Too Wide

Often the threads I would like to read come up on my screen too wide and I’m at a loss as to how to narrow them down for consistent linear reading. I don’t know much about computers. Is there any way I can get the texts all within the margins of my reading page? Adjusting arrows stops the flow of reading.

I don’t understand the problem. Currently, ILP fits the width of your browser, so if you are using Internet Explorer to browse the internet then whatever width you have set the window to will be ‘filled’ by ILP. If you want it less wide, simply make your window less wide.

No, Ierrellus means that it gets too wide and a scroll bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Scrolling back and forth makes it difficult to read things or get into the flow of what is being said. How do you remedy this problem? I have no idea.

It bounces back and forth from too wide to just right. Very confusing.

Oh, I see. In that case (when your screen resolution is too small to accomodate the minimum site width) you simply need to adjust your text size, or increase your screen resolution.

It’s quicker to adjust your text size, so if it doesnt cause vision problems, just go to the top menu and select ‘View’ followed by ‘Text size’ and alter it to please. Incidentally, this form of type correction is alot more significant if you are using FireFox as your internet browser. I suggest you use it instead of Internet Explorer. It’s easier, too. Click the ‘Get Firefox with google toolbar’ text link at the bottom of the website.

Thanks all!!!