UN Migration Pact



Going through the UN document:

Migration Pact is legally binding

On Portable UN Jurisdiction

Fingers are being pointed at Soros:

Peter Szijjártó:

It is said that w2eu website and pamphlets were funded by the Open Society (Soros).


lesvos.w2eu.net/files/2015/09/DS … 72x372.jpg

One of Soros MO’s in the past had been currency manipulation and contributing to and profiting from destabilization and chaos. He is not a dumb man, but is he a madman? Also, at face value, many things do not add up. He is a Jew professes as anti-Semite, and openly supports Palestinians. He’s a globalist who does not believe in nations, then why hold dual citizenships of US and Hungary? And the most baffling thing is that no one has managed to stop him all this time (I mean over decades). With this European migrant influx, only a handful of nations even cared to make an open investigation into who or what is facilitating the migration flow.

From interview:
Well, at 09:19-09:40 he is lying. Those questions were probing questions, hence his reaction. I think it DID affect him, greatly, and he DOES believe in god. Why hide it then? Because that would give him a motive (retribution), and hence a motive to hide this motive.

A little history on Orban:
google.com/amp/s/www.nytime … s.amp.html (Didn’t know he was a Soros’ beneficiary, turned rogue).
And now this,
aljazeera.com/programmes/co … 27834.html

media1.tenor.com/images/4d778f1 … id=3523107

This is a win-win situation for global activists. This is a self-perpetuating, never-ending process. Logically, there would be a time when even the queers and trannies will be seen as intolerant conservatives. And what happens when someone dares to stop the wheel? It will start to spin the other way.
(I wonder if Soros and his type fancy themselves as some kind of drifters at the wheel. I’ve noticed it is a thing for those that already have it all, seeking that ultimate thrill)

On Open Society and its Enemies, by Ignatieff:

When someone tells you to disregard all history, to remain “stoically” open-minded and to not be afraid - be very, very afraid.
But this time it will be different! Yeah, sure!

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Who can’t wait for the NWO? An open border world, I mean one globe united, one shit sammich for all to bite. Cultures don’t exist, races don’t exist, biology doesn’t exist. Hah!