Tiger Woods in car crash, serious injuries...

this morning in L.A, Tiger Woods, American golfer was seriously injured
in a single car crash… he was removed from the car with the jaws of life,
and that doesn’t bode well for him… his agent has already said that he suffered
serious leg injuries and is currently in surgery… who knows what else was damaged
as Tiger has had multiple back surgeries, I can tell you from personal experience,
that his back is totally fucked up… I was in an accident at a 10 mile an hour a few years back,
and I was unfunctional for days with my back… at this point, my belief is that his golf
career is over and basically hoping he survives this…


As fucked up as his back already was this is probably the end of his career. Hard to feel too bad for that since he’s already made a billion dollars and won every major event. If he can still walk and enjoy his wealth he’ll be lucky.

his career was already over

K: perhaps but given the severity of his leg injuries, it will take
years of physical therapy to be able to walk again… good thing
he is a billionaire, because it will take a long, long time if ever,
before he can walk again…


the money that they have is enough to get them rehabbed in no time.

i remember a few years back, a running back for Alabama, Kenyon Drake, broke his femur near the end of the season, 2 months later he was back in the championship game performing at an elite level.

tiger woods will be fine.

It’s a lot easier to rehab an injury when you’re in your late teens or early 20’s, and haven’t already had a ton of injuries. I don’t doubt he’s walk and function again but he may never be an elite athlete again (assuming you count golfers as athletes which is admittedly a stretch- golf is only a small step above mowing your lawn on the physicality scale).