Too close?

Is 16" away from a 32" screen frying me? It’s definitely making me loopy.


PC monitor/TV screen. Okay tech nerds, am I too close at 16" away? :-k

We can test this.

Stand in front of your monitor, stare without blinking for 45 seconds.

Now turn away. Any strain, tears, color distortation?

Now, turn the computer and phone off, and don’t go online for 50 years. Has your eyesight adjusted? Let us know your results.

I see Turd has this one covered :wink:



Engaging me again (against your better judgement no doubt) in flirty madness. Just stop already!

I am not a flirted. I have a medical condition that prevents me from flirting. It is all in your head.

What is this condition called, Steve?


It’s contagious, transmitted by facial expression, body language, or smell. Stay back.

Thanks for the warning. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
You might have come up with a better name, Steve.

Steve is my name, I don’t know what else I can go by.

I could go by John, Mike, Louie, Samuel, Brandon, Bob, Mitch, Larry…

That’s a random list of names you’ve chosen there… :wink:

Magsj, I will start calling you Gary Walcowski, a garage door salesman from Essex.

And you Arc, you will be Donald O’Potato, you run a art gallery and antique shop in Cork, Ireland.

And you Maniacal Mongoose, I will call you Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States.

No. Do not call me.

:laughing: You dweeb! Follow the bread crumbs here. I was speaking of “notflirtaritis”, not Steve.

I like the name Michael. Mike downgrades it.
My favorite name is Jeremy. I have no idea why. I never even ever met a Jeremy.
Just something about it and the sound of it.
I also love Andrew, Daniel, Matthew…

…I know what to call you. :-$

From one of my favourite series ever… I always giggle when they mention Chanel no. 5 :wink:


I don’t like the name you’ve given me. I choose to be the woman. Call me Peadara Arach for the Irish. I am after all half Irish.
I love the idea of running an art gallery and antique shop. Come visit any time. I will give you a discount.
Go raibh maith agat.

Unless your actually able to speak Gaelic, and can help me with some Gaelic and Welsh legal texts, like the Senchas Már, your O’Potato name stays. I can call you Meg, after the early Renaissance cannons of the era called Meg, because they we’re as loud as a angry red headed wife telling.

Megan O’Potato. Only is you can speak Gaelic.

Your not really Irish unless your Catholic. St. Patty wouldn’t approve.

:laughing: You may be a dweeb but you can be so funny at times.

No, unfortunately my middle name is “google translate”. :blush:

According to the Catholics, I would still be a Catholic as I have that “indelible” mark on my "soul. I was actually baptized twice. Do I have two indelible markings? How does one wash that off anyway? I do also have auburn hair and green eyes.
I am Peadara Arach to you.

I’m only loud when necessary.
Why are you interested in the Senchas Már?