Today's Stock Market Crash: Mr Reasonable

Hey Mr. Reasonable, if you don’t know by now I use to go by the alias Joker.

Anyways, were you prepared for today’s stock market crash at all? I’m just worried that you might lose your shirt out there today. What do you think, is the United States economy fundamentally sound still?

Did you lose all your money today? Are you broke yet?

I think you’re misunderstanding the distinction between a crash and a correction, and you’re assuming that every asset class is down, or that anyone with any sense would have all their eggs in one basket. When stocks are down, bonds are up. When shares are predicted to go lower, then you hedge with options and make money on one end while losing it on the other. Only idiots lose all their money at once, and even then, the idiots haven’t even lost 10 percent in your “crash”.

If you’ve got discipline and therefore some capital, then you might see stocks going lower as a buying opportunity as the weak hands get shaken out. Can’t hold your shares if it’s your rent money you’re playing with. I’ll be glad to take those off your hands at a loss to you sometime before rent is due.

We’ll see with market news coming out of Brussels, Hong Kong, and Tokyo overnight Mr Reasonable…

Song seems appropriate…


Overnight Asian markets are looking nasty with discussions that tomorrow’s market opening is going to be an economic slaughter in the U.S…

All the pundits on t.v. are saying it’s just a minor correction down…I’m sure it’s nothing at all. :sunglasses:

I think you’re being a bit hyperbolic. Look at the percentages not the points.

DOW drops 600 today, I’m sure it’s nothing… :laughing:

All is well, right Mr Reasonable? :wink:

I’m just a guy that has no money, nothing, and no skin in the game cheering for waterfalls of red on economic flow charts, burn baby burn! I’m just a man that has nothing to lose!

I’m just another nameless, penniless, ignored, and forgotten man that just wants to see the society that has treated him like disposable garbage his entire life collapse from itself in a haze of fire.

It’s about time that the fools that have run things and benefited from a rotten system for so long get their just deserts!


We stand here today at the precipice of the world’s twilight and demise amongst the totalitarian technological global dark age of humanity and we ready ourselves for its impending violent global demise in rejoicing.

There will be those who will say that all of this caught them by surprise and they didn’t see it coming, but those of us with real intelligence the kind that can’t be learned or taught by any academic institution knew that the days were coming all along and have waited many long years for when the moment finally arises. If we survive this global onslaught we will come out of the ashes invincible and stronger than ever before, if not where humanity finally destroys itself along with the rest of the planet at least upon death in constellation we can smile a bit in our last moments of life knowing that this prolonged abominable wasteland is finally destroyed once and for all time.

Another music video as a celebratory toast to the future!


You will have to forgive me today as I am feeling giddy and smug like punch with myself.


Alright sports fans it’s now half time with Zero_Sum where we take a look at today’s highlights of the global financial chessboard in this thread. I must say this is the greatest game of cat and mouse I have ever watched where it is almost better than say 2007, 2008, or even 2013. I just feel honored to be the commentator on today’s historic event and game unfolding.


You will notice today that the American DOW fumbled and dropped the ball with 600 points dropping today where Monday it was almost 800 points. It’s clear that market just can’t pump and dump anymore with the Federal Reserve or Federal Government backing it, it’s like this market doesn’t want a touchdown at all! Get a look at that waterfall of red in it’s velocity all the way down, that’s a fumble if I’ve ever seen one. Quick, somebody get in the field and prop that sucker up! Somebody dropped the ball on this one!

Take a look at the United States treasury auction, it’s like they can barely make it to the other side of the field, this looks like a bull’s limp dick if you ask me. It looks like the bull’s dick was sawed off and shoved up its own ass.

Next we have equities fear index, looking totally out of bounds here! Quick, somebody get a referee in that game that knows what they’re doing! Definitely a penalty for this play. This game today just looked horrible.

Just look at this sucker tank, it’s like they’ve lost the will to fight and win! Definitely not looking good going into March Madness.


Attention, attention, the DOW today has dropped 1000 points upon closing . :laughing: :sunglasses:

Nothing to see here move along, checked the news channels today on t.v. nobody is talking about it, it’s like a full blown media blackout. Tomorrow morning with the stock market opening should be interesting… :-"

All you assholes that have been saying the markets have been great since 2007 with this so called eleven year recovery can finally get fucked.

Are you alright Mr. Reasonable? You’ve been a bit quiet today, how’s the investments going? Are you all in?

Ok correction, make that down 1032 points for today.

Guess what else is happening? A decision on whether to keep the government open or not by midnight tonight. Now, I don’t like Trump all that much but man oh man do I hope he shuts down the government tonight. With that added to the stock market opening we could see a two thousand point drop tomorrow easily. Go Trump, go!

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’ll happen.
Is this a mere bump that’ll be ironed out shortly, or will we see a recurrence of what happened in 08 and 09 in 18 and 19?
They say ‘recessions’ tend to happen every decade or so, and it’s been a little over a decade now since our last.
And what role will Trump play in all this, will he fan the economic flames, as he’s been fanning the political ones?

I haven’t been following US politics these days, been sick of the US to be honest, focusing on my life, philosophy and what’s been going on here in Canada since shortly after Trump got elected, but of course what happens in the US has ramifications for everywhere else.
There’s no question in my mind Trump is by and large an elitist, but perhaps he, and the people beside, and behind him represent another faction of the elites who’re going to war with the hitherto dominant one, or perhaps the war is just for show, I’m not entirely sure.
If there is a power struggle of sorts going on, no doubt it’ll have tremendous implications for the global economy, and if it just gets incrementally contentious, who knows, just speculating, but maybe it could even result in civil war *shrugs.

Well, that’s the real question here although this is the largest stock market drop in one week which has huge implications. There are two scenarios I see here, if this is a temporary violent bump and rupture more is to come where if it isn’t this week or the next eventually more will follow as the United States economy is unsustainable. It will simply eventually collapse, it’s not a question of if but rather than when. Many economists have said that the United States economy is unsustainable and there is no way it is going to survive or sustain itself beyond the mid 2020’s. I’m hoping that the event horizon happens sooner while I am still young.

Now if this isn’t a temporary market bump, rupture, or hiccup where this is the real deal collapse of an entire nation’s market system the last two days will only be the beginning as we’ll start seeing a daily cascading event of the market constantly dropping. If that happens it is goodbye United States government, money, military, and financial system worldwide.

The DOW Jones would drop from 23,000 to 3,000 roughly and in some other people’s minds depending who you ask to 0. The collapse of the United States politically, militarily, and economically across the world would have huge implications or consequences as you can imagine internationally.

I personally see the United States as the center of most of the world’s problems where I look forward to the event of its demise and the future of what could be for North America however with that been said with the people that run the United States government it would not surprise me if they set off a dead man’s switch for the entire globe causing numerous destruction worldwide, the whole if I am going down I am going to take the rest of you down with me approach for the whole planet.

Donald Trump is a narcissist, capitalist, and zionist which for me is one of the reasons I don’t like him however with that being said I do like the disruption he has caused and is causing which I am hoping will be enough to push this country over the brim.

International markets overnight.