He still shines as a beacon of capacity and sanity, and I hope he will be back in some great capacity.

He has united groups of people that have been impossible to unite in the past, such as notably Jews and those that have been typecast as white-supremacists, many of whom are regrettably still anti-semites.

Trumps agenda, or his radiance of action, breaks through that distinction, is exalted above it. I can list many other ethnic groups, there are obviously very many black people who love him, as well as Indians (people from India) and, so, forth -

but the first mentioned two groups are those I know most about. What Trump has done between them is sign of his being a true heart. As is his relationship to his people.

Trumps withdrawal into his estate at Mar A Lago had the semblance of a Roman Emperor, a form of majesty both extravagant and stoic. It was one of many memorable images from his term.

Pieces of this read like a parody, but it’s really hard to tell.

This is what I will remember: (from the Washington Post:

Trump’s deal with the Taliban, explained
With the withdrawal from Afghanistan turning deadly for U.S. troops, President Biden faces new criticism for a situation that he argues presents him few options.

The deal that President Donald Trump cut last year with the Taliban forced Biden to choose between a withdrawal now or an escalation of the war, Biden said Thursday, as he addressed the nation after at least 13 members of the U.S. military were killed in Kabul.

He chose to withdraw.

“I had only one alternative,” he said, “to send thousands more troops back into Afghanistan to fight a war that we had already won, relative to the reason why we went in the first place.”

When the deal was cut in Doha, Qatar, in February 2020, it wasn’t treated as huge news, because the war itself wasn’t big news. So many people don’t actually know its contents.

Here is what’s in it and how it has been perceived.

Why Trump cut the deal
When Trump came into office, he was pretty transparent — he just wanted out of Afghanistan. “Trump had no real sense of what was at stake in the war or why to stay,” writes Georgetown professor Paul Miller in a digestible history of the 20-year war.

So Trump took a swing at something his predecessors hadn’t: a full-bore effort to strike a deal with the Taliban. It took nine rounds of talks over 18 months. At one point, Trump secretly invited the Taliban to the presidential retreat at Camp David on the eve of the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. But he shut that down — and on Twitter threatened to shut down all talks — after an American service member was killed and there was bipartisan backlash over the invitation.
Talks continued in Doha, and in February 2020, Trump announced that there was a deal. The basic contours: The United States was to get out of Afghanistan in 14 months and, in exchange, the Taliban agreed not to let Afghanistan become a haven for terrorists and to stop attacking U.S. service members.

The Taliban also agreed to start peace talks with the Afghan government and consider a cease-fire with the government. (The Taliban had been killing Afghan forces throughout this, attempting to use the violence as leverage in negotiations, U.S. intelligence officials believed.)

The deal laid out an explicit timetable for the United States and NATO to pull out their forces: In the first 100 days or so, they would reduce troops from 14,000 to 8,600 and leave five military bases. Over the next nine months, they would vacate all the rest. “The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will complete withdrawal of all remaining forces from Afghanistan within the remaining nine and a half (9.5) months,” the deal reads. “The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will withdraw all their forces from remaining bases.”

The United States would release 5,000 Taliban prisoners; the Taliban would release 1,000 of its prisoners.

The Taliban’s end of the deal asked a lot from the group — too much to be realistic, critics said. In addition to making sure nowhere in the country harbored a terrorist cell, the Taliban agreed to be responsible for any individual who might want to attack the United States from Afghanistan, including new immigrants to the country.

The Taliban “will send a clear message that those who pose a threat to the security of the United States and its allies have no place in Afghanistan,” the deal read. And the Taliban agreed to “prevent any group or individual in Afghanistan from threatening the security of the United States and its allies, and will prevent them from recruiting, training, and fundraising and will not host them in accordance with the commitments in this agreement.”

This deal required taking the Taliban’s promises on faith.

Or perhaps I will remember this: IQ45 is the greatest mass murderer in American history,
by his inactions over Covid 19, over 500,000 Americans died…

or perhaps because he caused the greatest economic collapse in American history…
Even the Great Depression took a couple of years to reach the bottom, whereas
we reached the bottom in less then 6 months and we are still recovering…

or perhaps the greatest civil unrest in America in over 50 years?

IQ45 failed in some many ways that it is hard to list all of his failures…

maybe that is what you remember so fondly, his failures…


Just out of curiosity, if your life depended on it, how would you explain your views on Trump given, in turn, your views on astrology, value ontology and Nietzsche?

And, sure, fuck the context. Do it in an intellectual contraption.

We call that an “echo chamber” - the proven liar tells a lie and the pundits echo it as far and wide as they can - hoping to be echoed themselves.

No - the deal with the Taliban lied about - again.

It is true that O’Biden said that. But it was just another Hidin, Lyin Biden speech. The Taliban had already broken the “treaty” (actually just an agreement) so O’Biden was not bound to it in the slightest - O’Biden CHOSE to use the agreement as an excuse to aid China, Russia, Iran, and the globalist authoritarians as much as possible - gifting them with more than they could pray for - huge embarrassment for the US, over $80 billion in serious military equipment, and hostages to use for even more extortion as time goes on.

He chose to treasonously surrender and betray his country, NATO, all NATO countries, and democracy itself.

Typical strawman from a lying politician.

But they do now - and now they know that O’Biden is lying about it all.

And that is only one of many issues that Mr Trump had told the Taliban - “if you violate our agreement - you will get nothing but American wrath” (although in much nastier words that the Taliban leaders would understand). Mr Trump knew that the Taliban leaders wanted that meeting. He agreed to speak with them - as long as they behaved. They didn’t behave - and so he kicked their ass - and then offered for them to try that again. Next time - they behaved. Unlike O’Biden - Mr Trump proved the the Taliban that he was really in charge and really meant serious business - the only thing terrorists ever understand.

He also required in that agreement that the Taliban would attempt peace talks with the Afghani government. When they actually did not do that - they had already broken the agreement.

Conditioned by the requirement that the Taliban actually provably do all they agree to do - which they didn’t.

And the Taliban actually did none of that. Everyone in the Middle East knows that the Taliban lie almost as much as O’Biden.

And there is the “big lie” to attempt cover for O’Biden’s betrayal.

Mr Trump made absolutely certain that the Taliban understood that if they broke the deal - there would be EXTREME consequences - which he proved he was serious about. They believed him. “Faith” had nothing to do with any of it. Mr Trump held no faith in them and they held only belief that Mr Trump really meant what he said because he proved it.

More lies by the ILP Commie Cult. China’s CCP and the globalist authoritarians with the help of Dr Fauci created COVID and the economic disaster of the West - all by design.

Mr Trump greatly reduced the intended damage by closing the borders against DNC and Dr Fauci’s authoritarian advice and arranging that vaccine could be produced at a stunning pace that no one believed possible.

More lies by the ILP Commie Cult. It was entirely and only the DNC-Marxists states in the US creating those civil unrest protests. “Counter-Culture - Anti-Constitution” (anti-Americanism) was their Marxist/Socialist/Communist goal and agenda. US anti-American governors refused Mr Trumps many offers to help.

Grant that O’Biden’s IQ is perhaps as high as 45 - but don’t confuse his failures with Mr Trump extraordinary successes against all anti-American authoritarian resistance.

Yes - that is definitely what O’Biden will be remembered for (all ready on record by every Western nation).

Ob: the usual blah, blah, blah, blah…

K: I can recite your nonsense verbatim…
your usual cut and paste nonsense…you say the exact same thing every single time…
you actually never defend your position… you simply attack… that is your M.O…

Peter Kropotkin: IQ45 failed in some many ways that it is hard to list all of his failures…

Ob: Grant that O’Biden’s IQ is perhaps as high as 45 - but don’t confuse his failures with Mr Trump extraordinary successes against all anti-American authoritarian resistance.

K: IQ45 is perhaps the dumbest person to ever walk in the White house…
He couldn’t outthink a paper bag…whereas Biden is quite bit smarter… but
then Biden dog is smarter then IQ45…

K: and you have never actually listed IQ45 successes… because he doesn’t have any…really…
he didn’t have any successes…

try to defend your position… you can’t…and the fact is you aren’t even an American…
you hear about us third hand… from whatever tin foil hat you are using that day…


Again - assuming you mean O’Biden’s IQ of 45 - the entire world is agreeing with you. O’Biden has been publicly chastised (“censured”) and condemned by the UK, Germany, France, and and every Western country not afraid to say so out loud.

O’Biden is the absolute worst American President in its entire history - and the entire world knows it - even worse than the anti-American FDR, Clinton, and Obama. They at least had an IQ over 45. O’Biden is 10 times worse that anything your pundits even accused Mr Trump of.

So of course - being a faithful comrade to the communists - you declare that it is the other bloke who is doing exactly what YOUR comrades have been doing for a long time - lie, betray, murder, extort, and lie some more.

O’Biden is such an extreme embarrassment even the loony communist leftist can’t hide it - even though they still try using people like you. He would have been impeached already if his party wasn’t worried that Harris might be even worse - if that is possible.

The problem that I see is that by the time they got Harris into office the there wouldn’t be any more damage to be done to democracy and the US Constitution - the US would already be the new Cuba - Communist nation throughout.

And now they have the phone record of O’Biden telling the Afghani President to lie for him - exactly what they falsely accused Mr Trump of doing. They project their maleficence - as do you.

“shines as a beacon of capacity and sanity”?

you aren’t supposed to be a fan of a politician. that’s the mindset of people who fall victim to those strongman type leaders. you can’t be free if you have a strongman leader.

You are even less free when your leader is the cowardly, pathetic pissant, treasonous O’Biden type leader.

Now the world has to suffer global totalitarianism - Orwell style.

You’re into that kind of politics. Ok. I get that.

People aren’t complaining everyday about Biden like they did about trump … that should speak volumes to you.

But it doesn’t.

Trump was like Julius Caesar … he came out as the emperor who thought he knew better than the senate.

He’s the “god king”, “the messiah”

People fantasize about being complete pieces of shit.

So they identify with trump.

Is Biden perfect? No.

Is Biden deranged ? Yes.

Is Biden as deranged as trump?



Trump had the smallest bodycount of all US presidents after WWII, both in US and foreigners.
He made numerous peace deals that no other president could pull off.

The media hated him, which is a sure sign he’s a good man. Basically all he did was good for people. These are facts.

Somehow people manage to dislike him but I truly have absolutely no idea how that is possible, given the demonic leaders before him and now after him.

That’s not even remotely true.

Eisenhower (as president)

Jimmy Carter.

Where the fuck do you get your news?

And if trumps body count is so low, why does every country hate him?

Trump is just trying to make friends with the devil.

Been there, done that.

It comes at a cost.

Fuck, his first trip as president was to Saudi Arabia.

Yeah, the 9/11 people.

He’s not some genius of peace.

He’s a fucking narcissistic psychopath who’s over his head.

I just praise the fact that he is sane and capable unlike other post WWII US leaders (with the possible exception of JFK but we’ll never know)

The fact that he’s capable and sane probably gives rise to the fact that he’s not an automaton, which is what scares the shit out of a lot of people, who aren’t free in their heads and hearts.

Lol I don’t watch “News”, dude.
I do my own research.

Only media and people who watch media hate him. Most people love him. But your media tells you otherwise.

Do you honestly trust your media?
Geez dude.

Hes the greatest peace maker in US history.
That, indeed, makes him a devil to the media whose owners only want to murder and sell arms.

Well your research is shitty.

You really think trump per capita caused less death than Eisenhower or Carter?!?!

You really believe that?

Man… your head is gone.

Abraham Lincoln has the highest per capita death toll of any president.

It’s like you’re a troll AI who’s never read a book

Biden has handed Afghanistan to China, China is moving in as we speak for the immense amount of minerals and of course the poppies, and that has been completely deliberate, as Biden has been proven to be China’s puppet, it is all on record in the Hunter Biden dossier which of course the media dont allow you to take seriously.

We cant blame China for managing to play the US like this, make it its bitch, but we can blame so called sentient people for falling for it so hard.

Trump did a good job keeping China at bay but since he’s “lost” the election that work is gone.

That was inevitable and Trump didn’t help at all.

He doubled our national debt.

People almost all around the world think that economics creates peaceful competition.

China has always been known as the “sleeping dragon” to the west. Trump didn’t do anything about it.

I’m sorry, but this comment reads more like a parody than the last! It’s so hard to tell if you’re joking or not.

I think he’s trolling. Either that or he’s not very … well, you know.

Either way, his garbage is not worth responding to.

A recent survey of presidential historians ranked former President Cheeto Benito in bottom of the barrel, ahead of only Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan. I vehemently disagree — I think Benito should have been ranked dead last. But close enough.

His place as one of the worst presidents in American history is secure. Unfortunately, the damage he did will live on for decades. And he’s not done damaging the country yet. The Republican Party has become his vassals, a full-on Fascist, Jim Crow, white supremacist authoritarian cult. Benito’s nut-bag followers are everywhere, though they are still a minority of the population. But that may no longer matter because the Cult is in the process of rigging the election process to make their rule permanent, in spite of the fact that most people oppose them. Witness the Texas abortion debacle as one example among many.

Ultimately blue state secession may be the only answer. Let Jebus Land, the red states, wallow in their own apocalyptic stupidity.