Trixie, Enough of your Sexual Identity Crap

Okay… I experienced this phenomena with a couple gay “philosophers” in San Francisco years back… one kept trying to explain Heterosexual Men thinking in terms of a game of chess… he wasn’t thinking of movements or strategy or anything, it was just pure abstract mumbo jumbo that only made sense in his head. Just looking at the guy, a small effiminate shortshrimp, I can easily accept the idea this guy was born gay… I didn’t bother to argue with him, he was very clearly gay, was going to stay that way. What bothered me was the extreme mental gymnastics he had to go through to construct his (exaggerated, charactured) faggot’s view of male heterosexual thinking, in a absurd, useless Theory of Mind format. He hadn’t the slightest clue what he was talking about. He stands out the most, there are others, but him the most.

San Francisco is a very oriented towards Philosophies of Language, more so than any other region I’ve visited, and back then, I simple gave a fuck about such concerns. I’ve sense lightened up some, but really back then couldn’t care for purely linguistic formulas. I entered into debates, won my arguments usually, went off on my own to study afterwards.

Its in San Francisco you first learn of the high gay suicide rate, and the much higher transgender suicide rate. How do liberals deal with this? Language. They say “We Acknowledge You and Accept You” or “We Recognize Your Humanity or Individuality”, they slap on some municipal level “constitutional rights” against discrimination, and that’s it. A few trannies make it, many abusing their rights as far as the gays are concerned… the gay guys don’t understand why they are held back for a promotion because a unfireable tranny expects it… big difference is wearing a dress… causes a lot of sleezing hatred and discontent. Out of fear of getting trapped with a unfireable employee, many end up homeless, on the streets, turning to prostitution. Their lives are like fireflies, they blink in and out of existence. Its not my fault as a straight guy, I had zero power there, barely feeding myself half the time, on the streets too. Trannies get it much worst. As a guy, still not out of my twenties, outside of being tired, rained on and somewhat depressed, my hormones fit my psychology naturally. I have abfew billion years of neural development that put me in fine standings… I knew I was a guy, knew I had a dick, knew it worked, wasn’t unattractive, just dirt poor. Biologically, I could make babies, so wasn’t having too tough of a time. Had a few females interested in me I had usually declined or ignored, due to my situation… was reassuring. Why, cause it signalled I could have a normal future… my psychology didn’t get freaked out from biological clock alarms that I just fell out of the genepool, into a failed existence.

Gay guys, they struggle a little from this, I’ve asked, they prefer it if it was optional somehow to have kids, but it isnt happening. They live very sterile, drug infested partying lifestyles, constantly ending up in new relationships. Had a boss who was married for a while, even after losing his job, but it’s mostly a hedonist party of social confusion and hurt feelings, struggling with monogamous impulses and attachments that get thrown to the wind in their circle of friends.

For transexuals, the ones who go through the removal of their manhood, it’s… fuck dude, like I said, they are fireflies… all over the place… blinks bright, blinks out… disappears into the background. Only consistent place they are seen are in foodlines outside of churches during the day, or street corners at night. I don’t see very many old ones, cause they don’t make it that long. Their like the endangered white rhinos.

What gets them? Suicide. Why? Fuck… I can only guess. I don’t know what it’s like having your brain, already a little off balanced from a hormonal or neurochemical balance, to suddenly try to constantly rewrite itself. It doesn’t work in the long run, the chassis of the body you are born with is the one you keep. Aging is complicated enough as it is, discovering the alchemy your subjecting yourself to left and right… it’s not gonna balance out in the long run.

Likewise, relationships are a mockery… humans are social creatures, we crave intimacy, but it’s a special intimacy, with end expectations of raising children… whether we want children or not, our entire psychology is set up for attracting a mate, and going through the stages of raising a child. Its not culturally imposed attitudes forcing you to fit their mold, it’s human instincts designing the ways and means of a culture, and as far as reproduction goes, having stable relationships, many people enlope and fall inlove without speaking the same language, only learning it from pillow talk. Love isn’t a linguistic issue, and very diverse cultures have had people marry into one another.

I don’t desire harm to you, or to be mean, but you gotta understand, I’m not sympathetic in the least to your tranny agenda. Your little ponies are not natural, your a Sicko grown male who attached yourself to little girl playthings. You identify with them like Michael Jackson identified with small children, building a creepy as fuck amusement park. Is this natural? In order for women to be women, do they overly fixate on prepubescent Sexual identity markers parents and marketers use to figure out what gifts to get children? There isn’t anything naturally female about that crap, it’s puerile over exaggerations of extreme female behaviors. Yes, most girls have their dolls, playhouse, cooksets… historically, kids didn’t have most of that… maybe just a doll and a dress. What your latching onto is a marketing ploy gone seriously fucking overboard. Look at the male equivalents, you don’t see the straight guys on the forum going on and on about the new GI Joe Action Figures we all just bought, and which figure is most badass, or how fucking macho it is to shave, constantly buying new multibladed razors, slamming beer, and our favorite wrestlers. Thats great shit to talk about growing up, when your groping to assert your position among fellow males about your Sexual identity and inclusion into their group. You rome around in a group of males, females do the same.

At a certain point, it ends. For women, it’s bridesmaids… the wedding is your departure from the sex and the city pact. For guys, it’s your wife. Man and woman focuses on their kids.

For a tranny who can’t reproduce anymore, it’s all floating all over the place. You got no solid, obvious next stage of life to land in. Maybe you’ll land in a relationship with someone who has kids? Thats your best case scenerio… sterile straight people often do this. But not from what I’ve observed… outside the very rich, and I know of only two, they disappear. Dead I presume. Suicide statistics I’ve seen in the past suggest this.

They have no further steps, and it’s not culture, it’s not language, it’s not social recognition or equality, it’s that transexuals are the actual sex they pretend to be. They are reproductive failures, in a absolute sense. Is it mean to say this? Perhaps, but it is true. Very, very true. Societyndoesnt have to give you our deepest understanding, run up and hug you, cheering you on in your struggle. Everyone has their own shit to worry about, it’s called life. They are engaged in life struggles, in trying not to be evolutionary dead ends. Society is very selfish, obsessed with it’s own reproduction. We are a heterosexual reproducing species, for literally almost everyone, this is the extreme emphasis we collectively put on everyone… grow up, find a mate, fuck, raise the child, get them to successfully find a mate, repeat cycle.

In your case, literally everything you do, your every antic, your every point you raise, obstructs the fuck out of that. You have the potential to take someone else’s impressionable, borderline child and grind them down the path of extinction, of becoming a Darwin Award Winner. Its a net negative effect your having on human existence, trying to figure out your own sexual disorders after it’s too late. You can’t make kids, your balls are gone… it’s all purely academic knowledge, only thing sane is for you to realize your mistake, and regret it, andbwarn others not to follow. Thats the only positive I can realistically figure for a sterile sexual abbreviation like yourself to do, on the inner mysteries of your sexual identity. Hopefully you become alturistic, volunteer for aid organizations. I hope you don’t hog multiroom housing, left mostly empty, when breeders can’t afford their mortgage cause property costs too damn much… that is a social injustice. Lots of childless gays living in luxury, and reproductive families forced to live in slums in the SF bay area… doesn’t seem wise from a Darwinian perspective.

I hope you become a nurse, or figure out some theorum that advances economics, or ends poverty… but no, all you fucking do is bitch about issues like how you tapped your fake books, how you hate women… somehow mistakenly justifying it be being a fake woman, with no real understanding of women’s psychology… no matter how many hormones are pumped through you, you still have a male brain. You can identify as a giraffe, take giraffe hormones, but your still gonna think mostly like a human, no matter how long your neck is enlongated.

The reason most of us don’t take you seriously is… it’s disgusting to us, we see you as weird, and that is beautiful. That is life, telling each of us to carry on living successfully, in rejecting your disturbed fixations. It would be nothing less than a tragedy for you to win someone over… someone who otherwise would of had a successful life of a breeder, to join you, identify with you, lop their shit off. Their genetic line stops right there. They fuck their patents, grandparents, and great grandparents over. They fuck the taxpayers who paid their way through school K through 12. All those vaccines wasted in them, as voluntary dead ends, could of been used on children more deserving in the third world. Same for clothes and toys.

Its mean, disturbing, offensive, how fucking dare I say this, likely just got banned from ever entering into Sweden and the UK… but it is the most truthful thing ever said on this forum, and it underlines the hundred looks of confusion and disgust you get a day. Its not hate or misunderstanding, we know exactly… it’s a collective awareness of danger in you. Even the most tolerant is going to snap.

And we get the reason your obsessed, somewhat at least. Your lonely, looking for inclusion. Life has not worked out in terms of your needs in so many ways. You see a forum of people trying to push agendas on one another, trying to convince one another. You think your ideas are relevant. They are so fucking not. They are about as useful as someone suggesting we all fly to Africa and get Ebola… same effect… we die, no offspring. This is what your doing.

You are a luxury in society, and philosophy. Something superfluous, not needed. If you were a ant, default drone worker. Sterile drones domtnget to be queens. We can tolerate you as a society because we have a food surplus, and generally enough jobs and social mobility that Sexual aberrations don’t stand out. Remember though, King Zhou of the Shang and Sardanapallus were hysterical drama queens who died facing sharp rebellions from their straight vassalsc fed up with their antics. Eunuchs have a tendency to swallow the attention of courts, wrestling power from the breeders, both east and west (Roman Empire in the west died because Narses couldn’t reproduce). In both China and Korea, there is a history of people rising up against Eunuchs when they become too self centered and repressive, ignoring the needs of the people… and truth be told, this is good. Their needs, priorities, and agendas matter so much less than that of children, and their children, and their children.

If you have a planet, dropped 100,000 Eunuchs, and 100 families as colonist off on, the needs of the children of those 100 families out weight the hundred thousands eunuchs. All those Eunuchs will eventually die, only the offspring of those 100 families matter. Any philosopher among the Eunuchs should be obsessed on impressing on the rest the necessity of providing a better life for those 100 families before their own selfish luxuries or desires are considered. Convincing the kids to become eunuchs, trannies… kills a family line, undermines the grand project of survival.

If your a soldier on a battlefield, and you get mortally wounded, but can fire one last shot to save a buddy’s life, you would do it. Its a positive move. You help them survive. Your a wealthy widow, no children… you leave your money to charity (a real charity, like a school or food pantry, not some fucking museum) then you’ve done something positive. Your life may not of been wasted. Advice given by the old to the the young, same. Someone sticking to quarantine, making sure the disease they got doesn’t spread is again, positive.

Trying to convince a forum of mostly heterosexuals of your views/confusion on sexuality, and insight to dressing your My Little Pony Horses in clothes to make them more kinky isn’t helping nobody. Its not even funny, just disturbing, and it is very good it is as such. It shows web are filled with the spiritual fixation to carry on with the mission we’ve been programmed for since primordial times, to preserve and make new life.

I have a firm belief there is still positive potential for you, but you have nowhere positive to go save alturism. Can you solve problems of pure mathematics? We can use new inventions (and I don’t mean lingerie for children’s dolls). Can you lift a shovel during a flood, fill sandbags? Can you give people on the street a sandwich, some money, a sleeping bag once a month?

If your noting doing this, if all your doing is trying to buy more and more children’s toys meant for girls as a grown ass man, obsessing about Rupaul’s Great Drag Race and nothing else, not beniffiting anyone else, then know your a fucking cosmic waste. Society put a lot of effort in putting you together. If your on a philosophy forum, you need to repay debt. Knock off the obscene fetishment of children toys, and focus on what role someone like you can best to in return for being born into this world. I’m single, until I get married, I have a absolute obsession in finding ways to slow down and stop the local drug epidemic. My siblings have been harmed by it. My studies in philosophy are aimed at helping the greater good. Even my most frivolous debate or argument tests my mettle for later debates. I exist purely to continue the species. As you bare right now, your a big old black hole sucking the lifeforce out of everyone, pushed harder and harder to overcome issues of psychology designed to keep you from making these mistakes in the first place. Its too late to stop it, you cut your privates off. If your going to engadge in philosophy now, you need to realize these impulses are meant for breeders… they are phantom pains of a life you’ve literally cut yourself off from. You gotta figure out what philosophy means from now on. If it’s pure sterile hendonism, the schrodinger cat issue pops up. As far as the gene pool is concerned, you don’t exist. Your actions either help or harm, or have no effect. Trapped on a island shipwrecked, sterile hendonists have absolutely no effect on the world. When in a society using up the limited pool of resources, they have potentially a negative effect on others. What is philosophy under these conditions save alturism? Trying to improve and sacrifice for others as parents do for a child?

I don’t want your arguments, your explanations, your indignity, crying I’m a caveman or poor Christian or whatever ploy to embarrass me and dignify yourself you can use. I don’t want you to stop posting, jump off a building, or emotionally offload on me about how hard it is, or who you identify with. I just want to see effort on your end. Tackle a hard question of philosophy if your going to be here, something that will improve life if we understand it better. Do it sincerely, be like Will Smith in I Am Legend. That kind of deep focus. Become a philosopher worth listening too. Just don’t mimic the outlandish, attention grabbing rhetorical formulas you see and remain without substance. You really gotta be someone. You have to dig down deep and really feel it. It is a compulsion that drives you to the uttermost limits of the world. Something burning bright, in a dark space within you never knew existed.