unhinged but cured by quanta

An alien whispering that it’s OKl
He slid down the rope one midsummer night"s day

He says in his strange remote accent
Re assuredly so that he would be we’ll understood

Did you know energy is all?

Now the gap between the stratification, he jumping around a little green,

Are immeasurable before the breakdown caused by your need to know

To know, before we lost our god hood, you put us into twilight, and we wailed to 7th heaven, before

And now my dear as you seem to feel hanging
By a thread

(Rocket engines heard starting up nearby)

The little man gestured his scales trembling his eyes fusing and breath of fire dragonlilke sweeping the surroundings)

But must go and who knows when see you again maybe a million, moses,

And he stared at him , furious in stride so that the time will not enclose them in a past revelry,

“But now my dear, as you are hanging by a thread, your proto image distinct from how they understand you, and therefore you yourself,”". He angled his gun away from them, as the enlightenment grew,

The rocket engines whistled through the blue frozen air,

But now the energy of your mind and your want of your need, your faith and love with that,
Coincides which is the binding energy of reality,

That comes from, and another because it comes from and to there, leaves, or stays…

He jumped up the stand time enveloping him of the mist of revolving anti matter, and he was gone in a moment.

And Moses ordered a strike, the giant mushroom billowed over the un- forgiven, and turned into a great flood whereby they punished themselveses out of bad conscience,

And then they left as another turn of the screw the millions of supercomputers billowed into huge immollations, as they were went.

Then they found themselves without memory, in a forgotten time, an innocent age, everything became real, clear, and very much solid again. They ceased to recognize each other, but stayed together just the same.

The highest blue whisps of cloud rose up a mist enclosed the field, the fllowers came out and the birds chirped incessantlly. The responsibility drew him down and he hit ground zero with a thud.

And the chatter started again and the winds came in from the western horizon blowing to aquamarine the translucent foam, and the pacific shimmering. For a moment time stood still.