Time cannot began to exist

Let’s assume that time began to exist. This means that time didn’t exist “before” the point that it exists. This is however problematic because of “before” unless we accept another time exists. Accepting another time exists however leads to infinite regress unless we accept there is a time that it didn’t begin to exist. Therefore, time has existed since its beginning and it didn’t begin to exist.

That’s like saying that, even though there are boundaries in space, space itself, with all its internal boundaries, has no boundary/limit, therefore space begins at its boundary.

But think of it like a fractal. A fractal is limits, but infinite. If whole before even the first iteration, you’re talking about a whole sequence. No end without beginning, vice versa, and all iterations between… without end/beginning except what is in every iteration.


Do you see a beginning of time there?

I see now within an infinite whole.

The term “space” simply means 3 dimensional distance.

You can measure how much 3 dimensional distance is in your living room. Simply measure the length, width, and height and multiply them together, such as 5 meters x 4 meters x 3 meters, and you have a living room with 60 Cubic Meters of Volume, otherwise known as “space.”

Does that mean the universe is 60 cubic meters of space? No. It means that the 3 dimensional distance of your living room is 60 cubic meters. It is 60 cubic meters of space inside your living room walls.

So how much space is OUTSIDE that 60 cubic meters? Answer: INFINITE SPACE is outside your living room walls.

If you define the universe to be of finite space, then how much space is outside the universe? Answer: INFINITE SPACE!

There is infinite distance in every direction from where you stand in space right now. Infinite distance x Infinite distance x Infinite distance = Infinite Cubic Meters of SPACE.

Right, but “NOW” has no duration, it is a point in time, like 12:00:00 PM is a point in time.


That is a line/string of nodes in equilibrium.

If the wave doesn’t have limit-nodes (closed to allow reflection) it does have to have every node being origin nodes… in that way they are limit nodes, but …

The reflection happens in many different ways because the nodes are not all identical (just as every self is unique) due to varying levels/iterations.

Duration is not possible without a complete set of nodes. The completion does not itself have duration, but is the store of it. It can even blend the nodes without changing the sequence which is over/under…taken.

In the wholeness the nodes live, move, and have being.

The space is boundless spatially. It however existed at the beginning of time and not before.

The problem with that picture is that it takes an infinite amount of time to reach from an arbitrary point in the infinite past to now. This cannot happen.

The one who is the store of nature traverses nothing but is already there.

From “now” there is an infinite past and an infinite future.

There was a point in time that was 200 Trillion years ago. There was a point in time that was 500 Trillion years before the point that was 200 trillion years ago, hence that point was 700 trillion years ago.
There is no end to the the number of years that was in the past, it is an infinite past.
The same goes for the future. There is no end to the number of years that the future is, hence the future is infinite.
An infinite past and an infinite future. Time has no beginning and no end.

Bahman does have a point that a being subject to the sequence (no skipping nodes) cannot traverse an infinite one.

The store/origin of an infinite sequence is not exempt from being at every node (which gets its being from the store) & thus need only think/feel (which… is what the sequence is), and they are there. No traversing needed.

Just imagine. It takes time for blood to travel through your veins and arteries from the time it exits your heart to the time of reentry. But it takes you zero time to make that same journey. You’re already there—no journey needed.

You didn’t get my point. Can the infinite future be reached?

Yes, you get my point.

Just because you cannot approach something does not mean it does not exist.

Especially if it can approach you.

That is true for the infinite future. But can now be reached from the infinite past?

No, the infinite future can not be reached because the term “infinite” is not a point, the term infinite means continuous.

So what you are really asking me is if the continuous future can be reached. That is a nonsense question.

No. The infinite past and the infinite future and every now are premixed in the nodes sustained in the store of the nodes: the one who approaches and blends the nodes. Think self-surgery. If you can’t imagine it, watch the series LOST—episode “Something nice back home”. Well here is a clip: youtu.be/ZufpBU5Mb2k?feature=shared

Jack couldn’t do it.

The store of nature did and does and will.

Make sure when you think self-surgery, you think it with this:

Not to be creepy or anything, but approach and traverse have the same meaning in all my replies in this discussion. So approach is not actually needed. For the store of nature. It is merely apparent.