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You know I once was thinking to myself that China taking over Africa politically and economically was a terrible thing in conjunction with the west but upon further inspection it looks like Africa will probably bankrupt China financially. This documentary is hilarious full of racist interactions, where the Chinese look upon the Congolese as apes the Congolese remark that the Chinese look like pigs. I’m just so happy that under globalization people from around the world are coming together and uniting. This documentary literally brought tears to my eyes and by tears I mean tears of laughter. :laughing:

Between one and ten stars I rate this documentary an eight.



"What can we do?“

  • "Probably nothing.“

"When will the boss come?“

  • "Probably never.“

"Will we arrange a deal?“

  • "I don’t know.“

"Nothing is going on here.“

  • "Yes.“

„What can we do today?“

  • „Wait. … Nothing.“


You can tell that Chinese guy just wants to rip his own hair out over constant frustration.

The Chinese people in Africa are very frustrated. What are the Africans doing all the time? Nothing - except stealing and sleeping. :laughing:

And the Chinese reaction is always: “We have to punish them!”

Chinese are about to get a lesson as to why Europeans left Africa for the most part.

Very chilling.



Imagine, your working place would be the following one (for example):

And imagine, there is the following conversation between you and the chief of your working place:

Your chief: "What can we do?“

You: - "Probably nothing.“

Your chief: "When will the boss come?“

You: - "Probably never.“

Your chief: "Will we arrange a deal?“

You: - "I don’t know.“

Your chief: "Nothing is going on here.“

You. - "Yes.“

Your chief: "What can we do today?“

You: - "Wait. … Nothing.“


I remember that hotel I was working for in the past, brings back memories. I now work for a private foreign company (Not American) let’s just say that revolves around international mass transit development. :wink:

At any rate that kind of business model wouldn’t work in the west or even China for that matter but seems commonplace in Africa.

I am such an addict concerning unsolved mysteries of all kinds.


Yes, of course. And the Africans are very proud of their “independence” and saying about the time when Africa was a colony: “We were not developed back then” (as Eddy said in the film too); but now they seem to be less developed than they were “back then”.

There will be a violent revolution against the invading Chinese soon enough, just watch.

First one of the family being murdered in the Oklahoma mountains was pretty unusual. My favorite thus far.


Yes, but now “Afro-Chinese marriages boom in Guangzhou: but will it be ‘til death do us part’?”. As if there were not problems enough.


It seems that people, if they become wealthier (in this case I mean the Chinese people, especially the Chinese women [compare the example in the picture]), do not really know what they are doing.

This is how it starts, massive interracial couples and before long millions of Africans migrating to China. Very amusing.

More on the Jamison family murders on a Oklahoma mountain top, very bizarre.

If it was a drug exchange gone wrong or even a random murder $32,000.00 was left in the family truck. If you’re a murderous thief, drug dealer, serial killer, or even gangster you wouldn’t leave that amount of money in the truck sitting there, just no way. You’re an opportunistic killer and there is no way you’re going to ignore $32,000.00 on the seat of a truck.

Also, they searched the entire area and found no bodies but then three years later found their skeletal remains in the same area? What?! (Seven miles away from where their truck was abandoned originally.) Either they did a piss poor search and rescue the first time around or the killers dumped the bodies in the same area after the search party was called off. If it was the later the killers were probably local observing the search and rescue party for themselves daily, might of even been amongst some of the volunteers. Just a guess of course.


^^^Older video. (Bodies were found and recovered later.)


Otto wrote:

Me too, also solved crimes.

Just finished watching Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker

JonBenet Ramsay’s killing was never solved. Still a mystery.