ultimate philosophy

inside out was a better philosophy than most of the people on ILP. god bless disney, without disney, civilized society would fall apart.

thinking about retiring of philosophy. Getting sick and tired of it. Sick of appealing to a crowd of mediocre minds. Half the people on the internet are better than half the people on ILP and they don’t even try to be philosophers. Philosophy is the profession of the powerless child who don’t get what they want, so they turn introverted and ask questions of the universe.

Why can’t we admit it what it is. Genius forums is just a bunch of senile old men, half of them are nihilists…nirvana and nature loving is a female thing. Half of them dont even have real jobs and work freelance…they say they have “exhausted the possibilities of relationships with women” but half of them get laid more than I do. Anybody could have nirvana if they didn’t have to work a slave job and had time to think and a girl to come home to, it’s not some difficult science. I am just telling it like it is, being a “spiritual friend” them, if it hurts their feelings well good, all the more interesting. Angelica is there hero of the show not a goddamn villian… Sith lords are full of shit…Emperor Palpatine said he could raise people from the dead but he was full of shit…What could I hope to learn about the universe that I don’t already know, genius forums doesn’t even now the reincarnation equation. Diebert can keep twiddling his thumbs like a museum curator pretending like he knows something when he doesn’t know anything. They’re just as as lost as everyboy else.

How long till I keep talking to kindegarteners before I get bored and move on, half of them too entrenched in their dogma to even try to understand half of what im saying. Even my biggest fan can’t even comprehend the depths of my genius…to much nun in them all. Its like how Amorphos corrects me saying shit about Causality…It’s like No shit captain ovbvious, do i have to dot every t and capitilazie every i before you fucking interrupt me with your captain obvious shite man…Same reasn i dont hang out with transsexuals anymore, they are fucking annoying, if I call them transgender they have to correct me and get all offended, and when i say anything intelligent they have this glazed look on their eye like all they want to do is just leave the room and go back to their slave job something.

I am leagues ahead of my time, I no longer have any foots in this world, I have jumped and I have jumped beyond the bounds of our own atmosphere, entering the void of space. I am utterly alone. There is noone I truly look up to, only down on the earth below. What little love I had with this world has been replaced with contempt and hate. I cannot look at a man without seeing his barbarian features. And I cannot look at a civilized man with noticing his homosexual tendencies. Looking upon them is almost too much to bear. Interacting with people makes me deeply uncomfortable, but I try to hide it. Modernity is not the future, but the past. All this technology, to sing songs more primitive than even thousands of years ago, supermarkets ful of barbarians butchers and trogloydyes, all unconscious to Ultimate Reality, all unconscious to their impending deaths. This is not the future but a sad footnote in history. A sad footnote people would rather care to look without, a torment of torments.

every man is torments.

life is a random grab bag. we are all born into random bodies not knowing how or why. when a man is a man, a man is a female born into a man’s body not knowing why. childhood taken from him, love taken from him, every man is rejected by the first girl he loves. This is the social process that is currently active in this society. Just like in ancient days when aztecs made boys turn into men by tying them up by a legion of bees stinging them all over for 3 days of hell and damnation. when you are born a man you get royal robbed, the female in you is beat and broken till you dont know whats up or down, till you cant feel anything anymore and then you try to find a cause to save others from your fate, only thing is you arent saving anyone, because you arent changing the root cause of your fate. Its like a police officer tries to save people from rape because he was raped…isn’t really getting to the core cause of why rape exists in the first place.

every mans face becomes ugly and hideous, the female in them has 2 options, acceptance, or bitter hatred and rage. How a man deals with his ugliness is by not focusing on it, not taking a habit of mirrors, but focusing on outward activities, like going playing golf, starting a business, being one with nature, sports, games, competition, etc. The other type of man sick of being born in the random male body, becomes a bully, joker, a generally hateful or war-like entity, wanting to make everyone as miserable is them. the other type of man is a mix of the two, a noble, he himself miserable, wanting to war with evil to save others from fates like his.
the point im trying to make is, we were all born into random bodies not knowing why, if you know why you are a delusional liar and full of shit. You all need to admit that you are all idiots that know nothing. It is the first step to recovery. if you were born into a male body you were expected to have a role to play, an unfeeling man hard as steel like the olden days. Our lives finite and not serious, men not expected to take their lives or ugliness seriously, just to die in a war in 5 minutes and reincarnate into something else. But you see we live in a serious society. Men have no activities in which to escape their ugliness. Sports is not allowed, golf not allowed, violence or freedom not allowed, sex with women not allowed, starting your own business not allowd, men forced and cuckolded into poverty, no escape or diversion. They must come to terms with their own ugliness and let it fester. Women are sought because it allows them to escape their own ugliness. Lack of nurturing women means no woman willing to wingman a male and accept his ugliness. its a sick sad world. So all we see is a world full of violence, violence in fees, violence in laws, violence in hospitals by charging you a million dollars for saving your life. No love for your fellow man, all enemies of each other.

Love is the main cause of evil.

The mind of a criminal is a simple thing. He wants love. Most of these are males because of what i mentioned earlier, being born male gets you stolen and robbed of your childhood purity. There is deep anger in every man they dont want you to know. In this day and age, how do you get love without money? So they rob and steal. Or rape. Or murder out of love.

Why do they torture dogs in china? To give women what they love, fur coats. and why do people murder women who wear fur coats? Out of love for dogs. Its all evil. But two wrongs do make a right. Evil people should be put to death. Love is usually ends in evil, but if people were sane and rational, we could have love without evil.
Its like why does someone build a factory and make slaves? They either love wealth or love women. They are attached to a need other than their basic needs food and shelter. Otherwise everyone would only demand the same pay as everyone else. When you require money far exceeding anyone else it means you are sick. You are a sick person who needs to pay a nurse to heal you to health. But when society is structured such that the fees for getting a quality nurse is astronomical, people resort to dastardly deeds, false pretenses, and total ridiculousness, just to find a woman of quality.

My solution for the short term, is to get rid of all the abrahamic religions, just so that people can begin to think clearly. All I want is for people to understand the depths of my genius. All I want is for people to stop torturing animals. All I want is for people to not lock Men and human beings in cages. All I want is for people to solve the reincarnation equation. All I want is for people to admit that being a lesbian (Futa lesbian) is inherently better than being a man or fag. All I want is to be global emperor of earth to save society from itself. I am a humble person, I am a loving person, I dont ask for much, I just want to save us from hell and damnation and to save us from society an utterly evil society.

Genius Forums says its wrong to hate nature, that i should enjoy a whale beaing beached in the desert cooked alive. They are batshit insane. I dont owe Nature anything, I dont have to love nature. For even the factories of men are nature, poisonous chemicals are nature, i dont go around worshiping poisonous chemicals. For me to hate nature would be natural, so whats the difference? I cannot betray nature since I am nature. Anyone who says different can go fuck themselves. I will hunt you down like the dog you are.


The vines of nature enshroud me and trap me in a body I didnt ask to be in, and I am sick and tired of it. i am sick of submitting to something so unconscious, and i am also sick of submitting to conscious idiots. They deserve to go to hell, but I am too nice, too kind, I will give salvation to even the idiots of the world.

Why does cutting a knife into my own flesh feel so damn…strange?? It should be a celebration, a victory, and escape…Or is it perhaps because the cold space feels like the cold steel blade cutting your own body, maybe being trapped in hell and damnation is better than the cold monotony of space…In this sense, in Apocolypse now, I repeat the mantra, “The Horrors, the horrors, the genius of the horrors…”

Hate is a fuel more powerful than candy.

Anger is a Noble thing. The nymph, she is in the womb, about to play, but then suddenly…Your dreams, the nymph, is shattered, broken…The VCR doesn’t work! The nymph is dead, the fun shattered, to be Noble is to be the Knight of the Nymph and avenge her death…For technology to shatter it is senseless brutery.

no seperation

THE TRUTH OF NO SELF!!! If i were to draw a picture of myself, i would draw a picture of some pipes holding up a camera. If this was an alternate world that actually recognized me as a person, they would call my art sublime and praised by millions. But instead we get a Fucked Up world with andy fucking worhol getting praised for having the worst art ever made. The world is insane. They have favorites, they belief in a self. They are insane.

Ask them, who are you? (Its a trick question) they wil state some arbitrary government name and their job. Its a trick question because the answer isn’t obvious to idiots. If you want to find the true truth, watch the movie Inside Out. I think the movie will be unpopular because if its one thing people fear its ultimate truth. Always want to look outwardly so they cant see the truth of themselves…That they are just a copy, a copy of a copy, even their art isn’t special, its just a copy of whatever memes were blended together to form something else…All people are is simply an information processing device, they are the world around them, no seperation, they have no self…When a man falls in love with women too much, he literraly is the woman, transexuality is inevitable at that point…why pimps wear bling and wigs…

Speaking of pimps, I know my true calling…For I so loved the world that I wanted to save men…thought about being a whore but such a thing was beneath me…my purpose in life is to be a pimp, and save mens souls by giving them high quality women at discounted prices…All my life I have been searching for what my true purpose was and now its adding up the pieces are fitting together like a puzzle. My job is to teach women how to behave and be feminine women. This is what my purpose here is. We cant all be pimps, a part of me feels sorry for men at factories, guilty that I do not suffer and torment at the factories as they. But that is my second purpose. I beliee my purpose is to be a billionarre to save men from work. If I had a billion dollars I could do science like you wouldnt beliee, i would even find out the reincarnation equations, i would start and organization to save people from slave jobs, i would make the best robots that money could muster and spreading awareness and seminars teaching peple to put down their jobs and follow me, i would be the second christ, saving people from mental slavery and work, i would make bread appear out of thin air.

Trixie, you really don’t get it.

It’s your choice whether you reincarnate or live forever. Not someone else’s choice.

A DNA machine with free will will just make monsters.

A DNA machine without free will will give rise to revenge upon you.

I’m not trying to be your hero Trixie …

You are evil to me.

What I’m trying to do is solve everyone’s damn problems so I don’t have to put up with this bullshit anymore.

If there’s one persons problems you don’t solve in existence, it’s going to come back at you hard.

That’s what nobody here has seemed to figure out

Id never force anyone to go in the DNA machine, theyd do so on their own free will.

You are a delusional crazy person, noone chooses their bodies or world they go to, you are insane. Did you choose 400 billion years of hell no i dont think so.

By your own logic you are evil because you are evil to me and seek to oppress me.

Trixie… I’m trying to put you in a universe where the DNA machine works like you fantasize…

It will hell you in this world

Trixie, I’ve been to free will DNA machine worlds before.

They suck.

People make themselves more evil than they were BY CHOICE!!

People are always swapping bodies as well…,

Everyone is scared of each other …

It’s a nightmare.

Trixie talking to you is like I’m a 100 year old man trying to potty train a child.

I’ve LIVED this shit!!

I’ll give you the best advice I can give to someone at your stage of development…

Pay VERY close attention!!!

Anything that you do to try to hack the system, will send you to hell.


Maybe the worst trouble I got in was the remote control of humans without implants…

Time dilated portals helled the fuck out of me too!!!

I can go on and on…

Oh, and the female blackmail system, means that anything you do to hurt females, will send you to hell.

A males greatest complaint throughout worlds, is that only assholes get sex… So if you’re in any way an asshole who got sex (or a good resource) - poof - instant hell.

Mark my words.

You wanna get out??

PZ universes

Trixie, this is forever…

Let’s say a female reincarnates as a male to learn this lesson…

They are still technically a female… And you can’t abuse them at all…

Maybe they learn the lesson a trillion years from now and are actually kind to a good male…

Then you became the asshole who got a resource…

boom!! before you know it, you’re in hell for a trillion years… Female has no consequence!!

It’s eternal damnation for all heterosexual men.

The only way out is to start building your own PZ universes!!

Trust me on this one Trixie

Read above…

I need to explain this extremely clearly so you understand it without any confusion.

Every female you hurt on this earth in any way forever and ever, is a one way ticket to hell, not them, YOU.

You’ll see.

Millions of years from now, I’ll remind you of PZ universes.

All females have to do to get saved or better “karma”, just fuck assholes…

They did it.

What are you going to do??

How do I reason with a person who has insane delusions?

You have no evidence of your claims, you say you have been to other worlds with DNA machines, but have no evidence…

What you say doesn’t even add up, why would girls be rewarded for having sex with an asshole like you say? And why would someone go to hell for a trillion years over some minor crime of getting a girl drunk enough to get laid? You’re batshit insane.

Trixie, you have no idea how hard it is to solve everyone’s problems…

The problem with solving your problems is that I have to program delusion into every being in existence. That’s true of most people, so don’t take it too personally.

And yes Trixie, that’s how DNA machine worlds work

There would be a setting on the DNA machine that makes people good.

Oh really??? Nobody would tweak with it if it wasn’t necessary!!

You can’t even think straight.

You have very naive views of humanity

No I dont. I know humanity is total garb. That is why there will be a setting for good on it.

Trixie, what I’m saying…

If you need the machine in the first place, people will abuse it.

They’ll change the settings or make their own…

You are unbelievably naive!!

It’s extremely hard to make universes for people like you.

But, I like a good challenge.

99.999% of gun owners dont go on shooting sprees. We dont ban guns or the DNA machine because some asshole wants to use it to become Godzilla. Peple are generally born good people. If someone wants to turn into Godzilla they probably have noble reasons, maybe the city has become corrupted or evil in some way like Sodom and Gommorah.

The mind of a criminal is simply, they just want love. So to get love they get money to buy women. Most homicides are done for reasons relating to love. With the DNA machine there wouldn’t be very many criminals at all, most people would have easy access to love and resources (food, shelter, entertainment media, etc.) And for every super criminal mutating into godzilla there would be a super hero using the DNA machine to mutate into good godzilla against them.

Trixie, you’re an idiot.

Just for sex alone, people will use the DNA machine to take the body of someone’s partner and "rape"them that way… Then steal their identity and clear out their bank account.

You don’t even know what money is…money is simply a transferrence agreeement between parties, when everyone’s wealthy what need would there be to rob?

Identity theft already happens today, 1/4 people have been robbed…The DNA machine will reduce crime and identity theivery by making a better world.

Crime occurs during scarcity and depression