Three Times Great

Three Times Great,

I would like to ask you something. Is your Username meant to imply that you have been great on three separate occasions, or that you are Great + Great + Great?

How about Great[1]3[/size]

  1. size=85 ↩︎

I considered that, but it would really come down to Great’s numerical value to be workable.

  1. size=85 ↩︎

It occurred to me that he might have been here under 3 different names already…or this is his third. :confusion-shrug: And that he views himself with much “humility”. :laughing: Well, humility is true. :wink:

That could be, but if that were the case wouldn’t his post count and posts both in terms of quality and quantity have to carry the same value for the previous two user names as they do now?

Otherwise it would be 3X great plus or minus something.

I think this is a mathematics and logics test here, isn’t it? :laughing: I’m dead in the water for sure. :laughing:

But if we don’t know who he is, and what his other two user names are/were, how could we possibly determine the value, in terms of quality and quantity? Am I wrong? ](*,) Is there a way to determine that? Am I missing something here with the 3X great plus or minus something? Maybe!

Some users are so very prolific in this forum, pavlov (like rabbits) they could be the same person responding to their own threads under three different user names? That thought has at times occurred to me.

Awakeinside (4 posts in all) put a post up…but was never heard from again. Sometimes a forum can be like this giant maze…but I rather like getting lost in mazes…a great challenge trying to find my way out of them. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Someone suspected that it might be Satyr. Who knows?

hmmm…my initial gut feeling would be No…I don’t think so. :laughing: :laughing: But I could be wrong. But that might put a very interesting slant on things if it is him. :-k

I highly doubt it. I have PM’d with him several times, and he hasn’t told me to go fuck myself yet.

Well then, that just might disprove my theory that it isn’t him…so perhaps it is since he hasn’t been behaving like such a rugged individualist with you. :laughing:

It’s a translation of “trismegistos” (a.k.a. “trismegistus”).

Thanks, Sauwelios.

Are you 3X Great?

Nope, and I’m pretty sure neither is Satyr.

My money is on RealUnoriginal/Unreasonable.

Wow! Has anyone noticed that 3X is very intelligent and writes extremely well?

Personally i think he’s satyr…

As far as writing really well goes, he simply makes long posts, which when whittled down turn out to be random bits of preference emblazoned with sophistry.

Not all of what he says is mere pontification, and perhaps i feel this way because i oppose a lot of what he supports…

But our last encounter, where he pretty much made a mockery of equitable debate by telling me i need to grasp the basics of “definitions” where he wanted me to list of qualities of “libertarianism”, made me lose what respect he earned in between his modes of patronization.

For example him defining libertarianism as being anti gun…

He gives me shpeelish diatribe like “have you ever heard of a venn diagram”?

he says i need to define libertarianism in a way that includes all forms of libertarianism, while he defines libertarianism as being anti gun, and in that he commits the logical error he says i commit.

In my opinion he is close minded, belittling, patronizing, and insulting.

Just like Satyr…

He will let the ego ride so long as he is not threatened, but as soon as logic comes knocking he turns into a clown.

So was Satyr

I believe that Faust was going for a joke by stating things that (in his eyes) would rule out Unreasonable…

It was pretty funny, though I did like Unreasonable when he was in a civil sort of mood.

i agree, and i blame satyr for filling his head with nonsense.

Even if what Satyr has to say is nonsense and there was something malicious about him telling it to Unreasonable, Unreasonable ultimately decides what he does or does not want to believe. He also determines how he does/does not want to behave, what he does/does not want to say and all of that.

I am 100% sure he exists and thinks completely independently from Satyr.

If not, then I worry for him. Not because Satyr’s thinking is necessarily wrong, mind you, but simply because one should never use another individual to carbon-copy themselves off of.