The word “this”.

A good idea of the word “this” is within a programming language, Java. Those that know this language with detail are aware of the keyword “this”. As far as programming is concerned, the word “this” is self-referential. From Java, usefully, the word indexes into the part of the whole. In programming, there is a “has-a” relationship, that is given to professionals to use. “I have a hand”… In code, perhaps… is comparable to “Object x = this.hand;”. … rogramming

There also is a programming concept of “Context”; a domain from which things can be referred.

I posit the reconciliation of these ideas, “this” and “context”, in a religious sense.

I would like think of the word “this” as a starting point (a word) for reconciling a human idea of the ideas of "One God’

and “Multiple Gods”. The why? A self-referential God meets “Turtles all the way up (or down)”. Or, in layman’s terms: there is ALWAYS a higher power… And… I am a part of that.

One exists in a context. I’d like to fathom this in a Godly, divine sense… but alas, I can only hope… in fact… want (believe) there to be a higher power.

I have read the bible, and am becoming aware of a Christian view at the word “this”.

The old testament and new testament are quite similar… approaching what is to give food:

Any general Catholic mass, compared to a Judaic usage, should express the idea.

We have the word “This” at divinity. At Jesus. At the idea of the serpent (devil) in the garden. Both old and new testament (at least).

Taken to the end… I think we are blessed to live where we have God to do this better than we can.

I think the idea I am getting at… why we cut off at “I do” when marrying… instead of qualifying after the fact… To “do this” is an Christian obligation, and to have “done this”… well… I don’t think anyone wants to be “done” with marriage… nor do I think we want to be “done this” (as God spoke of the serpent in the garden).