Trump enters the stage

His flim glam existentialism fueled by the void of the times.
Is he the animus of a prevailing strain of what the wind has brought in, or the body politic of a deeper split: where Merleau Ponty, vs. Sartre’s outward epochs , can inscribe that being in, time is not past, as if it was recoverable., French idea romantic reoccurances, artful, clever realizations of change, the body politics of desire -overcoming of existential stasis.

That is his gross charm, his strength and his central reassertion: deep, duality be unified, walk on the twos but supported by the third.

That tired, third estate ,how futile the attempt , and though it be 200 years in vastness of a microcosmic temporality, a signal to oppose- a new birth of a second estate.

Is not Paris, the city of light, still, the underlying motive for arts’ succession? If art be the beacon holding lit the trail of for a leader to find his way, then yes,l.

Much to be gained from the aesthetic observations of Kierkegaard, placing ART for IT’s own sake over that of even the Gods, albeit, not intending.

If so and abstract expressions have lost their way, would it not merely the few stlll lighting the course, which can instill that lipid vapor with pure breathable oxygen?

This retro estate has defined him , put its mark, and ever which way, can declare it to be manifest, of some destiny, where human nature imbued with the overcoming of lesser, become the new princes, that are again in demand, though not seen for who or what they are

A third Ulysses, borne, out of repetitious patterns of bodies of desire, but beware, not to rekindle the abject repressed negative reactions, if they be allowed to rise out of the ashes.

For new beacons of light emerging in a conflicted EU.


To himself and others, to wit a little learning encased within mythic powers: is it folly or mere wisdom that allows for such? For all his apparent flash and might , can he hold the ring , with the demonic attributes of Alberich.

As a salesmen based on hype, inflammable words by which pull through deals, the question remains:

Question: in this age of very ,very diminishing returns, both psychologically and substantianally, how thin can the fabric of reality get before the obvious holes are far too discernible?

Anyone with some look back can at least sense the era of the soup kitchens, the campments of starving homeless. How short sighted of them to think that a mere few can save the multitude, but are they nuclear-ly expandable ?

Do we really care about those who could be our brothers, sisters, our kids, our parents? The nuclear world has been very widely expanded to include a senatorial process over ride, or a very minimilized version of what the meaning of it may entail.

The big question is, whether this pre figured semantic encapsulation may reign in a literal terror, where the real, the very real fabric of humanity may be revealed: and it is this: will the ones who have everything, may dig into vast under ground homes fully equipped to a tee, in case the nuclear idea may be exposed as really the result of messing with atomic and sub atomic particles, and the mushroom cloud recover its true meaning beyond mere metaphore.
If the answer to it is yes, and social contracts of all kinds permeate a diffusion into semantic discussions over the meaning of life, then, and only then can Trump justify pushing the button. But would or could he?

Is this sophistry only a mere shadow play an act in progress to save mankind, with only selective membership into the future visualized, and will the Good, allow such, or can even an accidental catastrophe signal some very dire coming of new attractions?

Can Elon Musk subscribe, even now, to the notion that aMartian Colony will be an antidote to human extinction? Can an everyday normal person go to work as usual, in denial of what’s happening and prescribe to the every day requirements of human intercourse, as if just another day in paradise?

Will Trump with Kim offer an artsy deal even Kim can’t refuse, after all crime families know their stuff, or only beg for two more years of peace, so that his presidency may go down as passable, ?

No one is talking, there is a hush, of resignation, some hoping for the Divine intercession that has been prophesied.

Its very very likely that it should come to pass.

My Brother’s Bar, Denver

Here at this place where Kerouac and Neil Cassidy drank ale, oldest bar here , how far from care , and how strange, the vibes resonate , Larimer and Arapaho just a few blocks left thinking how most of the soul I possess came from these few blocks.

Just a break from Trump .

Stanley House Estes Park Colorado

I asked my wife if I ever get writer’s block and blame it on her, (which I shan’t, will she hold it against me and she looked puzzled.).

Well that’s plenty of incentive.

Ps Stanley House is where ‘Shining’ was filmed.

Morph Denver back to an entity Trumpism. The personality is gone into a political idea, denver is becoming a higher symbol along the way of an interruption, a refuge into spatial
release from the stinging venue of personality. He is, after all only an old man, and the consensus may be that he was chosen for a particular role, as Obama was to mitigate the depressive feeling that the great recession might turn into a stereotypically projective venomous , depressive lash back, fragmentingly threatening new Greater Depression, unblocking multi channelled depression , from unheard of depths of insolubly closed ended social attribution.

In fact he is an old man, a would have been actor , whose only claim to fame, a missed Emmy for a pretty dreadful show, bylined by the now overwrought cliche: ‘You’re fired’.

All things considered, the whole political situation is getting explosive.

Explosive in an intuitively contradictory sense

Trumpet power.

Speaking of Denver, ever been to the Casa Bonita Restaurant? Terrible Mexican food, but the place used to be something to see.

I should have gone but the food is said to be mediocre, although the entertainment is great. We have more then enough Mexican restaurants in LA, so it is not a draw.
In addition the hotel guy said wait times to get in are up to 2 to 3 hours. So no rehrets.

Yeah, the food is shit, but the entertainment factor is huge. Next visit, go there during a week day for lunch when it’s not so busy. Oh, and take lots of kids with you so you can see the wonder in their eyes.

We’re leaving today but next time perhaps.

Back in the city of the Angels.

Another horror story broke today: not that it’s easy to form am opinion, but this really tops the list:

Putin is said to prepare the Russian population for war with the US.over Syria and the alleged chemical attack on the Kurds escalating from the Trump outcry, which smells pretty ominous with the thought that perhaps there is SOME connection between the increasingly confrontational posture between Mueller and Trump, and the later’s increasingly hawkish attitude.

I hope to god for all he is worth, these impressions are unjustified.

Just another day in paradise.

Bloomberg reports Trump is after Rosenstein and Sessions but with the ultimate aim of putting Mueller out of commission… There will not be an end to this because it is a war of ideologies, based on economics and social psychology. Its not even about Trump anymore, its about power and the power of checks and balances.

But how can there be checks in a totally of kilter , unbalanced world?

Rep. Jared Hoffman, Dem. Calif: ‘Our desperate potus, wants to deflect from the deeply incriminating events of the past few days and he is not above using war to do it’

Refer to my wag the dog poll in the society forum.

To assure one’s self that history almost always moves slower than the screaming headlines appear to forecast dire consequences, reinforces the thought that Trump is merely following a party line going back to the waning days of the Eisenhower administration , when IKE warned of the imminent spurt in power of the military industrial complex.

Its inconceivable that this is not so, and the draft dodger President would be hard put to try to go against a power which has gained ascendancy for over 75 years.

Trump is not naive, he talks tough because he is the Commander in Chief of still the greatest force ever of yet the greatest imperium that ever was on the face of the earth.

The political apparatus has known this for a very long time, and this is why the Congress can’t do anything about really leading the country. It is preposterous to think otherwise, and Trump is well aware of the fact of who his bosses are.

I can only feel sorry for a guy who is owned by the banks which bailed him out, namely Deutsche Bank, which was involved with some shady deals with Russian Oligarchs, including the Russian President, and what’s going on is merely a smoke screen to protect very high level business deals.

That explains a lot, the collusion and the proxy wars included

Besides he really should have some idea of the limitations of ego, since he is subject to peer review himself, by his own circle and that of the other currently alive past presidents. I think reality will bear this out as the party pits more pressure on him as he approaches that final two years of his administration.

The constant comments on him looking more "presidential’, indicates that role playing is a very significant part of his reality show appeal. This is not particularly bad, since he follows on the Reaganesque pattern of theatrical politics, and other showbiz personalities like Oprah are taking up the slack , of rounding up doubters , as far as the importance of communication in political reality.

Welcome to the very brave new world. But about order, one only can guess.

Oh faire Trumpeter, why hast though mixed fact and fiction or did you fall into a trap of real debasement, a veery dark place where only the most astute or debased sublimely dare a hidden existence?

Why hast thou exist in that vapid aire of funneling clouds where illumination strikes up and down, reverts to common or uncommon causes and effects, for art though a reserved genius, functional madman, underworld figure of notable proportions, crime now, conman, or merely by the power of the deepest vacuum forged inn the history of worlds , become the very essence of supreme leader selling out even that place which by its nature be defined as against himself, that of not of of this world, negating even itself so anti deal with the underground , mixing brew of in steaming cauldron of magic and derision?

Maybe such mixture of seething rage and unbounded ambition in name of setting free those who seek escape and domination for the new modern slavery. the imperium of the hidden world in reverse.Or.hast Fortuna picked the almost unrecoverable reversal , a victim of the big cause , in a higher fault into the annals of transpired present into the future thrown, , as was so pointedly foreseen by biblical proper see?

God Bless Thou$$$

After all this is post modernism & simulacra be the key to reality. Trump enters and exits the stage, unnoticeably invisibly.

His exit may not exist.

B b b but it does. Brilliant escape tragic strategy., by Guliani&Trump.His obscure lies about pornyy stormy takes most pressure off him in a cooker that could take years to litigate, whether grand jury subpoena may be legal or not, but stormy?


Sure they have a boring exit strategy, so tired that people will be leaving the show in droves, why, the implicit exoniration of. obsessive preoccupation with the Clinton impeachment over jeniffer is surely is a very good precedent for twisted tongues!

Brilliant! Kudos!

Anyone with any brains other then more then yesterday’s headlines could actually figure this out.

And whom ever may think of this being grounded as ingratious , may not understand that presedence oft is taken as a public policy issue, as is suspected, that collusions may consist of such, many a times, in order to retain something rational

If Cantor were alive today, he may have developed a different opinion by now.