The image ensues: unification of polar opposites; twin snakes slither up and down like a
double helix.
Transmutation of the shadow.
Observe personal resentment. What is its process?

Slow down the body
to stillness,
where body meets the mind.
This connects with the environment to a sense of wordlessness.
Become the nucleus.

Observe unification, your individualized visualizations.
Let go,
Let God.
Relaxed confidence in motion,
the concepts emobodied.
Heart-think the way to victory.

Travel now through portals of humility
Do. the. Work.

How one reacts to stress reveals the shadow; psychologists call it projection.
The characteristics to orient the body in space:
Visualization comes and goes, and comes:
the red thread connects on a larger image, as an expanding circle.
Overhead view by practical means, of the body/mind in the environment.
Slowed perception,
Clairvoyant perception,
Consolidation of the astral-body, over the etheric body over the physical plane.

To be independently good,
as letter is to law.