Trump committed treason

The constitution states “all enemies, foreign and domestic”

That includes the president.

He gave classified information to Russian diplomats to puff up his ego.

The diplomats went to their intelligence agencies with this information and those agencies figured out sources and methods… which outed several agents and also diminished national security.

That’s treason.

So, people like I’malways wrong, Wendy and Ican’t obsrv…

Fuck you.

You know what the penalty for treason is in the US? Death.

If you don’t believe me… look at this: … nformation

Yeah … so all you Trump supporters are anti American, just like trump was.

And by the way, it’s not “make America great again”, it’s “make America great for the first time.”

yo man wikipedia is deep state liberal propaganda you gotta get ben shapiro to say this or it can’t be true

I’ve said it before, and I’ll stick to it that but some hidden hope for some kind of middle of the road position across the extreme political aisles may sustain more a moral then an ethico/political position.

if nothing else, Jan 6, attempt to overthrow the government and he
did nothing… just watched it on TV…domestic terrorism and he did nothing at all…

case closed…


Trump won the Election though.

Your side had to shutdown the vote, because you were losing that badly.

That is the treason. Cheating and Defrauding, the DNC, committed the treason.

If we are going by one-person, one-vote, and exclude illegal votes, dead people voting, people not using id and voting multiple time …if we exclude the Crime and Disorder tactics, represented by the Liberal-Left, then Trump won in a landslide, and he did. The Conservative-Right believe in Law & Order, and doing things “the right way”, having the moral high ground.

This is common sense.

K: and so you believe that “law and order” comes from an attempt to overthrow the
government as in Jan 6? where over a hundred policemen were hurt, some
seriously… and one died? and where two committed suicide afterwards? you have the
“right way” and having the high moral ground? so putting children into concentration
camps is the high moral ground? engaging in voter suppression is the “high moral ground?”
denying trans and gay people their legal rights, that is “high moral ground?”

there is literally nothing about what the GOP/Tin Foil Hat party did over
the last 4 years that is even close to being the “high moral ground?”

giving a massive tax cut to the 1% did nothing for the middle class or the working poor
and in fact, the tax cut will have to be paid for by generations after us…the GOP
gave a huge tax cut on the backs of future generations that have to pay it off…
is that the “high moral ground” you are talking about? now I know you won’t answer this
question and you will engage in your usual insults, commie and the like, but we all
know that is all you have… insults and nothing more…for a kid who lives in Siberia,
you have very little skills in insulting people…I would think that Russians are better
at insulting people then you have shown us…, maybe show us some originality some
day and broaden your insults to be mildly creative… instead of the same old generic
insults…but perhaps being a paid Russian troll, they won’t allow you to deviate from the
already produced script you read from… it sucks being you…


Trump only used the cages built by Obama and Biden. Why didn’t you indict Obama/Biden’s administration for building and using those cages for children in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015? Why are you blaming Trump for the inhumane methods of the Obama/Biden administration, especially when you don’t acknowledge that fact to this day? And Trump only separated kids from adults who could not prove guardianship, didn’t ya know?

What legal rights were denied to the trans and gays?

Middle class families kept an extra $2000-$4000 on average, while rich people hide vast amounts of their wealth offshore because taxes are so high and have great attorneys who use all the tax loopholes to their advantage, loopholes brought into existence by longtime Congress members like Biden and Pelosi, so the rich aren’t paying what you seem to think they are but the middle class don’t have offshore accounts and topnotch tax attorneys saving them money, so it’s the middle class that foots the bills when they come due, never the rich paying their fair share. So Trump threw a bone to the people who actually pay their fair share when the rich don’t. Biden can charge the rich 90% taxes but the rich won’t end up paying that. Trump’s idea to lower taxes for the rich was a way to tempt them to keep their money invested in the United States rather than hiding it in some foreign tax haven.

wendy i think thats the tu quoque fallacy

It’s more than that. Big business actually needs labor forces like this to make more money. While big business is doing this, they need a scapegoat …

The beauty of the scapegoat is that it’s the same people big business needs and uses. It’s the ultimate misdirection. Trump: “oh yeah, these people I use to make more money are the evil ones taking more money from you.” He didn’t really say that, but that’s what it is… it’s misdirection.

And then the people are like, “yeah, fuck those South Americans who take money from us because they were so impoverished that they’ll work for pennies on the dollar compared to Americans because that’s heaven to them”

This is a very sophisticated plan to misdirect from the really big thieves.

Now! Yes. CEO’s are blackmailing the US because of hyper inflation… “fuck you, if you REALLY tax me, I’m out and fuck your stupid country!”

So what are we supposed to do about that?

We as people need to be more pleasant to live with.

Life is not about what you know, it’s about who you know. I don’t mean this in a nepotistic sense. If you’re fucking homeless and you’re hanging out with the coolest person ever, you have a good life.

Everybody knows this. Even billionaires.

What solves this problem more than anything is for people to take it upon themselves to be better company.

Sure. ‘Anyone’ can stock a grocery shelf. However, work, real work, is to become a better person each day.

That’s a lot of words to say that you promote the following:

Back-dated ballots
False addresses
Blocking ballot-watchers
Voting machines connected to internet
4am ballot dumps
Identically copied ballots (by machine)
Communists voting multiple times (no ID required)

You’re a criminal PK. You are on the side of Lawlessness & Disorder. You need to Cheat, to “Win”.

You lose.


That’s a lot of words to say that you promote the following:

Back-dated ballots
False addresses
Blocking ballot-watchers
Voting machines connected to internet
4am ballot dumps
Identically copied ballots (by machine)
Communists voting multiple times (no ID required)

K: and isn’t it great you haven’t proven a single thing in a court of law…
must be nice to just make shit up and not be held accountable for that shit…

UR: You’re a criminal PK. You are on the side of Lawlessness & Disorder. You need to Cheat, to “Win”.

K: same old insults, nothing new…you may as well be a bot for all
the originality you show…


How many times do you need to repeat your same losing arguments?

Judges DID NOT HEAR THE CASES because they were intimidated by Left-wing rioters, Antifa, and BLM.

Your sedition and insurrection is proven.

this is crazy talk

Crazy people have no idea that they
are crazy…that the further away from being
normal, the less they realize they are crazy…


So reality is crazy?

"Chief Justice Roberts was screaming

“Are you going to be responsible for the rioting if we hear this case?”"

I know you Marxists don’t like being exposed, but your gaslighting is pathetic.

Admit to your culpability.

Admit to it:


K: I know you being Russian and all, but clearly you know nothing about the American
justice system… the courts are the last line of the justice system… you have the cops,
who arrest first, then you have the DA who decide to prosecute or not, and then you
have the judges…the courts don’t see the defendants until fairly late in the process…
so you would have to intimidate the cops and then the DA first, before you get to the
judge…and so nothing you say actually proves anything…


K: and once again, making shit up isn’t really helping your case…
let us have some proof outside of faux entertainment channel…
name names… otherwise you have made up shit…