$ to ~$

I don’t if we have any economist here or anything, but I had a strange thought yesterday. Exsue, my pig-latin but it may help throw off the man:

What would happen if, Iay urnedbay aay unchbay ofay oneymay.

Sort of reverse conterfiting. Makeing what was once $ into ~$. Would it be absolutley estabiliseingday to the enconomy?

(This post assumes the man uses Google to keep homey down.)

Probably not, as the Fed would just wiggle their magic fingers and make
everything okay.

darn their fingers!!

thats a funny idea but …i dont think it would work, because “money” and/or “assets” aren’t physically ‘real’.

how about this though… what if all of wall street (the parts that matter, anyway) suddenly …issappeared-day? i think that would do some strange things. :sunglasses:

one of the parts of managing a national economy is t control the money supply. to much money and you have inflation, to little and everything stagnates… part of the fed’s job is to control how much paper is out there…

in relation to your question, before i understood economics a little better, i used to wonder why they never burned away the money confiscated from druglords and white collar criminals… but really it’s all judt the magic finger trying to manage things.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Atlas Shrugged?

Money is just stored up labor.

If you’ve got the money to ernbay, give it to Emay. I’ll do nice things with it. :wink:

Most money today is just a number on a screen. Most moderatly talented hackers can literally create money, and a very talented one can get away with it.

Theoretically, by burning a significant amount of paper currency, it would increase the value of a dollar, so to speak. But I don’t think it works like that now that there isn’t anything backing the money besides faith in the government.

So by burning currency, you’re burning faith in the government.

P.S. don’t give any money to anarchistangle, he’ll just use it to force animals to injure each other. not very nice.

Please pardon the pope, he’s jumped to conclusions without doing a proper investigation.

I must agree that burning money hurts you far more than it hurts the treasury, it’s just a check they’ll never have to pay. A promise they’ve been let out of.