This is worth a fields medal and/or Nobel prize … 4&t=189127

I made two posts for the same topic to celebrate this and not to undervalue the magnitude of the last post with its title !!!

I hope the mods are nice about this… It’s a huge honor that I posted it on these boards.

I want to add that if you watch my videos, which I need to take down, they are in many ways very psychotic, and not representative of huge leaps in evolution of social, logical (reality orientation) and moral theory that I’ve even had in the last week… Consider them scrawling notes to this regard.

I also deserve the Abel prize for this…

Technically, the essay in my head right now is worth the holberg prize as well…

Yes, you are absolutely amazing.

Merry Christmas.

Well, if you were over at my house, I’d give you a freshly baked cookie. You can’t eat a Nobel Prize.