To christians

Was Nietzsche evil?

What did he do?

He wrote some stuff.

He also took walks. Regularly.

…some spine chilling shit.

I am asking honestly though, is Nietzsche evil?

I won’t even follow up with questions, I just want to know christians’ opinions on this.

Hi Pezer–

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I think it’s safe to say that most fundamentalist and evangelical Christians believe Nietzsche is presently in a very hot climate.

Yes. Any more questions?

Sure, but I promised not to. Plus, I want to know what other christians think.

No one is purely good or evil. Nietzsche was morally and ethically bankrupt in certain ways though.

Haven’t you heard? He’s “Beyond Good and Evil”.

He was also kind to horses.

Yeah that was nice of him to try and defend a horse before his mental breakdown.

You guys are scaring all the proper christians away.

No half ways! Was Nietzsche evil?

Comparitive to what I consider evil? No.


…Then again i’m not a christian.

I’m gonna say that the kind of Christians who would say Nietzsche was evil, probably still wouldn’t actually say it, because they wouldn’t know who the fuck he even is.

I know on philosophy boards and in the first year of a philosophy degree, Nietzsche is big shit, but aside from that, no one really gives a shit about him who does know who he is, and everyone else in the world has never even heard of him.

Can I inquire as to why you’re asking? I can only assume it’s due to his vehement denial of Christian morality and anthropomorphic conception of ‘God.’ But why would that make him “evil?”

I think we can agree his sister was a certifiable piece of shit, though.

How so?

I disagree. He’s even bigger when you actually understand what he’s saying, which most people seem to mistakenly assume at first glance. It took me a couple years of reading/researching other philosophers before I went back to discover a profound depth in Nietzsche I had never realized before. I thought I had, but not like this. I’m not sure I’ve ever read another philosopher with a comparable literary style. People often assume a certain simplicity in Nietzsche’s writing due to his eloquence, but tend to miss the profundity of what he doesn’t say or spell out in detail. Some seem to consider Nietzsche and Heidegger very similar, for example. I don’t see it. To me, they are opposites in the sense that Nietzsche said less, but had far more meaning.

I am asking because I know how Nietzsche viewed christianity, but I don’t know how christians see Nietzsche.

Well, that’s not entirely true, I know how the Opus Dei see him. In fact, all of Nietzsche’s books are in a special “do not read these books because they corrupt the soul” list that they have. I have had conversations with one member and he basically claimed that he was a nihilist. Funny because Nietzsche says that christians are the nihilists.

But mostly, having been brutally expelled from the good and evil paradigm by Nietzsche, I now have little grasp over what actually constitutes “evil,” so I really want to know. The fact that I obviously admire Nietzsche so much I think turns real christians off of talking to me or taking my questions as honest, and I don’t blame them. Nietzsche himself I am sure was able to hold long and respectful conversations with christians, but philosophy forum “nietzscheans” rarely are.

Jesus loves everybody. Repent right now. :laughing:

If you say so buddy.