Time Cube and Religious explanation?

I have known of the man known as Dr. Gene Ray for some time now but have never actually thought of the religious aspect at which his theory would affect the world should he be able to come up with a logical explanation for his theory. His theory seems… sub retard at best, but his fixation on this theory has brought alot of attention and fans to him which could result in change and testing of this theory. (http:www.timecube.com for those who have not seen his insane crazed and “Cubic” website).

In his statements he says time is Cubic, not linear like we are taught… in this instance I would assume he means circular rather than Cubic but in his statements upon his website he often mentions Circular as being equal to 0 and exists next to nothing. My views on this subject are sketchy at best and need some clearification after having watched a DVD made after a lecture he did at MIT. His theory seemed to make some sense, but with more holes to fill.

This site is funny. I was laughing my ass off while reading the whole thing.



sagesound you were absolutely right.

i’m unsure what the actual theory means, but the website is just plain insane.

Now you see my dillemma. But should you actually look past the “Your all stupid” statements and get down to actually what hes talking about he might have something going that could test the current theories that exist, or possibly explain a few things.

Now I myself think the man is a loon, but then again everyone thought Columbus was a loon as well for thinking the world was round.