Trumpen-issue #28; Student Loan Crisis

On top of the phenomenal work the president is doing already, he has put the issue of student-loan excess on the White Houses agenda.
I wonder what kind of legislation would have to be forged and voted into place for default options to be made available.

This would “disclose the future” in no uncertain terms. It would liberate an entire world of young humans from very cruel constraints into the freedom they, as Americans, are supposedly entitled to.

Ah yes, the magical free market will solve education just as it has done with healthcare in the United States… :laughing:

But… what does that have to do with anything?

The topic is how student loans are crippling the students, and that, like with normal privates and businesses, a default option can relinquish an unbearable burden.
Many of these people have debts they can’t dream of ever paying off. If I’m not mistaken it would be relatively simple to write up a law that allows student a kind of bankruptcy and fresh start. It then needs to be voted in. That would be the real challenge. But free markets don’t have a play in this. It’s a legislative issue, and the law still trumps money, as Trumps victory has shown. You can’t buy all of the people all of the time.