Unintentional Consequences of Antagonism

Empirical evidence consistently confirms this phenomenon … while the sole motivation of antagonists is to suppress/bury Truth … the outcome invariably does the opposite … helps to surface Truth>

  1. We see this in the story of Socrates … everyone knows what happened to the Greek Empire.

  2. We see this in ancient Jewish murderous persecution of its’ prophets … everyone knows what happened to the Kingdom of David.

  3. We see this in the murderous persecution of the Jewish peoples by the Romans … and later the same murderous persecution of the early Christians by the Romans … everyone knows what happened to the Roman Empire.

  4. We see this in the murderous persecution of scholars and the on masse burning of the ancient texts during the Qin Dynasty. Everyone knows about the short duration of the Qin Dynasty and the subsequent state endorsement of Confucian thought which survives to the present day.

  5. We see this in the murderous persecution of infidels and heretics (Crusades/Cathars) by the Vatican and everyone knows what happened to the Vatican Empire.

  6. We see this in todays’ political climate. Why would the pattern not repeat itself? Why would the outcome be any different?

  7. We see this in this forum. :smiley:

Note the regressive left and ‘Antifa’ which used violence and threats to oppress the freedom of speech.

The state of political correctness to shut up discussions.

The violence and threats from SOME Muslims to shut up the critics of Islam and its real evil.

The introduction of stupid terms like ‘Islamophobia’ and racism [when Islam is never a race] to shut up an open regarding the evils and violence from Islam.

The above has psychological underpinnings which we must strive to understand and take corrective actions.

But I am optimistic the truth will always prevails in the longer term.

You left out the murder of Jesus and murderous persecution of the Christians by the Judists, leading to the Jews being cursed for a thousand years.

But yeah, pick your adversaries carefully.