How would we get the money to pay for it?

There’s about 300 million people in the US.

If you were to give each one of them 1000 dollars a month, every year you’d need 3 trillion 600 billion dollars.

The federal government spends about 600 billion every year on the military alone, which accounts for 50% of all its discretionary spending.

the actual number is the military budget is 720 billion which
accounts for 57% of the federal budget…

and we have huge corporations that pay no taxes…
for example, Netflix and amazon paid no federal taxes along with
IBM, Goodyear, Chevron, Halliburton, US Steel, General Motors, just
to name a few of the couple hundred corporations that paid no federal

and we have multiple Televangelist who are worth millions…
Joel Osteen in Texas is worth 40 million dollars…
Kenneth Copeland is worth 760 million dollars…

tell me again why churches aren’t taxed?

the money is there… the big corporations and wealthy individuals
simply pay members of congress to do their bidding… and that is why
we have a massive deficits because of huge tax cuts to billionaires and corporations…

the money is there…to do a universal basic income…if we simply get people
and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes…


Because the profit to loss ratio is thin and taxing them, or devaluing the standard of living of CEO’s would devalue their motivation.

Rule of thumb is: the higher the echelon, the thinner the veritable risk of failing, a. reverse domino effect of trickle down.
Most of these internationals are indebted to the hilt by failed acquisitions, whete millions are really have become chicken feed.

Slightest bad moves can effect hostile takeovers followed by breakup of the corporation anyhow.
Huge corporations fail, Enron among them, Chrysler, K Mart … The list is long and the profit Nowedays us made in vastly overrated high risk markets, generally overseas.
Besides home offices have been usually been moved overseas, in neural offshore territory, or on basis of inducements of one kind or another.
The drug money only upsets the apple cart, only when stupidly exposed , as was the case with Delorean.
Otherwise the war on drugs is simply a tactical ploy to undermine unwarranted competition. Even presidents were known to indulge, remember the whole dis Do about drug money for the contrast?
The swamp is far and wide.

That’s true.
If we brought our troops home, cut unnecessary spending on the military, doubled income tax on the richest (0.)1% and forced megacorps to pay their taxes, government would probably have (more than) enough for UBI

Maybe they’re not taxed because they’re funded by donations?
If government taxes secular organizations funded by donations, then they should tax religious ones.

Agreed, I’m in favor of either UBI, or at least some kind of semi-UBI for working people and people who can’t or are unable to find work.

Oh well.
They don’t care about devaluing working and middle class people’s motivation.
In the last several decades, their standard of living soared while ours plummeted.
Social democracy worked before Reagan shut it down and it works in the Nordic Bloc.

They have a hell of a lot less chance of becoming poor or middle class than we have of becoming rich.
The megacorps are paying less taxes than we are if and when they pay them.
They’re living the dream high on the hog, in their palaces, in their BMWs and Mercedes, taking luxury cruises to Hawaii and Mexico, meanwhile we’re just scraping by.

Yea and many of them get bailed out while small businesses are allowed to fail.
During this faux-pandemic many megacorps are still open while small businesses have been shut down.
The megacorps will be able to weather the storm while small businesses won’t.

Yea, the wars for drugs and terror are hoaxes, just like this war for Covid.
Drugs should be legalized, our troops brought home, military spending slashed and our freedom of movement, to gather and work restored.