Username change request..

I would greatly appreciate it, if you could kindly change my title to ‘The Londonist: a chic geek’.

Thanks, Mags

And so you are

Hehe… thanks for the amend. :wink:


Please change my title to : The lost man

Thanks kindly

…and what brought that title change about?

I thought of the ‘lost man’ but I thought it too presumptuous and lnot me.

But lost could be anyone, without too much negative connotation.

Sorry Carleas, let my name remain unchanged , i jumped the gun.

MargsJ or Carleas please, if You would change my name to The Idiot.

Thank You.

From breathless to The Idiot, leaving ‘Meno_’ intact as username.

For I am self admittedly one

The Wisdom of the Idiots by Idries Shah is a favourite book! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that will read it next summer , when Dostoevsky may be compared, idiot like, to it, perhaps in a passante

Dude, I ain’t been moderating since 2019… :laughing:

“Es its shade”

My Germanic part reacting, as if…

Das ist nett. :slight_smile:

Doch , javohl.

please MagsJ, since may be You have more ‘in’ with Carleas, could You notify Carleas, that time permitting, if he sees the change appropriats, & under conditions I can give reasonable explanation fir-that he make this change?

I promise to utilize thus stated change in the appropriated manner with due diligance, within reasonable time.


Truly Yours


I have messaged both he and Dan… can’t guarantee a quick response tho.

Hope all is well, dear Meno?

I almost figured it out.
But i try to put a " - " instead of a " 0 " for the post amount that causes the rank change.
So it would call everyone an idiot if they had 0 posts.

Haha. I tried.

Thanks both.
May be it wasnt meant to be…

It’s so not you anyway, darling… something more… stylish?