious insult and especially because of the hypocrisy that the whites are also not indigenous.

So pointing out a crime is a crime because it’s hate speech against the criminal?

It’s not the white man that’s the problem, but the old white man in power promulgating dogmatic reverence for a set of ideals specific to white caste culture (christian/family values, capitalism, conservatism, contempt for the poor, etc).

Noam Chomsky: Republican Party is the most dangerous organisation in human history … 06026.html

That’s the party of the old white man, the Boomers, who are too stupid to realize they are the Redcoats (Tories) we kicked out in 1776.

There are two ways of viewing the Government’s duty in matters affecting economic and social life. The first sees to it that a favored few are helped and hopes that some of their prosperity will leak through, sift through, to labor, to the farmer, to the small business man. That theory belongs to the party of Toryism, and I had hoped that most of the Tories left this country in 1776. - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Address Accepting the Presidential Nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, July 2, 1932

It’s time we start calling these fools what they are: Redcoats! Whiteness is just coincidental (royalty abhors sunlight lest they be viewed as laborers); it ain’t the white that pisses me off, but it’s the red that makes me see red.