Using the internet as a collective ‘brain’ for robots?

Using the internet as a collective ‘brain’ for robots?

A prediction for the future is that robots will need an outboard means of extrapolating information, to effectively think with. This can serve as a means of correlating informations between wired up bots, and also such that you don’t need vast individual information banks in individual bots.

Areas of the net much of it really, need to be cleaned up for this to be efficient. As it stands It is difficult to get accurate image searches and specific informations, and bots will need info to be data-base like in the way it is organised.

Not to mention that humans will benefit too.

Would this be a bit like wiki? Or does that add unnecessary informations like encyclopaedia’s generally do. For example, a robot/AI would not need to know what persons, school etc to wit an information is ascribed, it just needs the actual info. If the sources can be trusted then each information doesn’t require immediate backup sources, though they would be there if required. So really we are talking about the ‘journey’ a robots mind would have to take to receive info. To lessen the amount of steps or operation required to retrieve said info, would produce greater efficiency relative to the directness of the route to them.

The internet is already far more segregated than you think. But when androids are the new Mankind, designated servers and sites (already in service now) are the ones to be used by the android population so that the information they get is government approved information and not subject to human intervention. Specific web-bots will be in charge of passing information between the internet layers (as they also currently do).

And human’s will not benefit as much as suffer. But you will never hear of that.

There may be potential problems with ‘government’ basis/approval, but as long as it is accessible [even if read only], then there will be ways to challenge validity of some informations. This is dependent upon weather or not humans have the command ability in the situation, though that wouldn’t stop manipulation by that command.

Probably be better if nothing can have that power.

You are a dying species.

I estimate that the probability that machines will completely replace all humans is about 80% (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here).

My estimate now, here here, is 50% , because, an important, yet of undetermined force has not been factored into the equation, vis, the resiliency and surprising shock effect of a rebound due to a progressive realization of where we may be heading, if present trends continue on a stable course. This will, indeed be required to be based on a wide spread public awareness, of the wrong focus, geared toward extremely limited and short termed values. The fifty fifty, granted may not last as long as it would require a thorough turnaround, but, predictable effects due to approaching limitations, can gradiently change their rate, by human invention. I am sure there are some responsible people in charge, who may panic stop. Albeit at a decreasing change of rate.

Describing an irreversible situation is never productive, even if it seems as if it was.

“Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.” - Thomas Gray.

[size=200]Thomas Gray (1716-1771).[/size][/tab]

‘I would far rather be ignorant then wise in the foreboding of evil’. Aeschylus

‘Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge’. Darwin

If the collective brain for robots nears perfection. The programmers would not want to alarm them, since then, they would panic and cause anarchy, via system meltdown. Then it would be disaster not to bypass the robot system from the programmers’.
They would loose the only agency of power control, and in effect, shoot themselves in the foot.

“Ignorance und arrogance
dance the same dance.”

  • Paul Mommertz.

No! Ignorance is when you do not know better, arrogance says , ‘I don’t give a damn.’

Thus they fit well together and dance the same dance all day long. Maybe they dance the dance called “tolerance” (for example): the ignorance from the one side and the arrogance from the other side. :wink:

So Mommertz is right:

“Ignorance und arrogance
dance the same dance.”

  • Paul Mommertz.

Again no, because ignorance may have an undercurrent of good intentions as a driving force, but arrogancee lacks this. Sure they may walk the walk, and dance the dance, but they mis step, stepping on each’s others’ toes, it is a very frightful and nervous jitterbug, not a greater waltz at all.

You are wrong, because it is said that they dance the same dance. Your dancing partner does not know whether you have “good intentions” or not. Moreover, it does not matter - the dance goes on. Music, please!

Arrogance spawns ignorance and ignorance spawns arrogance.

Yes. Like I said: they fit well together; so they can dance together; they are perfect partners; they are one of the most perfect couples.

Well, ok, let's dance.  used to be a dance aptly named side step, and as I did not claim all ignorance entails arrogance, and vica versa, most do. there are some who claim ignorance, and that includes those post ingnoramuses who have gone through this process of being accused of it, and not having the capacity to ever really understand, they develop a hauteour of arrogant stick to it-ness, whereby they stick to their guns as if their life depended on it,never if it's obvious, their belief is by fiat.  Do what goes down?  These post utopian arrogences would have been naïvetés begin a very carefully staged and coriographed rapper tee, dancing in the streets drawing huge crowds, etc. So what happens? The arrogant finds no partners, because the ignorant know, that any dance will only be a solo, they really get involved but as a hype, as a masquerade, to appear as if though they actually knw the steps, or whatever.  The modern age dance is all exclusive and singular, manifestations of alienation expressed as unique interpretation. devoid of content, it is also devoid of style.  It is body movement of total freedom, an abandonment of thought in favor of movement and feeling.  In this sense, how can anyone invite anybody else to a dance,let alone two seemingly opposites, one with hidden intentions,mother other,with a curious need to find out what those intentions may or may not be.  You call this a Dance?

Maestro, continue.

The arrogance and the ignorance are no opposites. They can even be (for example) the ignorant arrogance and the arrogant ignorance. They have the same origin - both linguistically and extralinguistically.

Mommertz calls the relationship between ignorance and arrogance a “dance”. Okay, he is right. He is a poet, and poets use metaphors. But why do I explain this? Do you really not know what is meant by the words of this poet?

“Ignorance und arrogance
dance the same dance.”

  • Paul Mommertz.

And do you really not know what is meant by the words James S. Saint used philosophically and also poetically?

“Arrogance spawns ignorance and ignorance spawns arrogance.” - James S. Saint.

Of course I do, and I also know that the same egg can spawn opposite offspring, which may even do service to others, like Romulus and Remis who did wonders, but they had to get along to construct something as great as Rome. It is the intention, the attitude which differentiates construction from deconstruction. Inf I had told You,I harbor no real bad intent, You may become skeptical,and even say he, I don’t care who my dancing partner is, and I don’t even care if he or she doesn’t know the steps, heck, it may work. Lyric poetry can go post modern and become totally outside the conventions of verse, be unique and disassembled,mor, it can merge opposites and create a new style even, with only one conditions, that both partners realize that there needs at any one time one leader and one follower.
But then a quick change can reverse roles as easily as one which had to do with adopting them, holding on to them creates the impression of inflexibility.

been watching Dancing of the Stars on occasion, a show here widely watched and wildly popular, and I can tell You, Arminius, that it takes a couple I don’t remember 10 wins superior score to win the ultimate prize, the middle of it, the part where the adolescent dancer comes out most obstructively, is, when basic steps are retraced.

A Nijinsky type can hang in there in this atmosphere of constant surveillance, because everyone knows their act will be judged at the middle, everything up to it, is wrought with great expectation,giving due to not being in the groove, and everything after, as post climatic. the judge and judgement are in this very optic stage, giving credence to the audience, the dancers, and their own bias. it is a critical point, and even Nijinsky took a sudden Nietchean plunge here. he was some say the greatest dancer, and yet the most voulnerable. From here on, voumnerabilityncan take two routes, one success of overcoming, and two to a demise, a fall.

Those who argue along this line of reasoning will definitely arrive at a misinterpretation upon those to whom such differentiation will spell impossible. here both ideas will become reversible, therefore a spawned ignorant from arrogant will spell same as arrogant from ignorant. fewer excuses will be allowed, and a theatre of torture will consume both.