one of your best posts

I must admit I’m quite confused by pedro’s new style of literation.

why did you delete it

Alright you faggots this is the poem:

Opening sanctuaries
The earth gapes
Hovering above the running waters
Vast, like the ocean

Even as it may as drip
off the single blade
a drop of dew
In the early gleam of sun
between the glades of firn-omen’t
scent through.

Forgive me for this, but heck it is my thread and I will play the part of editor.

You’re forgiven.
Even if your affections otherwise , elsewhere marched to a different tune

To me, at least, consistency is sacred.

Not that I may also not be wrong.

Amen, brother.

this makes me think of vaginas

I would go so far as to say that is the entire goal of poetry.

The dewey drip by drip analogy may be a more actual reminder of the reality principle.

The slow flowing of the Don, a harsh reminder.

Take it in any context if You wish.

I bet you kill the ladies with that.

Hook, line and sinker