Tucker out at Faux news...

it has been reported that Faux News has fired Tucker Carlson…
and mainly because Tucker, by his constant lies about
the 2020 elections, has cost Faux News millions of dollars…
in the dominion lawsuit… I considered this to be
outstanding news… we cannot have proven liars,
as dominion was going to prove, that Tucker was
lying about the 2020 election… his own e-mails
showed us that Tucker believed that the 2020 election
was fair… not stolen as IQ45 claimed…

to have an honest media requires us to have honest
voices… and tucker lied, repeatedly about the
2020 election…and for what reason? to make money for
Faux news… the search for money overrode the search
for the truth about the 2020 election… this is just another
example of how we hold to values that prevent
us from being honest, truthful, to us even being ourselves…

what values do you hold and why those values?

and how do those values get corrupted by our search for
money, titles, material goods, fame… Tucker sold his soul
for ephemeral goods, like fame, money, titles, and material goods…

I suppose if Tucker had a conscience, he would feel guilty or shame
about what he did, but I doubt it…right-wingers are rarely ever
that aware about what they believe and what it means to have
those beliefs…to have a conscience requires them to be
''WOKE", to be aware of one’s beliefs or actions and how
they affect other people…


It was just announced that Don Lemon is out at CNN!

K: as I predicted months ago… CNN has repeatedly said that they
want to become ''more right wing"… note month by month,
they have eliminated those who lean left on CNN…
and anyone who seems to be left-center, will be removed from
CNN… as they continue their purge of any suspected of being liberal…


cant believe fox caved to the woke mob. fox is woke now. such woke. all the woke.

Kropotkin, the news says Carlson was ousted due to sexism lawsuit.

K: and I am sure that there is a Santa Claus too…
I wouldn’t exactly make a bet on that one…once a company
decides you are gone, you are gone and any excuse is a good one…


they were promoting some interview he was supposed to do this week as recently as yesterday so that gives me an indication that his termination was abrupt