TYPE 2 Diabetes is HISTORY

Since 1980 when the health guidelines came out there has been an epidemic of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.
It seems that the advice to reduce fat and cholesterol has had the opposite effect to that which was intended.
Food manufacturers have replaced the fat with sugars, which is now in everything, and the results are of pandemic proportions.
Ancel Keys has probably killed as many people as Hitler.

However science has prevailed over the interests of the Corn factors the makers of fizzy pop and breakfast cereal. You can not only avoid T2D, but if you already have it you can reverse it.
Here’s just one study of many, newly published.

nutrition.bmj.com/content/early … 1yZKARIqK4

For more info check out Dr David Unwin on Twitter.

suggested reading.

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But then how will I eat 15 cheeseburgers a day?

just eat 7.5 of these it’s got an egg on it so it’s heathy because eggs are healthy. it’s like telling the cop you only had 2 beers but the beers were 1 gallon each.

Absolutely epic and amazingly based. Cheers brother =D>

5 burgers for breakie

5 for lunch

Another 5 for dinners.

How am I supposed to eat 15 cheesy amazing burgers a day if I cant even be diabetic? TF? I mean cmon ppl, think these things through before you start imposing your will on everyting around you. Fr

Ok that counts as five in one. Or maybe 4. Still, very nice =D> =D> =D> =D>