Ur-Godly proclamations

1: Animals and insects are alive.

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Damn, don’t get too controversial now.

That is a very profound statement, God.

Is there some subtle kind of meaning that you wish us lowly ones to grasp here?

Insects are animals as well so we can simplify it to animals are alive

I think that this is actually the first time I have disagreed with you on something.
I can be quite ignorant when it comes to well most things so I had to google it.
You are correct. … not that I had to tell you that. But I needed to confirm it.
By the way, humans are animals too but then we know this, don’t we?
We affirm it often.

I wouldn’t have thought of insects as being in the same classification as animals though.

‘Animal’ comes from ‘anime’–that which moves.

Maybe because of how small they are but the insect population comprises 98 per cent of the
entire animal kingdom and so what they lack in size they more than make up for in numbers