Very Fake News

Finally a president who wants to end the crazy policy of training and arming extremist rebel groups to overthrow other governments, something we all knew was going on, and the Fake News Media only wants you to focus on an imaginary outrage they created so you don’t realize that what Trump is doing is very good.

Even if Trump revealed a CIA op, that is his right as president to do. Not that the article mentions that, nor that it mentions he didn’t say anything we all didn’t already know or hadn’t already been reported on in Fake News Media for years under glorious leader Obotsky. … 59355.html

It’s difficult to tell where the CIA is at with Trump. Many of the senior CIA executives are still obsessed about the Red Scare and focused on Russian hackers. Most of the Baby-Boomers still perceive Russia as the #1 threat to US hegemony. But those are more military concerns than anything else.

Pulling out of international back-waters can be a good thing, taking a more ‘Isolationist’ approach as China does, but the world has newfound expectations of USA. If US gives up #1 spot then it goes to somebody else. And the world demands a status-quo, “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”.

All of the current US security agencies are on the Corporate-Democrats payroll, so none respects Trump or have high minds to protect Trump or his agenda.

Democrats and Republicans both fund the CIA, and basically give the intelligence community whatever they ask for.

The US military is used as the global guarantor of neoliberal capitalism and western hegemony generally, enforcing in over 100 countries a kind of loose and tacit law. It is true that there is no other country that could play this role right now, but I question whether such a role is actually needed, at least in the scope it is currently exercised. A partial withdraw of US military dominance such as for example to stop or scale back the middle eastern meddling, would go far in forcing these places to assume more responsibility for themselves. Democracy is squashed in places where a foreign hegemon enforces law with guns and debt-schemes. The islamic migrations to Europe are another example of how these regions in the middle east and africa are being decimated by western policies. If the west didn’t do these things to the middle eastern and african people, imagine what higher standard of self-responsibility would be required of these people.

By aligning with places like saudi arabia, the US makes a gross hypocrite out of itself and thus prevents itself from aspiring to or pushing a higher standard for itself and others. We need clear values, statements such as “if your country engages in x, y, z practices and tyranny then we will simply not trade with you or acknowledge your legal political existence.” Not that we will openly attack them, which the US never does anyway for moral reasons but simply for realpolitikal reasons.

The US needs to share global hegemonic power with other key nations, like Russia, France, the UK, India, and China. Shared power would be saner and lead to less “globalism” in its currently insane form, because it would require more cooperative nationalism and rational self-interest among participants. Every major economic power that has nuclear weapons should be invited to the table of how global military hegemonic influence can be distributed. I see no other way forward to a sane world.

Globalism could mean something rational and sane, like mutual cooperation and trade that is beneficial to all parties who choose to engage in it. The fact that each such power would also possess a strong nuclear arsenal would prevent the situation from decaying into world war. Instead we could launch collaborative projects such as in new energy technologies, environmental cleanup projects on a global scale that do not simply indebt and enslave people (as the current Paris Accord and other similar agreements are intended to do), or into space, for example.

Well most of the Republicans are not Trump allies either or haven’t you noticed?

It’s difficult to tell whether Trump is trying to help the American people or if he himself is controlled opposition plant by the deep state. Having several Goldman Sach financial advisors in his administration makes me extremely skeptical along with his neo con ties to zionists.

(His entire family is either Jewish or Christian evangelical zionists.)

His upsetting or disrupting of the neo liberal global tyrannical order is nonetheless a net gain for the time being anyways.

Perhaps help, but not save.

Very fake news, if you remember this:

AP said, “Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals during his announcement speech”, … -electable

Time said, “from Donald Trump’s comment that Mexican immigrants are “rapists,””

WaPo said, “He referred to Mexicans as “rapists,”” … 1ab0199251

HuffPost said, “He Called Latino Immigrants “Criminals” And “Rapists”” … 18f618904b

LA Times said, “Trump, who was fired as host of “The Celebrity Apprentice” days after describing Mexican immigrants as “rapists” who were bringing drugs and crime across the border” … story.html

NYT said, “Mr. Trump’s claim that illegal Mexican immigrants are “rapists,”” … 0&referer=

What Trump really said:


Hmmmmm. What Trump said was actually… true. And he didn’t call Mexicans or even Mexican immigrants “rapists”. He was saying rapists and criminals come to the US from Mexico, which is true.

Boycott all Very Fake News media.

Since the Jews are the owners and operators of the news, are they behind its fakeness?

Do the Jews own breitbart?

Dude, look it up.

It was a rhetorical question.

Breitbart is not a major news outlet. It’s a piddly website. The Jews do not own all the piddly news sites yet, so no. They own the banks and corporations that monitor and control the web though. The Jews may be behind the coming crackdown on web free speech so then they will own Breitbart essentially, a site that will no longer be reachable.

They sure do seem to have a lot of devout readers.

I mean, breitbart, zero hedge, etc… They’re the most commonly cited sources of assholes that you might encounter in a debate about politics. The racists, the sexists, the haters of people who don’t look like them etc.

Is Fox owned by the Jews?

National Review?

They own everything including most alternative news websites.

Zerohedge is owned by a Greek guy so it is probably one of the few alternative news websites not owned by Jews.

Please cry some more over political correctness.