Unite Against Racism

We must start a movement against racism. It has now become accepted to have racially exclusive gatherings in the western world. This is a sign that should be heeded.

All who stand on principle, who wish to live in a world not dominated by racism, must now stir themselves into some form of careful action, if even alone just the act of paying attention to what one sanctions.

My ancestors have been exterminated. I live my life aware of the savage stupidity of many humans. I know the same process is poised to repeat itself now. As before, the future victims now choose to believe it wont happen. But without resistance, it most likely will. There is nothing standing in the way of genocidal racists except other humans.

We have some time left before we are going to be rounded up to be killed. The worst case scenario can be avoided, I sense that. But it must be actively avoided.

I will keep updating this thread, and I expect the reasons for it to be increasingly prevalent.

Take heed. Stop quarrelling with fellow philosophers over nothing. Unite against racism.


People are protesting the lockdown, but are silence by this suited man in a very dishonouring way.

“He is acting against the Dutch law”
“Sit down and shut up or you will be arrested”

The comments on youtube do not focus on the absurdity of being told to shut up in a democracy, but on the supposed stupidity of the protesters, for protesting.

While this modest lot of Constitution-defenders are threatened with jail if they dare to get to their feet, the “black lives matters” organization is allowed to protest without keeping 1.5 meters distance.

I grew up first amongst blacks and Latinos, then moved to where most whites were Jews. I was always in the minority, if I chose to look at it that way, despite being white. This is me growing up. My parents were not racist. I never got the slightest whiff of anything from them no matter what race, religion, style of person I brought home. I’m tired of racism, like this old ache. It’s not some pc shit, it comes from the bones of my life.

People feed off us hating each other.

I know there is this great fear that if there is difference, someone has to be better, on top, in power, hating, controlling. This is such a misunderstanding of difference.

There is one key difference. There are entities that feed of the fear and life of other people.

And they love this fighting over crumbs between people with not much political power. They love it.

It’s dinner.

Im sure many people in power love to see this, to watch it like the Romans watched people tear each other up in the Colosseum.

Ive noticed that the chemical that gets people addicted to hating each other is cortisol.

My friends were always of different races, my earliest girl-friend was from Surinam, I was sincerely unaware of the matter of skin colour until my teens. I became aware of the existence of racism from American music. It didn’t play a part when I grew up. I learned to discern in terms of race after I had entered high school. Not because there was racism there, but because I started listening to NWA and Public Enemy.

I know most black people are not happy with how their race and the history of their forefathers are being used to set up a great racist hegemony. And many of them speak out against it. They get threatened and told by people like Joe Biden that they are not actually black if they don’t join the destroying of cities.
What are you going to do if the ruling elite has decided to brand anyone who speaks out against racism, a racist?

What can we do?
I think foremost we can become aware of the fact that this isn’t happening out of stupidity, but because of planning.
I don’t know who is behind the planning. I have suspicions but I prefer not to rely on those.

Second, what we should do is reach out to all non-racists (that excludes people belonging to any group that focusses on any particular race) and a shape rudimentary sense of community.
Many people are feeling completely alone and abandoned, and are at risk of being attacked or/and imprisoned if they speak out. This sense of isolation should be defeated.

Perhaps it is simply the right time for the ‘race’ talk to be had… along with putting other worldly wrongs to right, and so the latest pandemic was engineered as a vehicle for swift and immediate change(s). If that was the case, is that a bad thing? The world and it’s issues need cleaning up, and a deep clean at that.

It wasn’t covid that was killing some, it’s the planet that was slowly choking us to death… toxic world, toxic people, toxic food, toxic meds, and all so that manufacturers can make fatter and fatter profits, but for what… why the need for so much money? to pay off ancient debts? to buy more people? to buy up land? etc.

I’ll err on the side of policy, rather than demonstrating… if you don’t mind. I weren’t built for that.

I never thought I’d see a better/progressed world in my lifetime, as how can we continue to exist otherwise. A life that doesn’t see change and progress, is a life wasted… in my eyes, and I ain’t talking tech here.

That talk was being had for centuries. There has been the abolishment of slavery, there have been reparations, the end of Colonialism is a long time ago, the Civil Rights movement was very successful and embraced by the whole world, political correctness is being taken to its extreme; the world is now saturated with anti-racism where it concerns some races. But other races have apparently no right to be protected from racists. What is happening now is simply racism against a newly disarmed group.
As part of this newly targeted group as well as of a group as been targeted for 3000 years, I am very saddened that people are taking this approach again.
(I have been refused a job on work that I had personally prepared for a company explicitly on account of being white even as early as 2005 - “you are just a Dutch boer, you’re not interesting to us” I was told. Even though the work I had done for them was a years worth of anti-racist filmmaking.

I think unfortunately the opposite is the case. The only people who have gone bankrupt by covid are small businesses. All the large corporations are thriving and buying up millions of private businesses.

To be clear, what the blm movement is set up to accomplish is clear; to reintroduce racism.

It antagonizes and humiliates white people on account of them being white to such a point that these white people, most of whom had never had a race-based thought in their lives, are forced by humiliation to identify with their race.

The most unwise any person can do is call out any other person on the colour of their skin.

All this has a brittle tone because it is scary and disgusting as fuck to even be thinking along the lines of races.
People who do this out of their own accord must be truly unaware of what life is.

Let me point to some tactics being used:

Non- or ill-educated, sometimes foreign and often nonlocal, and always young forces are being given the prerogative to destroy lives with impunity while the actual population is being held captive under variations of martial law.
The Maoists used this tactic for the most famous effect.

Anyone who is unexperienced enough to categorize people along the lines of visual characteristics - skin colour and gender being the easiest to remember, eyewear also being easy enough - is recruited by someone who possesses deep Capital or is in direct control of state machinery, as an insidious aggressor with a moral prerogative; the aim is to completely disavow responsibility. Two layers are placed in between the architect of the destruction and the actors;
a layer of objective morality coupled with historical necessity, and a layer of ignorance of origin and purpose by the perpetrators.

This tactic make the Chinese look like very dumb and helpless animals on the one hand and calculated savages on the other. The same tactic is being tested and pushed in the west, America in particular but, on a systemic level, in these provinces as well.

It is a selecting mechanism perhaps - nature does this in a Nietzsche-like ploy, to select those that do not resist to being treated like slaves for a long term slave-caste, a base of a pyramid that must withstand millennia, as Im sure the plan is, as it is in a sense a sound plan, considering human nature and the fact that the fate of the world is in its hands. But - it is certainly not a moral plan, and also not a very kind one, not decent. And because decency really is very important to me, I wish to address it in such terms. The cultural revolution was not decent, “not cool, bro”. The tactics are not okay. I wouldn’t feel right not speaking out on that a little bit.


When I say Talk, I mean a final and definitive talk… never to be spoken of again, as seeing as this has been made the planet’s problem, so the planet shall end it.

Those that aren’t in power aren’t making money, so a distraction is created, to discredit the opposing government, but all that does is create an antagonising mess. It happens here… and everywhere.

I’m talking about big Corp here too… was that not evident in my post? I didn’t insinuate or say otherwise, so why are you? Why are you deeming me oblivious to the obvious?

I meant to respond something else there, pardon - I don’t know what happened there

Okay - the talk of talks.
But to be fair I do not recognize how racism has anything to do with the deterioration of the Earth surface. The focus on it rather distracts from all other issues - even to the point of governments allowing mass gatherings despite, you know what.
Its a hoax of sorts.

Police violence does exist and is a very good anchor for a revolutionary passion. And perhaps indeed this is the way to end it all.
To be fair if that would be all it did, it would all be worth it.
And to be fair all we can do is wait and see, and keep guard against our own risk of falling prey to thoughts about race.

Fuck race.
Think about Ancestry.

“Oregon’s Lincoln County has created an exception for non-white residents in a new compulsory face mask order, citing concerns over racial profiling,”

It’s hindering… to progress, to maturing as a planet, to planetary cohesion etc. etc. etc., and so it’s mind-numbingly dull, which hinders creativity and thought itself.

Samsara, anyone? anyone? How masochist a routine… because it is a routine, isn’t it. But when will it end and Nirvana achieved, but there’s no money in that/in a resolution.

This isn’t about winning or losing, but about resolving and moving on… for good.

Pleases me to see such sentiment so radically expressed by a moderate type.

What is standing in the way I can tell you. All my philosophy and Ollies has been about this. What is lacking is the Great Style.

take the Earth.
What a magnificent thing it is.
To be masters of it, as we are by our means of destruction but not by our means of creation.

Not only racism stands in the way of this, but lack of imagination foremost. Will and Imagination; I fear perhaps not until I thoroughly reread Schopenhauer will the world attain its glory.


This has always been, and always shall be, my stance on the matter of racial planetary in-fighting… so thanks. :smiley:

When the old ways and methods cease working, it’s time to implement and utilise new ones… the masses want appeasement, and the rest of us want closure on the matter.

Stay safe, my friend.

I believe much of “Racism” has been progressed and solved, for the most part. At least, throughout most of the US, most people are not ‘racist’ in the negative sense. People generally agree, and want, equal-opportunity and a society where ‘race’ does not impede. For the most part, it doesn’t. But for the parts where it does, in the slums, ghettos, Detroit, Minnesota, and for the handful of true “Racists” still around, there are big flare-ups. These flare-ups are unjustified. The Fake News, Mass Media, is stoking the flames intentionally, to their own gain. Do white cops kill black criminals? Yes, but white cops kill white criminals, black cops kill black criminals, and probably, some black cops kill white criminals. It cuts all ways. To focus on “white cop kills black criminal” is a trend, and it benefits those who want to exploit racism and cause division across America.

These are the internal enemy, agents of chaos, who want to burn everything, because they have no investments in the future.

Modern-Post-Modern “Racism” is a Chimera, a fictional beast, a monster that doesn’t exist. People are battling internal-demons, not external reality. “White man” is not “keeping you down”. Rather, you need to rise-up, regardless of race, and with exception to it. Prove everybody wrong. Reject victim-culture and victim-mentality.

Become an individual. Race has nothing to do with it.

Thank MagsJ

Urwrong, you’re perfectly right.


One must ask and answer the question “how does one unite with another/others?”

Naturally it is easiest when the other party shares your experiences, but what if you do not share experiences? How often does someone reject the input of another who does not share the same experiences on principle, no matter how well intentioned, empathic and reasoned they may be?

This simple psychological phenomenon is the origin of identity politics and the resulting exclusion and silencing of voices that come from a place that lacks the experiences being addressed. In many cases it doesn’t even matter if the best attempts are made to empathise and reason with the best of intentions - the input will be rejected.

This in itself is a dividing force, a kind of psychological revenge for all the prior history of isolation, that doubles itself through reciprocation - such that it is felt in both directions instead of just one. The effect of deflecting back this negativity is easily taken as a gesture of hostility, easily reverting both parties back to their primitive impulses to physically war with one another.
Have we united yet? Just the opposite.
Does the side retaliated against, accusing and advising the retaliators help? Absolutely not - it only deepens the division and prevents unity even further.

Even relating the division to your own different terms diminishes the unification of two sides: “I know and fear your plight because of some similar plight and fear that I have” either intentionally or unintentionally distracts attention away from the specific plights and fears being retaliated against. It’s taken as an insult because it dillutes the problem - and those most wronged need to feel that their plights and fears are specifically being addressed. I choose the word “feel” rather than “think” carefully here.

Are there instances where plights and fears are so entrenched and malignant that they cannot possibly be resolved? I expect so. Even infinite sympathy would probably struggle to assauge such conditions. Here enters the temptation to offer “tough”, compromised love - to order the ordered to remain ordered to some extent and at least in large part remain where they always were this whole time. Are we united yet? Still no.

I’ll believe anyone here knows how to “unify” as soon as they repeatedly convince even those who stand in very different camps.


Of course we’re all human and we all have our differences, racial, ideological and so on.
On the far left, we have nonwhite supremacists, separatists and segregationists.
Left of center, some people think whites owe nonwhites, blacks in particular, ‘anti-bias training’ or more ‘reparations’.
Right of center, some people think whites don’t owe nonwhites any reparations.
On the far right, we have white supremacists, separatists and segregationists.

Can we find any common ground ideologically?
Now, we’re definitely not going to get anywhere with the black supremacists and white supremacists who want to enslave and exterminate others, so let’s exclude them, which leaves the rest of us.
How bout this, while we have our differences, they’re not worth rioting over.
They’re not worth murdering, assaulting and vandalizing over.
They’re not worth tearing the country down.
Violence begets violence, if Antifa and BLM start tearing shit up, it’s only a matter of time before rightwing militias respond in kind.
Any person or group advocating rioting needs to be called out, boycotted, canceled and perhaps sent to jail, that includes politicians and mainstream media.

What we really need is dialogue, accommodation, collaboration, compromise and most importantly, acceptance.
Accept half the country may never see eye to eye on these issues.
We need to solve our differences civilly, democratically, or through nonviolent, nondestructive civil disobedience.
And we need to accept we will never be able to solve all our differences.
Perhaps our differences are too great and some states or counties may need to split from the union or remain, but go in a radically different direction, but violence won’t solve anything, it’ll just lead to our annihilation, and in that vacuum you will either get endless gang warfare, black gangs, white gangs, leftwing gangs and righting gangs fighting each other for supremacy, or a radical rightwing or radical leftwing totalitarian dictatorship, and no one in their right mind wants that.

So let’s start here, we know what our differences are, the media reminds us of and embellishes them incessantly, but what of our commonalities?
How bout a commitment to nonviolence?
To civility, dialogue, democracy and human rights, in spite of the fact we sometimes disagree over which rights are most important?
If the vast majority of us can’t at least get behind that, then we all lose, and America, the west itself, is doomed.

And politicians enabling rioters is bullshit too.

It’s your duty to protect the lives and property of your constituents.

If you refuse to do that, you should be discharged, perhaps imprisoned.