true love?

true love…it doesn’t last very long…

Sounds like turtle had a girlfriend :romance-inlove:

phyllo you are correct…I think the females of the world like this idea but it only lasts for a short time…
maybe true love is the same as romantic love…

True love is for those that are a match. That is what dating is for: to find that person. I don’t know many couples that will never separate but, I do know a few.
Sometimes we bond to someone who does not bond to us, it hurts. Do not forsake love, she is out there.

What Is the difference between love and true love?

what do you think…true love does not last…it is fiction…there is love but it comes and goes…
same with soul mates----you will be disappointed…there is no perfection

Love of reason is not the reason of love.

True love is about mates that know, love and respect each other. When you know someone so well that even though you get angry at them or irritated, you would not leave. You are the deepest of friends. It must be reciprocal to be true love.
Turtle it does last when it is true love. I know at least 15 couples myself and husband included, that have true love. I will say this: My husband has 9 siblings, I have 6. Only my younger brother and myself have only been married once. We are both still with our mates. He for 12 years and I for 33. Niether of us settled for less niether did our mates. Its been true love.

If it comes and goes, it is not love.
Attraction comes and goes, passion comes and goes. Love stays. Affection stays. Love doesn’t ask to get love back in return, so you cannot be dissappointed, when you love.

The way you ask sounds to me as if you are young. A young Turtle-Sokrates. Do you know that love comes and goes, or do you ask?

it doesn’t matter about who a person is or how old…the discussion about love needs to stay on topic…the only true love around
is transient…there are good days and bad days…you are doing quite well by having a love that is good enough…people are always talking about how good there love is…there is quite a love competition…

It matters, because you cannot have experienced that love stays, when you are very young.
And calling you Sokrates was not meant ironically or as an offense. I appreciate Sokrates’ way of asking.

Maybe we have different definitions of love. When I speak of love I mean a feeling of concern for another person and that I want that he/she feels well. It doesn’t mean that I want to live or be with that person, or that I have to agree with that person. He or she has an affect on me and that does’t change. It has nothing to do with competition, nothing with passion or sex. I might not have the same affect on that other person. But I still want that this person is well, and I’m willing to do something for it if I can.
For me there is not such a thing as true love or false love. Either there is love or there is no love.
What do you mean with love?

Well said

For me, true love just distinguishes between a deeper, lasting bond and a heat-of-the-moment, shallow infatuation.

“True love” emphasizes the quality of the relationship. It may last lifelong or come to an end unexpectedly, but it’s the quality that counts.

Turtle we have the power to make anything happen, so why say that^^^?

True love is an amalgum of virtues.
Love can be disected into a list of virtues.

Females do not have the monopoly on that perception of love. Males are the same - they might even be more adamant about it. But it’s really an “individual’s” perception.


A majority of people are in bad relationships.

True love is that stage when two persons come so close to each other that they become one, instead of two.
This sense of oneness, belongningness, owning, surrender and possessiveness (not in any wrong way) is true love.
And, that entalis both mental and physical interaction.

That is why true love is possible in only two relations- mother-child and husband-wife. Rest relations are mere concerns, not true love.

with love,

What do you mean with that, Sanjay?