Trump is not my president

Trump is not even the president of shit

How telling that it is the Democratic party that can not accept the result of a democratic election if they are not the ones ‘democratically’ elected.
After they un-democratically nominated a candidate they wanted people to democratically elect.

Places where the ‘electorate’ can not freely elect who they want are called dictatorships.
Just in case you did not know that.

It’s all a dictatorship. All politicians are a scam and a sham.

This is exactly what all that are say.
It is like saying that maybe am stupid but you are too.
… and if I say, no am not…
then you say you are so stupid you do not even understand how stupid
There is no argument here, it is your word against your word, and that is a stupid argument because you are only arguing yourself.

Trump is the president of all Americans. (period)
Because he is the American president. (period)
Even if you move to Canada!
You are still an American, and therefor
Trump is your president.
You elected him, even if you voted for the other, it was an election and this is the result.
Now I really sound like you, trying to explain that it is just stupid, but it is still true.

You sound like a foreigner.

You seem to be complicating the things when it is simple.

People are, generally idiots. I mean do you actually talk to people? Most of the people have less than 100 IQs.
When you tell them not to vote for hillary or trump, they just ignore you. And when you try to make a political party of your own, they never contribute in any way. So you are actually fighting a battle against the laws of physics, you have to somehow figure out a way to get stupid people to support you, because the way the system is setup, is that the physical power structures put the vote in the hands of stupid people, to ensure that they remain unopposed by a rival intelligence. So it is essential to control the media for this effect, that is why they have an agenda of keeping hollywood racist and not letting asians have hollywood power.