What relation do I have with any of you?

Well, you’ve stalked me with contempt. Then, there’s my assigned specimen number in your laboratory study, but I’m unsure of the number.

A friendship to be denied for sure.


:slight_smile: was only an attempt, a leer of sorts. That’s the smile of someone with rotten teeth for Christ’s sake and not good enough. Give me the full monty… :smiley: or :mrgreen: .

After all I did for wendy and she stabs me in the back with the cold shoulder…Who says her friendship would be anything worth to you manni?

I don’t want a friendship with her, she’s bananas.

We all love you, manni, unconditionally… let us hold you… there, there… there, there… shhhhh… go to sleep, now. :romance-caress:


The only thing that’s missing in my life is a man like you, manni…a man who actually cleans his own house…

But who wants a crazy fat bitch like me…so I rage on…

Don’t take it personally…It’s all just bursts of my own inferiority, you see…

Manni, we have a live one here.

Who want’s a fat woman like you? Depends on how fat. Some fat girls are hot.

I told the truth and it disturbed her soul.

You told the truth to whom?

The piglet above.

She hides behind modern movements to vent her self-hatred against that which she has been rejected by.

Look how obvious she exposes herself…attempting to save face with sarcasm, the randomness of it is what makes it so visible…or live as you put it…

Her comment seemed geniune to me.

The content is…the intent isn’t…

Well if your psychic, I wonder if you can imagine what I was thinking about the other day. Hint, it’s a four letter word.

I’m not sure I would equate a psychic ability to imagination…but that’s besides the point…

Answer the question.

If i confirm what you already know about yourself would that help you in dealing with it, or destroy you?

It’s your thread, manni, but can I ask that we get back on topic? I’m curious to know what you’re getting at with your question: what’s my relation to any of you? And why the obscure title: ?