Time-traveller arrested for insider trading

Not sure whether to put this in Science or here…

From tv.yahoo.com/news/wwn/20030319/104808600007.html

It’s a little close to april folls’ for my liking, and there are many other, more likely explanations for his success ( i dont know any off the top of my head, but there must be some)

But if it’s true, hey, it could be a momentous event, unless “they” lock him up in Area 51 or something.

whoaa… what i wanna know is how the world would look like in 2256…

As much as I’d like to believe this story, I suspect it is a tabloid. The article would be in the business section of the news, not the “Entertainmnet and Gossip” section if it were true. I hope I am wrong, and we get a cure for AIDS. At least mankind isn’t blown to hell in the next 200 years.

its weird were never gonna live to see 2056 so well never know if he was telling the truth

dang it! :smiley:

Hey, check out this fabulous website too! Darn blasted I’m gonna remortgage my house for it!

The above story was brought to you by … The Weekly World News. Whether you believe it or not is probably a matter of how finely attuned you are to good/bad website design. :wink:

Getting people to invest into a time-travellers fund is the most genius idea I have ever seen. I almost want to give then ten dollars on pure principle alone. Hilarious.

The time traveller story is definatly a bogus, I checked it out when I got an email with the same story about a month ago, not a single mention in any serious New York paper, which would have jumped on a story like that for human interest. Anyway, an insider trading case would definatly be discussed in the business section of broadsheets.

Also check out the rest of the yahoo WWN site, there’s loads of crazy stories on there. I’m sure some of you realised it was a joke, but some of you did seem to be vaguely buying it.

The time travle fund is amazing. At least it’s not as much of as a con as buying plots on the moon.

I’ve got Lot L19(ocean front property, too!) and D34(where I plan to build my retirement home). They keep telling me that, any day now, I will be able to start building. :smiley: