Tucker Carlson Finally Wakes Up

For years - Tucker Carlson has been a bit of an annoyance to me (not merely to the socialists/communists). He very often speaks of topics that no one else will cover - non-mainline yet very significant news (homelessness, drug issues, corporate scams, media scams, Hollywood scams,—).

I admire his intent - but he just seems so willing to accept the idea that bad things only happen because of misunderstandings - as though to say - “no one is actually intending bad - they just don’t understand - sometimes incredibly stupid” - he very seriously dislikes stupid, pompous, and phony.

It is great that he was at least willing to question beyond the surface mainstream narrative - but annoying that he couldn’t see any deeper than that - “Do we really know if they intentionally committed fraud?” And his efforts to promote wisdoms reflects that “barely beneath the surface foresight” - still naive to the extreme degree of corruption that is protected by its unbelievable extreme. But in today’s episode - he finally states what has been obvious to a great many for years -
“They actually don’t intend good for America. This suffering is happening with purpose.”
Really? No Shite? (in the most sarcastic demeanor I can manage). :confused:

can Observe actually hold a thought that wasn’t on Faux news first?

news at 11:00…


Can the soviet Kropotkin ever address the actual issues and topic?

  • seems not. :laughing:

Nothing to get worked up about…
Just another, in a long line of,
Insane conspiracy theories that Faux
News loves… which is why you love Faux news,
For its insane conspiracy theories…


fox lawyers argue in courtrooms that no reasonable person would consider tucker carlson to be a real source of news

Ad Hominid Fallacy

Typical twister spin from the extreme Leftist.

That wasn’t the argument they made - and - what they said was from a quote about Rachel Maddow from her lawyer. In both cases they were only speaking of their hyperbolic manner - although in Maddow’s case - she actually lied completely - not merely exaggerating.

Tucker has always assumed his audience to be intelligent enough to clearly see when he is being hyperbolic - but he still shows actual video of whatever he was expressing just in case a lefty moron happens to be listening too (often the case since they have been trying to get him kicked off all public platforms - their “freedom of speech policy” - their freedom to control your speech). Maddow doesn’t do that - she just lies - hyperbolically - repeatedly - never showing the audience what she is lying about.

To notobsrving anything or totalitarian troll:

Communism is a form of society only found in isolated geographical places in small tribes that have almost completely been wiped off the face of the earth.

Already, you see the propaganda of tucker.

Marxism is not communism. Marxism is the opposite of totalitarianism though… the PEOPLE own the means of production and the government is everyone’s employee.

Again, the propaganda is easy to see.

Fox News is the worst televised news in America.

I can’t remember a single time when Tucker mentioned Marxism or communism - which tells us how much some people know about Fox News.

Dude, it’s your shit. You’re the one saying that America is going communist. I’m explaining polysci 101 to you.

The inference from multiple posts of YOURS is that fox news is the only station on broadcast television fighting to save America from the communists and socialists.

I’d laugh if it were not so tragic.

The fact is that the US elites have got the people so under their thumb that even the left thinking ones are convinced that “comminism” or “socialism” (two things that they know fuck all about) are uniformly evil.
Worst still is that they have convinced people that the slightest hint that a government might want to do its job is “communism”. So the very thing that the US people in 1776 fought to gain, and have in several wars sought to preserve is some sort of evil Russian plot.
What they have invited to control them is exactly the sort of tyrrany that they sought to overthrow in 1776; namely a unrepresentative government of elites. These elites have been in the Whitehouse for the whole time. Like so many revolutions that very thing they seek to overthrow is the thing that immediately gains control.

Communism as designed by Marx did not take control in the Russian revolution, but a modified form of the same Tsarist tyrrany that has always controlled Russia. And in the same way, when the dust settled on the US revolution what remained was a crypto-monarchy with the Potas forming a substitute King. It would not be for a further 100 years that more than 5% of the people would get to decide which King sat next time. You call that democracy?

250 years later they were offered the choice of 2 geriatric capitalists who represented no one but their own class of elites. Trump Shrump, Biden bollocks. They are basicaly both the same.

Meanwhile 600,000 people 30% living with children are Homeless in the US.
If any country needed a massive dose of socialism it is the US, because they next generation of those kids is the next generation of people who have no faith in their system and are going to take what they need from those too greedy to share the wealth.

I feel sorry for your obsessive paricipation in your own opression. You need democratic socialism.



You just aint paying attention!

It’s the worst in the world.
Europeans are amazed how duplicitous and fake it all is.
Its not even subtle. It’s like the National Inquirer of TV news.

Only the idiots and ignorants. News is controlled in Europe - so that includes a great many of the population.

We’ll see who really is not paying attention -

Your Youtube link -
An episode from 2018 - appropriately for this thread - shows Tucker first addressing “Democratic Socialism” - as I said - only now is he waking up to just how evil it really is. He only utters “communism” once while saying that some people believe in communism and he never mentions Marxism at all.

He exposes that in America “democratic socialism” is starting to be mentioned publicly (in 2018 - James in 2017 says it is the “S word” - disallowed in public so it can undermine without notice) - so Tucker asks - “Exactly what is democratic socialism?” And he asks it of a typical freak Harvard professor - Prof Cornel West (these are the same CRT and “math is racist” elitist activist pundits infecting university).

  • He shows a clip of the DNC chairman Tom Perez (later having to step down for maleficence) explaining how the DNC accepts socialists too.
  • He shows a tweet of the DSA (Democrat Socialists of America) Olivia Smith stating that “communism is good”.
  • Then he shows his interview with Prof Cornel West for the rest of that episode.

As I said - he doesn’t merely preach as CNN and MSNBC pretend news anchors do - he shows what he is talking about.

During the interview the freak show Cornel West explains -

  • Democratic Socialism isn’t an “-ism”
  • That there is no good example of Democratic Socialism in real practice - always failing because of the greed of others/outsiders (so they just have to get rid of all others - as I have pointed out before concerning their fallacious method)
  • The purpose is to ensure that powerful people cannot manipulate the weak (meaning that there would be no powerful people)
  • It is all about the dignity of the poor.

And exposing the mental state of Tucker at that time - Tucker states that if [i]That /i is all it is - then he is “all on board”.

But then Tucker asks “Why open borders?”

Prof West dodges by saying “not all of us agree on that” (even though that is exactly what the DSA has forced onto the US).

Tucker presses the issue explaining that open borders with millions of illegal aliens and free welfare, education, and medicare does NOT help the poor already in the US and destroys all of the ability to provide those things. Again Pros West can only dodge the only real issue -

Your other link - youtube.com/watch?v=BgkCNI1yDNM - is merely about Sen Bernie Sanders flipping from a relatively sane position to the extreme socialism of free everything for everyone forever policy in his effort to become the US President - while also enhancing criminality and corruption. He has always hated the US and does all he can to destroy it - just as does O’Biden and his communist masters.

Again Communism and Marxism are not mentioned at all.

And again Tuckers basic issue is -

It is easy to say - “Yes we will give everything to everyone forever” - but that never happens - for a reason - there has to be a means for all of that “free stuff” to be produced - and that means -
either slave socialist labor or free capitalist inspired ingenuity.

As to the rest of your earlier rant - ANSWER the only REAL QUESTION -

Stealing from the rich is a childishly ridiculous proposal in that “you run out of other people’s money” - because they cannot make any profit any more (nor do they have any reason to try).

Tucker is just now realizing that the socialists/communist leadership know all of that - they are not simply misguided (as their deluded and devoted brainwashed are). The Socialist leadership intend impoverishment so as to create and maintain dependency so as to maintain THEIR ELITE CLASS.

And everyone but the idiots and ignorants have known that for a very long time - which are You -

are you paying tucker for stealing his thoughts?

I mean, if it weren’t for tucker, you would have no thoughts of any kind…

a penny for your thoughts, observe…

oh wait, that penny belongs to tucker because you can’t think anything
before it appears on tucker…


So which are you PK? - Idiot or Ignorant?

[list]HOW DOES IT GET PAID FOR?[/list:u]


Wake the fuck up.

Social security, the highway system, education through high school are all socialistic programs.

Free shit paid by taxpayers.

Republicans have ALWAYS hated it and still do.

You want to talk about welfare moms smoking crack with 13 babies?

All of them in the world are just a drop in the bucket compared to corporate welfare.

What’s the party of corporate welfare?

Both of them.

There are innovative solutions out there, but you haven’t figured out that MSM is propaganda in the US.

Fox is MSM.


All that fucking Qanon and fucking Alex Jones shit is MSM.

We are under a dictatorship you moron.

Trillions of dollars have been spent on how to have “opposition groups” that don’t speak facts and convince the public through very top secret mind control projects for decades dude.

How many Americans know that there are over 100 political parties? I’d guess about 10,000 in the whole country.

You’re being just as brainwashed as those you accuse (well not all of them are brainwashed like you)

So taxpayers are paying for “free shit” that they need to survive - and have no alternative.

How is that not slavery?

Idiot or Ignorant? Which are you?

It’s not slavery. It’s fucking society dude.

Americans knew infrastructure and education were so important that they decided to garnish their wages to give it to everyone. It’s what made our country boom.

Socialism made this the most powerful country on earth.

And because we’re not keeping up on socialism, we’re dead.

Everything you defend is actually a totalitarian dictatorship.

I live in the US. It’s not cool what you post here.

It is when you have no choice. Socialism is about controlling and eliminating individual choices - eliminating individuals - “can’t have dissents - can’t have people pulling in a different direction - can’t let people just say or do what they want - it all has too be controlled - have to tow the line - ““for the benefit of everyone”””. Everyone must be totally controlled for the benefit of everyone - NO individual decisions or choices - one size fits all.

How is that not slavery?

Capitalism requires a substrate of social programs (education, minimum subsistence) - THAT is not Socialism - total control of all production, speech, and economy.

Why would they be hell bent on totally rebuilding it into a socialist country - canceling its culture entirely - if it was already socialist?

So Idiot or Ignorant?

Because they are tricking you into socialism - you are screwed. Under Mr Trump - America had it great - and the entire world saw that - except the idiots and ignorants.