UR and the state

UR has little use except for being an useful idiot…
read his insane conspiracy theory and you know that,
but given his theories, they do shed light on the role
of government in our lives…

What I find interesting about UR claims is that
the state/government is attempting to turn everyone into
a clone whose only goal is to obey the government…

but UR being UR only thinks in terms of having a hammer…
because if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like
a nail… if all he believes is that the government is turning people
into medical experiments by implanting something or other…
the usual crackpot nonsense… but it does bring up an interesting
point… what is UR beliefs on the nature of the relationship between
the people/citizens and the state? In his usual heavy handed manner,
UR has made it clear under no circumstances should we trust the state…
So what exactly is UR understanding of the relationship between the state
and its citizens?

As UR thinks in black and white, right or wrong, he can never get
to the idea of the middle, that there are degrees involved
between the people and the state… the relationship between
the state and the people is far more nuance than UR believes it is…

I am far less worried about the state/government because the
state/government is owned by big business… the U.S congress
is a subsidiary of EXXON-Mobil… and so some fear tactics about
the government is useless because the government/state isn’t the problem…
as the government is owned by big business…
screaming about the state is well, useless because the state
can’t take a breath without permission from big business…

but that still doesn’t answer the question, what is the relationship
between citizens and the state? if that doesn’t float your boat,
how about, what should be, or ought to be the relationship between
the citizens and the state?

screaming about how “evil” the state is, doesn’t actually solve
the problem about what is/ought to be the relationship between
the state and citizens of that state?

in some post around here, UR says to not take the vaccine because
it isn’t effective and why take something that is not effective?
but once again, UR trips over his own story… at one point in time,
he claimed there wasn’t covid… it was lies made up by the GOVERNMENT
to control us… (there is that theme again) and yet to say,
as UR said, don’t take the vaccine because it isn’t effective and
won’t prevent you from getting covid is to say, yes, we do have
covid but taking the vaccine isn’t effect so don’t take the vaccine…
so, according to UR, we shouldn’t take any medicine if
the disease will come back even after taking the medicine…
ummm, so don’t bother taking cold medicine because a cold
might come back or don’t take care of the flu or stomach bug
because those issues might come back even if we take
medicines for them…that is how silly UR advice is…

So what is the exact relationship between the citizens,
members of the state and the state?

As UR has never given this a second thought, let us
begin to think about this question…

what is the relationship between the state/government
and its citizens?

Let us begin there and ask the question and see what answers
we might have for that question…


txstate.edu/philosophy/reso … minem.html

Since you begin your arguments with a logical fallacy, I don’t need to read the rest, thank you for saving me from wasting my time.

K: that’s ok, because it isn’t a conspiracy theory, so you aren’t going to
be interested anyway…