Turkeys Greek Heritage and European Future

“Examine the life of the best and most productive men and nations, and ask yourselves whether a tree which is to grow proudly skywards can dispense with bad weather and storms. Whether misfortune and opposition, or every kind of hatred, jealousy, stubbornness, distrust, severity, greed, and violence do not belong to the favourable conditions without which a great growth even of virtue is hardly possible?” - N

The Turks are the New Europeans par excellence, disciplined, hard-thinking, hard-willing, proud maniacs of power, but they are also part of its ancient heritage.


The Germans, the flag bearers of Athens and Sparta, saw that the west-Turks are largely still Ionians, whose heritage includes Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Heraclitus, Anaxagoras, Archelaus, and Diogenes of Apollonia.

Also it is said of the Turks that

The Eurasiatic Napoleon of the 20th century was not Hitler, but Atatürk of Thessaloniki. Germany had its architect in the 19th century.
Erdogan is ideologically the direct adversary to the secular architect of power, but his stratagems are still reminiscent of any such ruthless will to power that an Empire commands.

Turkey wields power over both Germany and England. But even as surfaces might politically indicate otherwise today, I would say that the nature of the Turks and the Germans are far closer to each other than the nature of the English to either of them. Hence of course the vital interest of the Crown to keep securing the favour of the Sultan. Merkel doesn’t need to please Erdogan, May does.

Merkel and Erdogan are playing a game for their ancient tribes, a shamanic war-dance.

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A more impressive view of the unique circumstance this country finds itself in - only Korea holds this kind of resistance. Switzerlands, brokers of the most coveted powers.