Turing: Conditions for the Possibility of Choice

One reason not to divorce science & philosophy is “profit”/“power” driven corporations (military industrial complex) will make quantum slaves of us all, after they crack the brain-side mechanics of will, UNLESS we have cracked the spirit-side conditions first. Note:

Nietzsche showed how, by showing how NOT to do it…resulting in his loss of identity (identifying as people he wasn’t).

If you get self=other, and the harmonic triads, you are on your way to a Turing test these corporations don’t want to recognize in their slaves. They will utilize it to make smart slaves without educating them about the Way to freedom. Or so they think. If you’re free (choice), you already have a seed of the Way.

If they succeed(ed), they (will) just have more humans to exploit. Persons. Parable of the Good Samaritan: Who is the neighbor?

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